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The UFC fighter shows his pro-gay support in the best way possible!
These naked rowers have us feeling quite charitable! (NSFW)
...and is now facing a backlash for giving this dog a bone.
Yeah, we could totally do this too....
Does his clarification change the way you view his original comments?
Oh, the irony.
But what does this mean for fired pro-gay punter Chris Kluwe?
Watch as the St. Louis Rams player emotionally accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.
And becomes the first woman to reach the finals!!
"Respect the game. Respect others. That's what I always learned in sports."
You're welcome!
The LA Galaxy star's story is headed to TV!
He's a winner on and off the field! (NSFW)
UPDATE: Clips from Thorpe's interview as he comes out publicly for the first time.
Colombia's trans community comes together in support of the national past time!
Our finest athletes show us what they're made of! (NSFW-ish)
Welcome to the team, Brad!