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Zachary Quinto And Jonathan Groff Split

Depending on your personal feelings (or delusions), this could be good or bad news. 

Perez Hilton is exclusively reporting that Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff have broken up.

Perez writes:

It has been confirmed to us exclusively that lovebirds Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff are no longer seeking snuggle-time in each other's arms. Sources have come forward to share that the pair have recently split, after nearly a year of being longingly in love.

But here's where things take a turn for the worst…

Our source adds that things did "not end well" between Zach and Jon, making things far from amiable between them.


Hmm..we won't speculate out of respect for our husband, Zach, but if it's true--we wish them both the best. 

Thoughts on their alleged break-up, Instincters?


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Never heard of them.

Hey, Jason, where do you live........Mars?  Both of these guys are incredibly talented, and I am realy sorry to hear about their break-up.  I wish them the best.

Maybe Jon got sick & tired of Zachary wearing the Spock ears to bed and saying his lovemaking is highly illogical and Zach got upset Jon didn't renew his subscription to Instinct. 

Had to Google both of them. 

Sucks to be Mr. Groff!  Yes I'm one of the delusional ones lol...Come home Zach 

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