What happens when they stop shooting? BBC Three shows us. (NSFW)
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Bros helping bros? There's an app for that!
Want to learn about BDSM, and meet like minded people? Then KNKI is the app for you!
Gay hookup apps are BIG busine$$!!
Potential new users should be "sexy" to be voted on to this app...
But there's a catch to the good news...
...reveals a study!
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Are we scientifically cut out for it?
""What if I'd just given him my number at the grocery store, instead of walking away?"
to save battery life. My OCD is not going to handle this change well.
But could this ability to "predict" be dangerous in the future?
Rinse and repeat...
Check out this interesting biological phenomenon! Meet the Guevedoce Boys!
Crazy is is crazy does, right?
Because science, guys.
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If the Church had accepted me from the beginning, would I be Religious today?
When is the right age to start?
Gay social networking app, Moovz, may have the answer!
Video: Refers to documentary "The Naked Ape"
I may still use you, but most likely will not pay again.
"I picture a future where gender identity turn into something more along the lines of fashion clothing."
Would you want Truvada handed out in your city? L.A. Does.
If this were still the prominent face of AIDS today, would there be as many new cases?