You Saw What Darren Criss Was Packing In "Versace" Right?

Am I writing about Darren Criss for the forty-fifth time in a week? Yes. Am I getting paid to endorse his hit new FX series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace? No. But if you're reading this Ryan Murphy, I can definitely be bought. And trust me. I am cheap. Okay moving on, with a starring role on the winter's break-out series and recent engagement to his girlfriend of seven years, things couldn't be going better for Darren Criss. Thankfully things couldn't be going better for his fans either, because the stunning actor dropped his towel in the first episode of Versace to go all kinds of nude. But wait, there's more!

The Gay Internet freaked the freak out over Criss' insanely meaty buns exposed after the towel drop heard 'round the world, but I was Darren to look elsewhere, mainly his sexy bulge in his gray underwear! You know what Ryan? You can just go ahead and pay me in those undies.

In the scene, Criss flaunts his insanely hot undies-clad bod as he walks towards the bed where his roommates are sleeping. But the real magic happens when the camera catches Criss tugging on his hot sizable peach pouch before quickly pulling his hand away once his roommate wakes up! You guys can have your buns, I'll take the bulge, TYVM. Head HERE (site NSFW) for the full junk-tugging clip, and let us know if you want to read about Criss again in ten seconds in the comments below!