Get To Know Instagrammers And Business Owners Sunny Lee and Bowen Xiong

I recently discovered some new Instagram hotties and did some light investigating into them as well.

A couple days ago, Towleroad posted a mash-up post full of mini-stories and a small shout out for these two Instagram hotties.

The first is Instagrammer is Sunny Lee and the second is his boyfriend Bowen Liang (though, they only captioned it “Sunny Lee and bf.”)


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After initially thinking, “Well, hello,” and looking through Sunny Lee’s Instagram account, I decided to share them with you all.

Of course, what else can I tell you about these guys? Honestly, there’s not much to go on, and I didn't want to put their info out there too much.

What I do know is that Sunny Lee’s boyfriend, Bowen Liang, owns a tanning and nail studio named Bodyblush Tanning in Shanghai. Sunny Lee then helps out with the store.

Even better, the studio is not only run by these two gay men, but it's English-speaker inclusive too!



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Plus, their instagram accounts are full of beauty shots, workout videos, pictures with their cute dog, and photos of each other (both together and separately). These two seem to be a loving and committed couple.

So, check out these hot guys on Instagram and consider stopping by their store if you’re ever in Shanghai.


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Twink Boyfriend Picks Up Partner From Work With An Orchestra!

Twink Boyfriend Picks Up Partner From Work With An Orchestra!

The Naughtiest Songs Of The 90s Are Disguised As A Theme Song!

#CUTE! Okay, so I'm typically against viral videos because the internet has made me, I don't know, perhaps jaded. And the whole being painfully single thing makes me want to curl into my lonely bed and cross my arms as I fall asleep! But, occasionally my cold, little heart warms a bit: Especially after seeing a video as adorable as the one below.

Young love...do you remember it? Ahh, the good ole' days before social media was checked on more than children. Back in high school, my first ever boyfriend - who is now an after thought and was most definitely not a real relationship, swooped me off my feet and into his car: Where we spent the majority of our time. You know, in the late 00's it still wasn't really in to be out. We'd spend most of our time in and out of restaurants, riding around in automobiles with lube in the glove box, and browsing around the mall until our feet were bleeding. Times have changed and this next couple may just be my favorite and ones who I relate too the most!

According to a Facebook video, young and twinky, Zachary Allen, has been picking up his Server-boyfriend, Shaun Anthony Hoelzle, at his restaurant regularly by BLASTING the most raunchiest songs he can find. Yes, he's pretty much playing every song found at a gay-Saturday night pre-game before heading out to the bars. Hilariously, Hoelzle walks out embarrassed and charmed. It's funny, cheeky, and great to see two young twinks in love. 

Check out the hilarious viral video below:

Former Glee Star Kevin McHale Shared A Picture Of Him And His Boyfriend Cuddling In Bed

Former Glee star Kevin McHale posted an adorable picture of himself and his boyfriend on Instagram.

Last month, Glee fans and people of the internet swarmed McHale’s Instagram account after he shared a picture of himself holding what looked like another man’s hand. Many celebrated this subtle and progressive way of coming out and wished McHale and his newly announced boyfriend the best of luck and love.

And now, McHale is confirming the identity of said boyfriend in a recent Instagram post.

Many believed that the mysterious hand belonged to fellow actor Austin McKenzie, because the original picture contained a single emoji. That emoji was the ASL hand gesture for “I love you.”

Due to the fact that McKenzie is best known for the role of Melchior Gabor in Deaf West’s Broadway revival of Spring Awakening, McKenzie was a strong guess.



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Now, it seems that the guess was correct. The latest Instagram picture from the former Glee star shows McHale lying down with a sleeping boy snuggled up next to him. While the boy remains untagged, many are certain from the boy’s side profile that it is McKenzie.

It would make sense as not only have to two been popping up in each other’s Instagram accounts, but they also co-starred on Dustin Lance Black’s “Until We Rise.”

Now with tv cameras turned away from them long enough to build a relationship alone, they’re turning the cameras back on and letting the world know about their love. And, we’re happy to see it.

Congratulations, guys!