Irish Comedian Says He Rejected A Russian TV Deal Over A Gay Character

Irish comedian and actor Brendan O’Carroll plays Mrs. Doubtfire/Madea-esque character Mrs Agnes Brown in the hit comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The comedian has found great success with the role and intellectual property. Mrs Brown’s Boys first started off as a radio show in 1992 before becoming a series of books and then turning into both a sitcom and a stage show.

But when a Russian production company came calling about the possibility of a Russian version of the show, O’Carroll found an issue with one of their demands.

“They didn’t want any gay [content], in Russia in particular,” O’Carroll said during an interview with RTE.

“It would have been a nice little deal. It’s a big country and so the fee you’d charge for the licensing is audience-related, so it’s a big audience and it would have been a nice fee.

“But [they said] no gay, absolutely no gay. So I said no gay, no show. And that was it.”

But it seems is wasn’t just Russia who wasn’t ok with this gay character.

“Romania threatened [to cut the gay character out], but then went ahead with it,” he explained.

“What they’ve done is, the Rory character is the Rory character and he’s still gay, but they never mention that he’s gay. But it’s still Rory.”

That said, unfortunately the original Rory can’t be found on television as well.

Rory Cowan who’s openly gay and originally played Rory Brown, Mrs Brown’s third son, announced earlier this year that he would be leaving the show and the role.

“I feel that 26 years is enough so I decided it was time to go. I told Brendan on June 16 about my decision to leave.

“That’s when I handed in my notice.”

The "Roseanne" Revival Has A Premiere Date

The premiere date for the new Roseanne revival has appeared.

The new take on the famous 90s sitcom will appear on our tv screens on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 and will continue thereon for every Tuesday. ABC announced this date this past Friday by tweeting out the line, “same couch, same cast, same laugh.”

And to that effect, most of the original cast will be returning to the series including Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Johnny Galecki, Michael Fishman, Lecy Goranson, and Sarah Chalke.

The official network synopsis of the "10th season" is that it:

“Will explore life, death and everything in between through the relatable, hilarious and brutally honest lens of the Conner household. With the inimitable Roseanne at its epicenter, fresh stories that tackle today’s issues and even more laughs from a brilliant cast and crew that haven’t missed a beat, audiences old and new will celebrate the homecoming of America’s favorite working-class family.”

On top of that, Sandra Bernhard and Estelle Parson, who both played queer women in the show’s original run, will be returning as well.

That said, the series finale of the show revealed that Parsons, who played the mother of Roseanne’s character, wasn’t really a lesbian and instead it was Roseanne’s sister Jackie.

We’re currently unsure how the show’s controversial ending will affect this revived series’ story (especially since many other complications were brought up like Dan’s death and the two daughters marrying different men).

On top of that, it was announced earlier this year that Darlene, played by openly gay actress Sarah Gilbert, will have a “gender-creative” child named Mark.

All that said, there is some concern of how the comedy of the show will be presented as Roseanne Barr’s political views have shifted since her original take on the role.

We’ll see what happens in March.

Louis C.K. Not Laughing About Sexual Accusations

Another big name in comedy and television has surfaced as the latest person accused of sexual misconduct. Allegedly, funny man Louis C.K. is being accused by five different individuals of lewd acts dating back over the last 15 years.

Louis C.K., whose comedy is crass, irreverent and upright male-centric, is notable for sex and masturbation jokes that leave audience members with side-splitting laughter, but in the awkward “WTF?” aftermath. I was lucky to see him at the Comedy Cellar in NYC in 2014 and Louis didn’t hold back. His style is very matter-of-fact and you also see this in the characters he plays in television and film. His portrayals are essentially Louis C.K.

So is it a shock that now in the recent onslaught of accusations of production heads and celebrities that Louis C.K. has been thrown into the mix?

Well, according to a huge New York Times article, various comedy personalities and celebrities have known of Louis C.K.’s antics for some time, but have stayed silent because of the potential damage that feared to their careers. In various accounts from comedians like Dana Min Goodman, Julia Wolov, Abby Schachner, Rebecca Corry and one other woman who wishes to remain anonymous, there are allegations of Louis masturbating or requesting to masturbate in front of them. You see the common theme, here?

Louis C.K. and his publicist have yet to comment and have made it clear that they will not be commenting. Dave Becky, Louis C.K.’s manager has been upset about the exposure this is bringing for Louis. But it seems that the entertainment industry can attest to the stories being shared by these women.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette who were executive producers on a pilot in 2005 with Louis shared that they knew what happened to Rebecca Cory and were shocked that such unwarranted behavior had occurred.

Tig Notaro, one of my favorite comedians—best known for her dry wit—works with Louis C.K. on her Amazon series One Mississippi. Louis is executive producer on the show. Notaro is one of the few in the comedy world who has spoken out about the allegations toward Louis C.K., but learned about his track record after their series had been sold to Amazon. Notaro claims she is in support of the women who have come forward about Louis C.K. and any who may still need time to come forward.

Louis C.K.’s film I Love You, Daddy which was set to premiere today in New York has been suddenly cancelled, in addition to an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

With the current trend of people being ousted for sexual misconduct, it is possible that this is only the beginning in an uphill battle for Louis C.K.