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Zac Efron Shows Off His Assets In Inappropriate 'Workaholics' Job interview

Why can't all job interviews be like this?!

Neighbors co-stars Zac Efron and Seth Rogen vie against each other for a coveted spot in the Workaholics cubicle and Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm appear to truly appreciate Zac's various assets. (Let's just say Zac's penis is a pretty prominent part of the interview process.) 

Check out this job interview from the Comedy Central series where apparently nothing is off the table! 

(H/T: Homorazzi)


Zac's cute face with his huge eyes full on anticipation when they're about to tell him whether or not her's got the job 

He's adorable

your balls have a six pack....lmao

Let's be serious everything Zac does is fucking hot, sorry. Just hat to say it.

This was hilarious!  Best line:  "Show me your Jew-stick!"  Priceless!

Maybe they should put that on a T-shirt and sell it at Tel Aviv Pride. I'd wear it. 

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