Colby Jansen's Latest Photo Shoot is Sexiness Personified

There's kind of no denying just how insatiably good looking Colby Jansen really is. 

His buff, chiseled features that combine with a fantastic amount of body hair has definitely revved the engines for millions of his fans over several years. He must be doing something right, as Instinct Magazine just named him one of the ten most influential gay porn stars of the 2010 decade alongside Rocco Steele, Sean Zevran and many more.

Colby's popular Instagram page (125,000 followers and counting) is a mixture of professional photos and super sexy selfies that consistently show him in a state of dress and undress. His latest photo shoot, however, just might be his sexiest one yet.


photo credit: @ivanavilaphotography

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He worked with photographer Ivan Avila, whose background in the field that he works in is expertly diverse (check out more of his work here and here). With a simple black backdrop, Ivan was able to find ways to accentuate Colby's body and handsome face in various forms of red clothing items from boots to hoodies and more. 

Another set of photos that were taken in black and white show Colby in nothing but a jock strap and looking his usual sexy self. What sets this apart, compared to other pics of men in this sort of attire, is that there is an art to what Ivan has been able to accomplished, where you can appreciate the aesthetic and the craftsmanship that goes into the finished work.


Focused. #MuscleDaddy #Bearded #BearDaddy photo credit @ivanavilaphotography

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See the NSFW photo below for a great start to your holiday weekend. 



Instinct Exclusive with the Very Woofy Hunter Scott AKA Monster Cub

The gay porn industry for many years has been used to one or two particular aesthetics: lean (twink) or muscle. Hunter Scott, otherwise known as Monster Cub, is here to let everyone know that all types are not only welcomed within the industry... but desired and appreciated as well.

Hunter has developed quite a big name for himself in the bear porn world. He has been featured in several scenes from top studios like BearFilms and Pantheon, and even got to work with the unbelievably handsome Colby Jansen.

It hasn't always been easy for him to navigate this complicated industry. He's had to deal with a ton of body shamers and haters along the way who have done whatever they can to dim his shine. Sadly for them, its not working, as he continues to grow his gay porn empire in South Florida while keeping an adorable grin on his face the entire time.

Hunter sat down with me to discuss how he got involved in the industry, avoiding the haters and just how amazing that Colby scene was. 

How did you find yourself in the adult industry in the first place?

I wanted to get a taste for it when I was 19.  Unfortunately, I lived in South Carolina and knew nothing about bear porn. When I applied to Sean Cody or Falcon Studios... they just weren't interested in a guy my size.  But then I moved to Fort Lauderdale when I was 24. Within the first month I had producers from Pantheon and BearFilms approach me out at the bar. I was hesitant at first because I was trying to date someone who thought selling sex was soulless. We didn't work out obviously. So about 6 months into living there I did my first scene with Pantheon.  Manhunt Daily wrote an article about me and the rest is history.

Was there anyone you looked up to as an inspiration prior to going in?

Colby Jansen. Alessio Romero. Tober Brandt. Jake Deckard.  And now I've worked with 2 of them.

The gay porn industry is primarily known for men who have a muscular physique. Do you find that those times have changed with the emergence of bears within it?

I'm a firm believer that there is someone for everyone.  Bears, trans, black, old… we all have someone who's into us.  Mainstream gay porn still holds its slim and lean aesthetic. However, there has been this general migration of status quo from when I started watching porn.  Guys are realizing metrosexuality is not the most attractive lifestyle to lead and can be quite hard on one's self esteem to keep up. I'm glad I'm giving guys an outlet to be themselves and feel sexy performing.  After all, having sex on camera puts us all in a vulnerable position.

Have you ever been fat shamed on social media for doing what you do because you don't fit a certain mold?

Of course.  There are trolls coming for me all the time.  Plenty of fat shaming. Haters are motivators though. There's a lot of sad lonely guys in the world filled with pain and talking trash is the only outlet they have.  It’s best to pay them no mind because they aren't paying my bills.

You just did a scene with uber-popular Colby Jansen, what was that like?

It was a long process. I had fantasized and prepared for the moment for months. Once I met him….in his house…. I melted from being starstruck.  He was fantastic to work with. But more than anything we were genuinely into each other and enjoyed one another fully. We still talk and will work together again in the future.  Potentially a Thanos vs Thor flip flop.

Is there anyone you are dying to work with, albeit a star or producer, in the near future?

Right now I'm talking to Jonah Fontana, Pheonix Fellington, Bryan Knight and Giovanni Santiago.  But lots of new guys coming soon as well from my recent trips to Vegas, Montreal, Dallas, and Atlanta.

What does the future hold for the Monster Cub brand?

I'm working on merchandise, including dildos and t-shirts, as more YouTube videos. I'm also working on a series of bear porn fairy tale parodies. I started it with Little Red Riding Cock, next will be Slutty Cub and the 3 Bears this summer. I'm also planning my Halloween and Christmas scenes at the moment.

For more information on Hunter, please check out his official website (NSFW)

One on One With Super Hot Daddy Colby Jansen!

Colby Jansen is definitely your ideal guy if you enjoy the furrier types of men that are out there (who have some fantastic muscle to go along with).  He is one of the few men to really have an elongated & celebrated career in the adult industry as of recent, as he's been one of the bigger stars to conquer it in the 2010 decade. 

This is a man who simply oozes sex appeal... I mean, just look at the photo above.  You would really need to get your eyes checked if you for one second didn't find this guy at least remotely attractive.  What's better than that is that he's also become quite the star rugby player outside of the adult industry, so let's add on that sports fantasy to the list of things that already make him sexy (I'm pretty sure I've seen one of those types of scenes he's done in the past).

