Zac Efron Caught Making Out w/ Michelle Rodriguez

We were all excited when Michelle Rodriguez spoke out publicly regarding her same-sex attraction last year, acknowledging that she likes both men and women. 

But now we're just jealous because it looks like she's snagged Zac Efron!! 

Photos of Zac's (seemingly endless) Italian vacation were released which show Zac and Michelle's relationship may be a little more than platonic.

Here's a good look at Zac's abs to ease the pain.

We won't hate. Get it, Michelle! 


Image Source (H/T: Jezebel)




Ummm.. guy-rumored-to-be-gay kissing a girl-rumored-to-be-gay while both vacation with an older gentleman who seems genuinely fond of young Mr. Efron, as most of us are. Yup. Seems like just pretty heterosexual fun to me.

She is not rumored to be gay she is bisexual and said by her


Zac baby has no clue what he's getting into... Trouble trouble if he had problems before this is going to be his downfall, I pray not. I guess he will learn. 

I hate to say it, but that picture does not exactly look like they are "making out" with each other.  Could just be a friendly kiss on the lips (I know, highly unlikely, but still possible).

They're clearly just beards for one another...

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