Austria's Supreme Court Legalized Gay Marriage

Same-sex couples will be able to marry in Austria in just a little over a year.

The Austrian Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality yesterday by lifting legal limitations that blocked gay couple from getting married.

The limitations in question were that the previous definition of marriage allowed it only to be between “different sex” partners.

The Court decided to take out the phrase “different sex,” which now gives same-sex couples the option to marry instead of getting a civil partnership.

After making the decision, the Court said:

“The distinction between marriage and registered partnership can not be maintained today without discriminating against same-sex couples.”

They continued: “Because the separation into two legal institutions expresses that people with same-sex sexual orientation are not the same people with different sexual orientation.”

The “different sex” regulation will officially end on December 31, 2018, so gay couples in Austria will be able to marry at the start of 2019.