Colby has experienced quite a lot of change over the last year or so.  He went through a divorce from Gia Darling, started his own adult website called Colby's Crew and has experienced quite a lot of success (alongside many others in the industry) with his OnlyFans page.  He also got thousands of his followers excited when news got out that he and another "uber" daddy Rocco Steele filmed a scene together (that scene comes out today.  Yum).

He was nice enough to sit down with me and discuss where he is now, including life after divorce, that Rocco scene, why he's moving on from Colby's Crew and what's next for this talented stud.  Take a look.

You have been not only able to enjoy longevity in the gay porn industry, but have also won several awards in doing so.  What do you attribute your amazing success to?

Well I was flattered to win a GayVN for Favorite Bear. That was very cool and unexpected. I always feel like I get nominated but someone else walks away with the hardware, deservingly so as well - so I was really pleased with that. And as far as longevity, I guess it’s that I just work hard, always try to deliver a good performance, but more than anything I just really enjoy what I do. As long as guys still wanna watch me do my thing, I’m gonna keep going!

Alongside several other porn stars in the industry, you started your own website which offers exclusive content of you and several other performers, Colby's Crew.  Why are you deciding to end that site when it has picked up quite a lot of steam since it started?

Well Colby’s Crew was a lot of fun while it lasted, unfortunately we had a fair amount of overhead which kind of dug is a financial hole to work out of. Hindsight is always 20/20, I feel like I could’ve done a few things different to make it more successful - mainly, I should’ve listened to myself and not allowed other people to control the direction. But when you’re paying someone a great salary because they’re supposedly a proven industry leader, you tend to trust them- until it’s too late.

Your OnlyFans account has become one of the more popular out there.  What do you like about doing it compared to Colby's Crew and anything else you have done in your career?

So, taking the lessons I’ve learned from my experience with Colby’s Crew, I’m making my own content with my OnlyFans page - it’s mainly amateur, so basically I have very low overhead- but I also have the freedom to do what I want. It’s got a low price point and while it’s not as easy to navigate as an independent website, it still has quality content that you can get off to. And in my opinion, it’s more real than what you see in produced porn. I will still make the more standard porn scenes for it, but I like doing what feels more organic and I try to post a lot of content as well- I think guys like that.

I see that you did a scene with fellow porn "daddy" Rocco Steele.  How did you two come together and what was the experience like? 

Rocco and I never really met- we’ve seen each other at events for like a second - 'hey that’s you' in passing kinda thing, but never had a chance to really talk. But we had been talking privately over text about trying to set something up. Then we happened to both be in the same place at the same time and we decided to make it happen. He’s a great guy- and super sexy. We had great chemistry and it was hot as fuck. Thankfully he took his time with me and it was awesome.

Many fans don't know that you got divorced last year from your ex-wife Gia Darling.  What caused the relationship to end and are you two still amicable to this day?

Gia and I had some differences that arose over years of being together. This isn’t an easy business to have healthy relationships. I travel a lot and had been pretty promiscuous. It wasn’t fair to her and we both still love each other so we decided to break up and still preserve our friendship. We’re still close and will always love each other. She’s seeing someone now and I’m happily polyamorously “single”. I have some people I date but I’m just having fun.

Now that you are single, are you dating?  And if so, do you have a type?

So I just kinda covered that- and no I don’t really have a type other than I like outgoing funny people who are confident and smile a lot. I like high energy and great conversations - people who have opinions- either similar or different, but can defend them well.

You also have a pretty big rugby career outside of porn.  Is the passion you have for the sport equal or greater than the one you have for porn, and which would you ultimately choose?

Actually, now that I’m older the rugby has slowed down for me. I’ve won championships and lots of individual honors, and I still love playing but my desire to work that hard - the desire and drive to be the best week in and week out for my teammates has waned over the last two years. That said, I feel it’s my last shot to play on a high level, I’m actually 39 right now and I’m looking for my last hurrah right in the face. So, yeah that drive in porn and in rugby to be the best is still there. If I’m gonna commit to doing something, I’m gonna do it the best I can, and I always want my best to be better than anyone else’s.

What does the future hold for the brand and persona of Colby Jansen, and is it one you are excited about?

Well, it’s time to branch out and do a few different things. I am working on coming out with a podcast by the end of the summer and I’m also in talks to start an underwear line- just things I think are cool and there’s a definite need/niche for. 2018 is kicking ass so far but there's much more to do.

For more information on Colby, check out his OnlyFans page here and his Twitter here

Colby Jansen & Rocco Steele Film a Very, Very Special Project

Here's something that many Colby Jansen and Rocco Steele fans never thought would happen: them actually working together.

Well, your fantasies are about to become a reality, as two of the hottest "daddies" in porn have decided to finally do a scene with one another which will be released soon on Colby's official website and Rocco's OnlyFans page.

Here's a brief refresher for those of you who are blissfully unaware of how smoking hot these two are separately. Both Rocco and Colby have become two giants in the gay porn world, garnering several awards that go beyond the "Best Daddy" categories and winning over millions of fans in the process (see more of Rocco here and more of Colby here).

According to Colby's most recent Instagram post, that shows what looks to be the "after" of what they just filmed, he mentioned how his fans have been "begging" him to shoot with Rocco and now they got their wish.



I spoke with Rocco exclusively about this, where he had one thing to say about the upcoming release: "He's an awesome bottom."  Keep in mind, Rocco has a line called 10Seven Underwear that mimic how big his package is, so kudos to Colby for being able to take all of that with a smile.

To check out this vid and others, check out Rocco's OnlyFans page here, and Colby's official site here.  Cheer, fellas.