Now you can show Pride with your Rainbow Apple Watch!

Just in time for Pride month, Apple has released a special screen face that includes rainbow colored strings that are animated and interactive to the touch. Apple released the new feature with the iOS 11.4 and watchOS 4.3.1 and it was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) according to 9to5Mac.

The strings move each time you move your wrist to look at the time or if you tap your Apple watch’s screen.

In addition, Apple also released a Pride watch band that goes along with the new Apple watch face, reports Mashable. The new band is white with rainbow stripes along the nylon band. This is not the first time Apple has created Pride watch bands. In 2016, Apple released limited edition bands for their employees who participated in the San Francisco Pride Parade.

The band retails for $49 on the Apple website and stores across the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, China, Canada, Brazil and more! Profits from the new band will go toward LGBTQ-supporting organizations like Gender Spectrum, GLSEN, ILGA, PFLAG, The National Center for Transgender Equality and The Trevor Project.

Celebrate Pride in style with your Apple watch, Henny!

h/t: 9to5Mac, Mashable

Tim Cook and Nyle DiMarco Team Up For Something Wonderful

Two wonderful men in our community have joined forces for an incredible purpose.

Openly gay Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and Nyle DiMarco, America's Next Top Model & Dancing with the Stars winner, teamed up on Thursday to kickoff Apple's accessible Everyone Can Code program at the California School for the Deaf (CSD) in Fremont, California. It is something that schools like CSD will start teaching to their students. 

“Being here on the California School for the Deaf campus for Global Accessibility Awareness Day is really special for me,” Nyle said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“I was on track to be an educator and am a big advocate for education inclusion. The deaf students here have an amazing opportunity to learn coding which will open so many doors for them in the future. I’m excited for them that they get to experience this and that Apple is making this happen,” he said. “We didn’t have this technology when I was in school and it’s great steps to bridging both worlds, the deaf and hearing.”

The Everyone Can Code program is not limited to just students who are hard of hearing. Apple is teaming up with leading educators in both the blind and deaf communities across the United States to bring accessible coding to each of their schools.

Nyle has been an outspoken advocate for the deaf community since he became famous on ANTM, with his ability to try to champion causes including getting disability-emojis approved and so much more. 

He shared a ton of videos on his Instagram stories throughout the day that showed the level of excitement these children had when Tim and him came to visit. Great job guys!

For more information on the program, click here.


Apple Highlights Gay Marriages in Beautiful 'First Dance' Ads

Apple just released an ad for the iPhone X that features same-sex couples who are sharing their first dance after tying the knot. The commercial, set to the tune of Never Tear Us Apart covered by Courtney Barnett, features numerous couples who celebrated the legalization of same-sex marriages in Australia by exchanging vows.

Just in November 2017 Australia voted for marriage equality—the news heard round the world—and marriages began as early as December, because folks couldn’t wait for the 30-day waiting period to begin on January 9th. Now, these beautiful group of Aussies are the subject of this commercial that is bringing on all the water works as it reminds me of my first dance with my hubby! It also makes me want an iPhone X—conflicted much?

The video was shot on the new iPhone X and are currently only targeted toward the Australian market, but let’s hope we get to see them around the globe very soon so that we can continue to celebrate that love always wins!



In addition to the full 1-minute video, Apple also released a few 15-second clips that highlight special moments with couples Nick and Rob, Meg and Anne-Marie, and Antony and Ron.

Nick and Rob



Meg and Anne-Marie



Antony and Ron