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Zachary Quinto Signs On w/ James Franco For Ex-Gay Activist Film

We reported back in April that James Franco would be starring in Michael, a film centered around ex-gay activist Michael Glatze

Now Variety exclusively reports that Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts are officially in the mix. From Variety:

Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts will be joining James Franco in the drama “Michael,” about an anti-gay pastor who was once gay himself, Variety has learned.

Quinto will play the former boyfriend of Franco’s character. Roberts is set to reteam with her “Palo Alto” co-star as his girlfriend. Chris Zylka (“The Leftovers”) is also attached to the film as another past love interest.

The script for “Michael” is based on “My Ex-Gay Friend,” a New York Times Magazine article by Benoit Denizet-Lewis (author of “Travels with Casey”) about Michael Glatze, a Christian minister from Wyoming who was so entrenched in gay culture before he rejected his homosexuality, he founded a gay youth magazine. Justin Kelly will direct. Gus van Sant is the executive producer, along with producers Franco, Vince Jolivette, Michael Mendelsohn, Ron Singer and Scott Reed.

Reaction to this film's production has been mixed with some fearing that it may glorify an ex-gay activist. Considering the talent involved it's probably best to reserve judgment.

Still comments in Variety from the filmmakers definitely have made us curious as to how they'll be approaching the subject:

“This isn’t just a story about an ‘ex-gay,’” Kelly said. “It’s actually a very relatable story about the power of belief and the desire to belong.”

Added Denizet-Lewis: “I’m excited that everyone involved in this project is intent on telling a story that captures the full breadth of Michael’s unusual life, from the inspiring gay leader I knew when I was young to the Christian pastor he is today.”

If nothing else it'll be provocative. Are you looking forward to Michael, Instincters?


Yes, "the desire to belong", as Justin Kelly puts it, is incredibly strong. I am gay, but I made the (silly) decision to join the Jehovah's Witnesses as a teenager, even though I knew that they reject homosexuality as the consequence of human imperfection. I had regrets for decades. Anyway, I have met other gay men in this organization. Most of them joined the Witnesses because they wanted to get rid of their gay feelings. But when they realize they can't, they fall into depression or kill themselves. Others develop an overly manly behavior, boasting that they have overcome their ungodly feelings. But in the end they also have to recognize that they can't fake forever. It's a sad life.

The power of belief is amazing and it is insane how it can effect ones life. I feel this story will relate to a lot of us.

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