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Yum! Gus Kenworthy & Keiynan Lonsdale Guest on 'All Stars 4'

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 is about to get a lot hotter on Friday evening when Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy and actor Keiynan Lonsdale stop by as the show's latest pair of guests.



Peace out Hong Kong!My past few days here and the week prior in Australia were absolutely amazing! I had the privilege and pleasure of speaking at multiple LGBTQ+ leadership summits on behalf of @outleadership. If you aren't familiar, Out Leadership is the world's first global organization to convene CEOs from the world's most powerful businesses and leverage their companies' economic power to push for LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality. Recently, after Trump's most recent attack on the trans community, Out Leadership gathered 180 of the world's largest businesses whose companies represent $2.2 trillion (yes, trillion) of annual revenue and had them sign a release saying that the trans community should be respected and protected and that their business in the US would be contingent on that fact. Money talks. I feel lucky to be connected to such an amazing group that is helping make the world a better place for queer people! I'm now off to Switzerland to experience the Interlaken region for the first time as part of SWISS' new stop over package. My friend @danielpantss is taking a break from being @b_pups' babysitter to join me. Stay tuned for pics!

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Gus and Keiynan's participation in tonight's episode goes beyond placing their firm behinds in the judges seat on the main stage, as they will also be suitors competing on something that Drag Race has never done before: The Snatch Game of Love.



A mess in the flesh. Love.

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It's similar to the standard Snatch Game setup: queens dress up and act as the celebrity of their choosing. Except this time, it's paired with how The Dating Game used to be, where one male or female asks questions to their potential matches without being able to see them. 

Hilarity, drama and chaos will naturally ensue as each of the 8 remaining queens do their best impersonations in hopes that it will score them a win by the time they werk the runway later on in the show. 

VH1 released the first act of tonight's episode, where Naomi Smalls will be portraying talk show icon Wendy Williams, Monet X Change doing Whitney Houston and Latrice Royale serving Della Reese realness.

How will each of these queens fare on their way to the coveted All Stars crown? RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 airs tonight, December 28th, at 8:00 PM EST on VH1.