EXCLUSIVE! Aja Talks All Stars 3, Not Fitting The Mold, and... Nutterscotch?

Aja is a ball full of energy that this particular writer can never get enough of. The Brooklyn native was a pretty big name here, in and out of the five boroughs, prior to her appearing on season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

She didn’t do as well as she would have hoped for in her initial season (she admitted this herself), but came back one year later to compete on All Stars 3. It was here that she received her true redemption and excelled at many of the challenges presented to her, notably the variety show in the premiere episode and asCrystal Labeija in Snatch Game.

Now with almost a million followers on her very popular Instagram page, endless touring gigs and making a name for herself both on and off the Emmy-award winning show, Aja has pretty much become a superstar in her own right based on how much of a hard worker she really is.  

She was one of the many girls from RPDR who were in attendance at DragCon NYC last weekend, where the hilariously interesting charismatic character spoke with me one on one about AS3 and so much more. Take a look.

We are very proud of you for All Stars. Some of us think you should’ve lasted longer.

I agree! I will not stop you. I feel like, you know it’s just how the cookie crumbles. And I feel like nobody expected me to do well which I think is ironic, honestly because I think, no I know I’m an artist of quality. Sometimes you just don’t fit the mold, and it’s ok because I don’t need to fit that mold because I know that I fit my own mold and the mold that I want to go for. Either way, I walked away from such a beautiful experience and great platform with a good mindset.

How do you think your soup tastes from the Andy Warhol episode?

The one that everyone said… ‘I’m not sweet?’ Girl, I’m the sweetest person I know! Also my aesthetic at the time was very colorful, very Kawaii inspired.

What was your reaction when BenDeLaCreme eliminated herself?

Girl, I was like, “Werk!” I don’t know how to explain it, like when you’re there, you don’t give a f**k. Like I was like, “Girl I don’t give a s**t.” People were like, “Were you upset that you didn’t come back?” and I said “I thought it was wrong that I didn’t come back but I don’t care.” Whether I went home first, won, went in the middle or not, I got to do something that a lot of people don’t get to do. You know what, even if I didn’t go on All Stars, I still would have found a way to win audiences over.

If I were a drag queen my name would be Peppermint Fattie. Have you ever thought of a name that wasn’t Aja?  

Oh that’s hilarious. I really want to see like, a really slutty bronzed queen and make her name Nutterscotch instead of Butterscotch.



You and your boyfriend did really well on the WoW (World of Wonder) series Couples for Cash. Did you both study ahead of time?

You want to know something? He was sitting there like “We need to practice” and “We need to study”, then he was the one f***ing up and getting a lot of the questions wrong! I was like, “Babe… you shouldn’t have been worried about me!”

For more information on Aja, check out her official website.  

Michelle Visage Opens Up About The 'All Stars 3' Results

Even though we are racing towards the finish line of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 currently, many of the shows fans are still frustrated about how the most recent edition of All Stars ended. 

Michelle Visage, who has been on the show as a main judge since season 3 (and all of the All Stars seasons), weighed in on the controversial finale for All Stars 3 over two months later to ET Canada this week.

All Stars 3 played out different from previous seasons, in that the eliminated six queens (Aja, Morgan McMichaels, Thorgy Thor, Chi Chi DeVayne, BenDeLaCreme) chose two out of the four finalists (Trixie Mattel, Kennedy Davenport, Shangela, BeBe Zahara Benet) to be the final two standing as opposed to how its done in traditional seasons where RuPaul picks the winner. 

In the end, Trixie Mattel and Kennedy Davenport scored the most points, with Trixie winning All Stars 3 after the final lip sync performance. What quickly happened, however, was a major backlash from thousands of fans who believed that Shangela (who only received one point from all the eliminated queens) was robbed of the title. It's something that Michelle echoed in her interview. 

“The biggest surprise to me and the rest of the world was Shangela not winning RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3. And that wasn’t up to me, that wasn’t up to RuPaul, that was up to the girls, because Ru gave the queens that were eliminated the chance to vote for the final two, who they believe deserved to be in the finals,” she told the outlet during a segment filmed earlier in May. “And they chose not to put Shangela in there. It was a mistake, but I believe they did it because of a personal relationship instead of watching how she did in the competition.”

