ALC 2013

AIDS/LifeCycle 2013 Crosses The Finish Line

After seven days and 545 miles, the heroes of AIDS/LifeCycle 2013 have made it to Los Angeles! It was an amazing week, and we're SO proud of every single rider, roadie, volunteer and staff member for all their hard work, dedication and impressive fundraising this season. 

We hope you'll join us on the road next year for ALC 2014, as we continue to ride to end HIV and AIDS. You can register today at and enter discount code "INSTINCT50" for a special reduced registration fee. But for now, we'll leave you with this great vid recapping the past seven days in under seven minutes! 

AIDS/LifeCycle Takes Time To Give Back

Story and photo by David Duran

A fundraiser within a fundraiser—that’s exactly what took place today during Day 3 of the AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) ride. First time participants and veterans alike were asked the night before to bring cash, but some didn’t know the extent of the amazing day that lay ahead of them and the small town they would personally impact at midday. The lunch stop for Day 3 happens to follow the gut-wrenching and infamous “quadbuster” hill climb, which luckily for Bradley residents, leaves the riders in desperate need of plentiful refueling.

The sparsely populated town of Bradley, California with a whopping 120 residents put today on hold for ALC and devoted themselves to raising money for their school system and, most importantly, extracurricular activities for the students. It’s been an ongoing tradition to stop for lunch in Bradley on day 3 of the ride and all who participated today where happy to stand in a massive line to pay for freshly cooked burgers with all the fixings. In addition, souvenirs, which were made by students, and fresh baked goods, were being sold. The best part is that all the stations were run by the kids of Bradley and managed by a parent or adult.

As the cyclists rode in, they were greeted by welcoming cheers and signs made by the students. This is the one and only fundraiser the town has each year. They truly depend on the generosity of ALC participants and make sure that they know they are very much appreciated. The shy but extremely friendly residents as well as the enthusiastic students were out in full force this year to ensure they raised enough money for after school programs.

Mother of an 8th grade student, Sara Celedon, no longer lives in town, but her daughter lives with her grandfather, who also happens to be the school bus driver. “She stayed here just so she could be a part of today and also to attend the 8th grade trip,” she said. She went on to express again that this is the only fundraiser for the kids and that the money is divided up. “They clear about $16,000 each year when ALC comes by and it pays for 8th grade camp, supplies for the year, as well as a science camp for grades 6-8, which just got back last week,” said Celedon.

A mother and daughter team worked together at one of the stations. “My daughter Victoria and I are here giving away buttons and smashed pennies that the kindergarten through 8th graders made, and asking for a donation,” said Rita Stewart. When asked what the money was for, Victoria quickly chimed in and proclaimed that part was for her 8th grade trip, something that apparently is a pretty big deal around Bradley. Last year, the 8th graders, a class of about 12, were taken to San Francisco. 

Eurovision Invades L.A. (And Benefits ALC)!

Any good card-carrying gay or pop aficionado knows that the Eurovision grand finale is fast approaching, but you don’t need to be in Sweden to get in on this year’s action.

L.A.‘s biggest Eurovision viewing party is taking place this Saturday starting at noon—and best of all, you can support AIDS/LifeCycle while you rejoice in some cheesy pop goodness!

It all kicks off at noon at Angel City Brewery,...

Why I Ride: Tod Barnett

In my first year of riding, I was 22 years old and I had just moved to San Francisco. My friend, Christopher Vasquez, invited me along on some long distance bike rides, and I didn't think anything of it. More interested in the personal challenge of riding further than I ever had before, I came along for some rides. As I grew closer to some...

Why I Ride: Dan Burke

I originally signed up for my first AIDS Ride back in 2000 from Amsterdam to Paris. At the time, I wanted to do the ride for the challenge and to see the European countryside, all while supporting a good cause. Although circumstances prevented me from fulfilling my goal, my desire to see it through has never wavered.


Instinct Celebrates Drag Queen Bingo's 15th Anniversary—Benefitting ALC!

Instinct Magazine is proud to help kick-off Legendary Bingo's 15th anniversary extravaganza with a extra-special TUESDAY night of bingo—benefitting AIDS/LifeCyce!

April 9!
7 p.m. at Hamburger Mary's, WeHo

This extra-special bingo blowout will feature special guest call ballers including Ana Gasteyer, Chris Parnell and Carly Chaikin from ABC's Suburgatory, Kevin Alejandro and Bonnie Somerville from CBS' Golden Boy, So You Think You Can Dance stars Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini,


Why I Ride: Eldin Jasarevic

I was 19 when my best friend called to tell me he was HIV positive. I had no idea what to say and fell back on platitudes. I told him that living HIV was no longer a death sentence. I told him about recently watching the documentary Silverlake Life: The View From Here. I told him that I could hardly imagine what he must be feeling at this moment....