What's in if you've got the follicles.
Jurassic Park, Stunt Penises, UTI's, LeBron James, and Ellen? Amy Schumer has them all.
Or did we forget to tune in and vote for him on DWTS?
Why did Courtney Hoffman and her girlfriend give money to Indiana's notorious anti-gay pizzeria owners?
All 17 Michael Hoffman videos in one place. - - - We love the internet.
Some of us are a litte bigger on top than e want to be.
Staged reading to take place in NYC next week.
What do you think of Kit's claims that being called a "hunk" is offensive and demeaning?
Gyllenhaal looks and acts at the top of his game.
Whatever customers said, Groupon reponded to every last message. See some of the replies here.
Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be my next binge watching victim.
causing straight bros to flirt with each other.
all to a deserted island? We beat them to it.
Are we that vain? Are we still using tanning beds?
Which word is okay for television?
Have they already secured Britney for the Super Bowl 50 Half-Time show?
How much did they raise and will this mean more than one show?
Have you had a great entertainment experience off the beaten gay-path?
Chris Hemsworth adds his abs to the cause.
Did it take FOX to give us one?