“That’s the only one that really affected me,” ashe continued after being asked if she ever disagreed with RuPaul’s decisions on the panel. “I 100 percent agree with RuPaul on everything. We share a brain, so honestly I can tell by looking at him. We know we’re on the same page. So I’ve never disagreed with anything he’s ever done in an elimination.”

Do you agree with Michelle on her sentiment regarding Shangela losing?

Trixie Mattel Brings Up a VERY GOOD POINT About the 'All Stars 3' Finale

I'll make this short and sweet but to the point: 

Gays, ladies, straight guys who have no problem watching Drag Race: I know some of us are still going through it with how All Stars 3 turned out, but at some point we have to get past a simple television show and move on with our lives.

Trixie Mattel took home the crown on Thursday night's finale, where she joined fellow All Stars winners Chad Michaels and Alaska in their own coveted Hall of Fame.  This was riddled with a ton of controversy (some of which this writer fed into) regarding how the eliminated queens should have included Shangela in the top two as opposed to Kennedy Davenport (they got to determine who made it there out of the four remaining queens who were left).

Trixie has dealt with a lot of the backlash for this, but with one simple tweet, we are reminded that none of this is her fault:



Exactly.  She didn't do anything.  They did.  Not saying that we need to now go after the six eliminated queens, as they did what they had to, but Trixie doesn't deserve anything she's getting.  She won, she took home the crown, life goes on.

Now, we can get angry for a bunch of new reasons as season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race starts this Thursday.  Jeez, we didn't even have enough time to tuck this time around.

Congrats, Trixie.  Seriously. 

Opinion: One Queen Got Brutally Robbed on 'All Stars 3' and I'm Fuming

For the second years in a row, RuPaul has somewhat screwed himself when it comes to choosing the right winner (or at least the right people in the end) on All Stars.  Last season, Detox and Alaska kept eliminating the people who should've been in the end with them (err, I mean Alaska), and this season, a group of lukewarm competitors screwed over the one queen who truly deserved to win the title over all the others... by far.

Let's recap here.  The final four enter the werk room, are happy to be there, read Morgan McMichael's goodbye message (could you imagine if she actually made it to the final four? What merits would she ACTUALLY have to even quantify her winning anything) and then Ru walks in.  In true Drag Race form, Ru announces that this will be the most "ambitious" challenge yet, filled with choreography and a bunch of other stuff that we've somewhat seen before.  Then, in a finale twist, she reveals that the eliminated queens are "back, back, back again!"  Oh, god.  So they are probably going to help pick the winner, right?  

Then, the queens rehearse with Todrick Hall, who I must say has really found his footing on this show.  I met Todrick at a red carpet event a bunch of years ago, and he's incredibly intelligent, humble and interesting all at the same time.  He gets his point across really well on the show, and his main target of frustration this go around is Bebe, who isn't exactly good at choreography.

Let's get into this: Bebe is a gorgeous queen.  Bebe has great one liners, a regal-type behavior about her that doesn't come across as pretentious, and a mug that is far superior to many of the other queens in the competition.  However, she's been middle of the road for pretty much everything else this season and it's baffling to me that she made it this far.  IMHO: Ben should've taken her spot (but, you know, she quit) and Aja was prematurely eliminated if it wasn't Ben.

Kennedy and Shangela should be the ones to look out for in this challenge, as dancing is their strong suit.  Trixie not so much, and we've already discussed Bebe.  This is the first musical number that takes place backstage at whatever lot they film Drag Race at, so it should be interesting to see how they pull it off.  The song isn't new, it's Ru's "Hey, Kitty Girl", however the verses outside of Ru's chorus are all new from each of the queens which gives it a fresh element and somewhat rivals the best damn song this show has ever done: "Read U, Wrote U"... minus Roxxxy (sorry boo).

The musical number was really good.  LIke really, really good.  When I was sitting there with my friends, I was reminded of why I love this show so much in the first place.  Each queen played to their strengths during it, and made for a great closing number from a season that quite honestly wasn't so great.  Also, shout out to Trixie and her purple wig: LOVE IT! 

