Young Daddy Andy Cohen ADORBS In Throwback Pic With Dolly!


I've written enough on here to know that your paternity tests revealed long ago that Andy Cohen is not in fact your Daddy with a big capital D - especially after he located a bus and placed Kathy Griffin directly underneath it. But this guy still does something for me in a pretty darn serious way, and now I have another pic for our family scrap book thanks to Cohen's new Instagram throwback!

Andy Cohen knows that the hustle is real, and has been in the biz of show for decades. Now we know that in 1995 he cross paths with my personal spirit diva, Dolly Parton, and while Cohen only provides the caption -  "What on earth could I be showing Dolly? And look how pretty her legs are! #1995 #FBF" - the sign in the background indicates that they're sharing this peak gay moment at the Grand Ole Opry. A raven-haired Cohen looking 90's preppy for the Gawds, Dolly Parton looking like an angel from heaven, and the birthplace of the country music that defined my life growing up in a meth lab in Appalachia? This is LYFE people.



Cohen might have drawn some well-deserved ire for his treatment of Griffin following her decapitated Trump head fallout, but I do want to remind you guys that this man has been hitting the pavement hard in Hollywood since back when some of us were born while always staying true to himself. He came out as gay while attending Boston University in the late 80's and is still the only gay late night talk show host in America (on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live.) The only thing better than a pioneering career is a straight up hot as heck Daddy with a big ol' juicy capital D, and well, I think we've covered how I feel about that. I think Cohen is hotter than Anderson Cooper. Yeah. Leaving with a bombshell. 

Do you prefer young Cohen or current silver fox vision Cohen? Let us know in the comments! 




Andy is timeless. Age doesn't matter.

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