X Factor Contestant Who Sang Viral Duet With Jessie J, Comes Out As Gay

You may recognize Tom Bleasby from his viral duet with Britpop singer-songwriter Jessie J.

After racking up millions of views on YouTube, Bleasby went on to appear on Ellen DeGeneres, the UK X Factor. On top of that, he's opened up for R&B singer-songwriter Jason Derulo!

And though he's generously shared his singing talent, Bleasby has kept pretty quiet about his personal life.

Until now, that is.

In a new interview with Gay Star News, Bleasby discusses his decision to publicly come out as gay.

You decided to publicly come out via Scott McGlynn’s show, why? And why now?

I don’t know if I decided to publicly come out on his show. I’m certain people already knew or had guessed.

Nobody spoke about it on X Factor, although I know the public certainly guessed.

I’d received the usual homophobic messages.

I don’t mind people not liking my singing, that’s a matter of taste… but to be downright homophobic is unacceptable.

Scott and I just openly talked about it, it was very liberating as I’ve never discussed it in public. Well, I’ve never felt the need to.

Bleasby goes on to discuss persevering in spite of haters and trolls, coming out to his friends and family, life after X Factor, and more.

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