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You Can Buy the "Call Me By Your Name" Italian Villa

After watching Call Me By Your Name, I left the theater wanting three things — the film’s soundtrack, sex with a peach, and to live in Elio’s Italian villa. Two of these were no problem to get. For the record, peach juice burns. The third, though, seemed like a lost cause. No way anyone would sell that house. So you can imagine my surprise when I found the listing.

According to Home & Loft, the noble villa located in Lombardy, Italy, and built in the 16th century, is currently going for €1.7 million, or about $2.7 million dollars. Which, hear me out, is really not that bad for this stunning piece of architecture. The manor home comes complete with 14 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, its own terrace, and a 20,000 square meter private garden, perfect for growing apricot and peach trees.

Even though I am just a little short on the cash (why did I have to buy those new Nikes), it is still nice to dream about living in an Italian villa and employing Armie Hammer for a summer. A girl can dream.

If anyone wants to buy this home for me, I am happy to show you what all I can do with a peach. Hint: none of it happens in the kitchen.