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Yanis Marshall Serves Sick High-Heeled Choreo For Beyonce's 'Partition'

Yanis Marshall continues to destroy us with his ridiculous high-heeled choreography!

Check out his latest routine to Beyonce's "Partition." And don't try this at home. We can't pay for your broken ankles (or your busted Louboutins). 



(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


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Its really good to know aobut the Yanis Marshall. I am a big fan of him and usually download his latest wallpapers from:

I like it  Thank you!!

el de barba es el mejor amigo de yanis, bueno y el que puede bailar con esos tacos es maestro, el que puede puede el que no  solo mira o le da envidia. jjjjjj

Who's the bearded one on the right. UNF

He is in so many of Yanis' videos and he is so freakng hot! I want him!

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