The four queens then change into their finale looks, and they all look stunning.  Bebe's look, as lovely as it is, has been done before though.  Contrary to popular opinion, I loved Kennedy's look regardless if it was a bit recycled from her S7 finale look, as the hair and makeup that complimented it looked great.  Shangela has never looked better IMHO, and Trixie switched it up by giving us some modern day Mae West.  

Then, the twist.  The six eliminated queens were to determine who would become the final two.  Meh.  Seriously meh.  Let's be honest here, out of those six eliminated queens, Ben and Aja were the only two to ever really do a good job this entire season.  Morgan didn't do anything good in either episode, Thorgy whined and then got into a ton of hot water by saying Stevie Nicks wasn't a gay icon, Milk destroyed her reputation with her ego and Chi Chi literally wanted to go home.  This is like being the valedictorian of your high school and having the kids who cheated off your test be the determining factor on if you are going to get into the school of your dreams.  It really doesn't make any sense.

They all have one on one time with each girl, and Bebe shoots herself in the foot immediately by not revealing who she would've sent home and brought back when the eliminated queens had a shot at returning to the competition. NEXT.  Kennedy's plea is heartfelt, and even though she didn't do that great this season, she's a reminder of how amazing her type of drag is still to this day, and she's become a much more likable queen this time than during her stint on season 7.

Shangela, as far as I'm concerned, should be top two no matter what she tells the eliminated queens.  Homegirl worked her ass off this time around, and minus her sewing issues, did an amazing job through and through and should be top 2.  Her chat is very passionate as well, and then we get to Trixie.  The girls grill the f**k out of her, and ask her uncomfortable questions like who shouldn't be in the top two with her, which she says Kennedy based on the finale look.  Hmm.

Look, we all know damn well that the final two should be Shangela and Trixie.  They've done the best this season, and it's very frustrating how these six get to choose as opposed to Ru, who would've done the right thing in the end.  The queens choose Trixie... and Kennedy.  I was gobsmacked.  Like, truly truly gobsmacked.  I felt so bad for Shangela, you could see the pain on her face and on Ru's.  Her third time was her charm and she truly should've been the winner of this season.  But, sure, let's have the girl who was told to quack to make herself look crazy judge who should win.  

The final lip sync performance has Trixie and Kennedy doing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus, which is a great finisher.  If this was an upbeat song, Kennedy would've mopped the floor all over Trixie and won.  But it was slow paced, and she didn't really follow through with the passion and the lyricism that Miley helped make so famous for her to win.  Trixie didn't do that great however, and the reveal was pointless, but she must have done something right, because she won.

Look, I love Trixie.  I get it.  She's awesome.  But this was a bit of a foregone conclusion from the get, and it's hilarious how she has NEVER WON A CHALLENGE in her two seasons on the show and winds up winning the whole thing in the end.  I still think she belonged in the top two, but she didn't deserve to win.  And based on social media's response last night,  I definitely wasn't alone.

Who did you think deserve to win All Stars 3?  Let us know your thoughts. 

Vicky Vox Calls Out Shangela For Wearing a Fat Suit on 'All Stars 3'

Shangela, who is one of the finalists on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3, and a major contender to win the coveted crown, has felt some interesting backlash from a well-known drag queen due to the ensemble she wore during her most recent lip sync performance.


Friday night feels

A post shared by Vicky Vox (@thevickyvox) on

Vicky Vox, who is one of the more known drag queens who haven't been on RPDR (yet), lashed out at Shangela for her decision to wear a fat suit during her lip sync performance of "Freaky Money" by RuPaul featuring Big Freeda. That performance secured her another win, where she ultimately sent home Morgan McMichaels after she was brought back to the competition to week before.

"I’m actually bummed out by Shangela wearing a fat suit for laughs," she captioned. "I’m tired of fat shaming being celebrated. I love you Diva but I’m in my feelings. I can’t take my fat off and i work hard like you skinny bitches to be taken seriously. I’m still the butt of the joke."

Vicky, who at one point was part of the trio DWV (with RPDR's Detox and Willam) spent the better part of the weekend, received minimal support for her decision to call Shangela out, but was primarily met with a ton of negative backlash for her thoughts.

She quickly backtracked a bit by pronouncing her love for Shangela:

Vicky then spoke about how she simply wanted to speak out about this matter without hurting others in the process.

Is Vicky in the right here regarding Shangela's outfit, or was this blown completely out of proportion?