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Youtubers Discover Where The "Right In Front of My Salad" Meme Comes From

The “Right in Front of My Salad” meme is going strong. So strong, that Youtubers have now discovered it.

The Right in Front of My Salad meme is possibly not the funniest one that’s graced the internet, but its origin is possibly one of the best stories of a meme yet.

We’ve already talked all about the meme and it’s origin here on Instinct, but if you missed that post or just want to see some funny reactions to the whole thing, we’ve got a video for you.

The Fine Brothers is a Youtube channel all about reactions. They have elders react to videos and cultural events, they have kids react, teens react, and adults/college kids react. And finally, they also get a bunch of youtubers together to do some reacting too.

In the video below, the Fine Brothers get a bunch of youtubers together to read some meme posts and to find out just where the meme started. Check it out below.


When I watched this Youtube video, I got a certain amount of joy and glee from it. I found it funny that the Fine Brothers and Co couldn’t explain the whole entire video, the question of why the girl was there in the first place, and also who she is. So, I’m gonna try to fill some of those gaps for you.

The Whole Story

First, I’ll give you a basic rundown of the video’s “story.” (Sidenote: The original porn video was titled “Private Lessons 3," but has since been retitled “Right in Front of My Salad?”).

Turns out, Jaxton Wheeler, the top, is married to the woman. At the start of the video he hires a personal chef for her. The chef, Jake Porter, arrives and decides to make a salad of all things.

Porter takes his clothes off and Wheeler goes all “What are you doing?” Porter goes, “Didn’t you read the full ad? I’m the naked chef?” to which Wheeler responds, “Dude, that’s not… (looks at butt) ok.” And then sex happens.

That’s when the wife comes in and goes all, “Is my food ready?” They say yeah and she starts to eat. And here’s my thing, They. Keep. Going. And not only do they keep going, they have to be all loud by moaning and groaning and stuff. WHEN SHE’S RIGHT THERE!

That’s when the famous line happened, then the actress left, and the boys finished their deed.

But Who Is She?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. The actress was uncredited and it’s 50/50 on whether she will come out with her name and all.

I honestly say she should. Yes, she’s in a porno and she might not want to make that a completely obvious thing by confirming her identity (more on that later), but she could profit a lot from this. Think of the “Catch Me Outside” girl. She got a music video, scheduled concert appearances, and made THOUSANDS off of that stupid meme. The “Right in Front of My Salad” girl could try to do the same.

But this also brought up the very real question of why is she uncredited at all? She didn’t even get a quick blimp in the opening credits. And she’s not the only one.

Whenever an extra actor/actress (usually an actress playing a wife/girlfriend/daughter) is in a scene like this I start to wonder, “Who are you?” “What’s your story?” “How did you get here?”

I mean, at the end of the day that extra is now in a porno. Even worse, they’re not even having sex in it, but they’re still in it. What situations lead to that?

Maybe she’s also a porn model, maybe she doesn’t and she just needed the extra money. Maybe she likes that she wasn’t credited so that she can just pretend it never happened? (If so, this is probably a living hell for her).

Only she knows really and it’ll stay that way unless she comes out. But that’s up to her.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna enjoy this meme for as long as it lasts and enjoy watching others slowly discover where it came from.



Wow, journalism. A simple Google search turns up her name as Nikki V and that is having her return for another scene.

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