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You'll Love The Hunky 'Teen Wolf' Carver Twins' Halloween Costume!

Max and Charlie Carver—affectionately dubbed the "Teen Wolf Twins" after the hit MTV show they've taken over—left our mouths agape with the social media debut of their 2013 Halloween costumes. 

Even though they're as covered up as we've ever seen them, the guys score extra points for drag (+5, according to LGBT Halloween Sporting Regulations, section 4) and gore (+2, per the LGBTHSR). 

And yes, we still totally would. 

(Via Twitter)


I bet nobody rode the bus that day...

I would Love to Play UNDRESS UP with both of them.....

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Got that right, lets see under those dresses!

That looks AMAZING.


fuckin YIKES!  lol  like them as young men better. :-)

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