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Yanis Marshall Slays w/ High-Heeled Routine On 'Britain's Got Talent'

Yaaaaaaassssss! Choreographer and viral video superstar Yanis Marshall continues to slay with his high energy, high-heeled dance routines and now he's taken his efforts to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent

So did he and fellow dancers Arnaud and Mehdi kick up their heels and kill it live? We'll give you one guess! 


So did they make it through to the next round??







Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss, hunties!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Sorry but this is a Kazaky rip off. I appreciate this trend growing but Kazaky does this so much better. 


A fag - Cigarette - is bound within the paper.

Gay men were bound together and burned at the stake because the church feared our intuitive powers and NOT because we were gay. 

Anything that is bound together is called a faggot.

They are not fags.there talented people!

Sexy sexy sexy.

The mix of androgyny is fabulous. I remember the outcry in the 70s with Bowie and Bolan. 

BIG DEAL, A bunch of fags dancing in heals is NOT what I call talent!!

And a bitter closet case abusing his CAPS LOCK key is not what I call insightful commentary.

Can you get your ass up there and dance in high heels and learn a routine that fast paced ???   I didn't think so. Have a great day ya asshat !!!!

Why are you watching videos on a gay magazine site?

eat shit you biggot

Great choreography. But the heels and the feminine moves look better when Beyonce or Kelly perform them. 

I disagree. There are plenty of male performers dancing female dances all over the world. Just because those moves are typically done by females doesn't mean that they are solely female dance moves. Please get out of your close-minded and cramped closet before you hurt others with your words when you least expect it.

I expected some disagreement, and that's fine. But please Miss Missy, I'm hardly closeted. Being open-minded does not mean feigning appreciation for every gay subculture you encounter. If I'm subjected to it, I'll gladly applaud a drag queen for her talent who puts on a fun show when I'm with my boys who enjoy it. But overall, I prefer men who don't mimic female mannerisms and fashion. If you appreciate it and love seeing it, then fantastic for you.

Now that's how it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Follow him on YouTube. @YanisMarshall

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