Amazon Prime Adds 60 Plus Titles From Outfest To Their Service

Amazon should definitely be giving itself a big ole gay pat on the back, as they have added dozens of LGBT movies that screened at OutFest in Los Angeles to its Prime Video service.  The films were published to Prime Video directly by their filmmakers or rights-holders, who will earn royalties based on customer viewing time.

This comes at a great time for Amazon from an LGBT perspective given that they are adding these films around the same time as pride season.  It also might be a good idea that they are doing this given all the flack they've received lately for selling a "straight pride pin" on its website.

“These are challenging times for many and reports of violence against LGBTQ citizens are on the rise,” said Outfest executive director Christopher Racster. “I still believe, though, in the power of our stories to change that narrative… It is a relationship like this with Prime Video Direct that will carry our stories across the widest network and reach the most individuals.”. 

Some of the films that are added include the popular Eating Out series, Were the World Mine, G.B.F. and many more.  Take a look at all the movies that you can watch now on the popular streaming service:

A Sinner In Mecca

• An Englishman in New York

• Anatomy of a Love Seen

• Ander

• Baby Steps

• Beautiful Something

• Body Electric

• Call to Witness

• Crazy Bitches

• Desire Will Set You Free

• Do You Take This Man

• Eating Out

• Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

• Eating Out: All You Can Eat

• Eating Out: Drama Camp

• Ekaj

• Empire State

• Family Values: An American Tragedy

• G.B.F.

• Geography Club

• Good Mourning Lucille

• Greek Pete

• Grown Up Movie Star

• Hello Again

• Hit So Hard

• Howl

• I Do

• Isle of Lesbos

• Jamie Marks is Dead

• Karl Rove, I Love You

• Liberty: 3 Stories about Life & Death

• Loving Annabelle

• Lyle

• Major!

• Morgan

• Nate & Margaret

• Open

• Park

• Political Animals

• Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo

• Retake

• Rift

• S&M Sally

• Sebastian

• Slash

• Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

• Strange Fits of Passion

• Stuff

• 10 Year Plan

• The Gymnast

• The Pearl

• The People I’ve Slept With

• The Resurrection of a Bastard

• Were The World Mine

• Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

• Wild Flowers

• Women Who Kill




Eight Dollars + Shipping To Show You Just Don't Get It.

Online retail giant, Amazon, is currently selling a gold plated “Straight Pride” flag pin and you can guess that people are not exactly thrilled by it. Oh, at all.

Available on Amazon for $8.00, the “Straight Pride” flag pin is described on the site as hard enamel on a metal pin badge with butterfly clasp fixing. The flag colors range from black to white with an assortment of varying shades of beige in-between.  

The item has also accumulated four overwhelmingly-negative reviews since the sell of the item went live earlier this week including one review that gave the item “One Star” and simply described the item as “terrible.”

The flag is being sold on behalf of 1000 Flags, which has over 20,000 items for sale on the popular online retailer. In sharp contrast, some of the other items that 1000 Flags currently sell in their online catalog include Pride rainbow flags, LGBT banners, badges, and more.

And Twitter, of course, is having a field day.

‘Straight Pride is seemingly as beige as most straight people’s personalities,’ Danny, a Twitter user said.

‘The irony of a straight pride flag being an eye shadow palette,’ Ken, another Twitter user said. ‘Why does the straight pride flag look like a Sephora ‘eye shadow for beginners’ sampler?’

Another said: ‘If I saw someone wearing that I’d assume they really like bacon or something." 

h/t: Gay Star News