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Zac Efron On Going Shirtless Again In 'Neighbors': "F*ck This Is A Nightmare"

Zac Efron caught up with reporters at SXSW in Austin this week and revealed that our most popular fantasy is one of his worst nightmares. Detailing the scene from his upcoming movie Neighbors seen here on this here blog and much of the rest of the Internet, Zac said, “The second day of filming was Abercrombie and Fitch. I was standing there going, f**k this is my nightmare. This is very well what could happen to me some day.”

Shortly co-star Seth Rogen showed up and Zac felt relieved (but not Seth).

"And then Seth was there, and it was cool," Zac added.

"Then it became my nightmare," Seth laughed. 

Why do we feel like Freddy Krueger all of a sudden?

Check out the Red Band trailer for Neighbors here. 


I think he sells himself short. I had never thought much of him other than a flimsy pretty boy but he put in a good performance in The Paperboy.. an odd film with Nichole Kidman. Think we'll see more good stuff from him.. but he can keep his shirt on...he's better than that.

Not a flattering picture

Not that I would kick him out of bed, but I think he's been suffering from a case of OVER-EXPOSURE as of late...

Are we witnessing a developing pattern? It seems that Zack ain't too particular who sees his lustfully mildly hairy chest; female OR male *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

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