You Literally Will Not Believe Kris Jenner's Insane Xmas Decor!

If you were expecting Kris Jenner's Christmas decorations to look like they were collaborated on by a villainous 80's art dealer, the Vampire Lestat, and Beetlejuice, then congrats, this headline does not apply to you. Because they do. And they are truly amazing. The Jenndashian ringleader has a history of going all out for the holidays, but this year she's truly outdone herself, featuring fireside animatronics paired with the four-thousand Christmas trees scattered around her football field-sized foyer. Oh, and there's a red polar bear sculpture that has Jeff Koons shaking.

Thanks to some Cloverfield footage from Kim Kardashian's Snapchat, we can also see that the exterior of Kris Jenner's mansion is lined by life-size nutcrackers. Is this more or less what your place looks like right now? To be honest, if I was getting paid $150 million by E! to be filmed while FaceTiming my relatives about makeup lines, I'd have the exact same decorations!


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