I'm ready for him to put his clothes back on.
Should there be a new host or even a show at all?
If only He-Man was real.
Is it always Bi now Gay later?
The lack of clothing is shocking.
Shopping for a bed just got a little gayer.
Heart or hate it?
How much is too much to allow for advertising?
Is the dog the gay comic relief?
Heart or hate the hunk's new look?
Outrage ensues.
What the ... ?
What do you think of Daniel's reaction to the rumors?
Are YOU insulted?
And how to find you on Grindr!
Now get out there and start using 'em!
One of 'em could'be been a huge hit...
What's happened to Manhattan's downtown?
How does this Slate writer justify homophobia at the hands of heterosexual men?
What do you think of this controversial opinion post published by Time?