Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Gay Roles Are Haunting His Run For Congress

Actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr., 45, already has already tossed his hat in the ring for the California congressional run this year. The republican, open Trump supporter, is seeking to represent the 26th District which is currently represented by Democrat Julia Brownley. This area covers most of Ventura county, a more conservative area than Los Angeles.

The issue? Many folks living in the 26th district feel that Sabato’s past roles in which he has portrayed gay characters disqualify him from representing the GOP in Congress.

You may remember Sabato from his roles on General Hospital, Melrose Place, The Bold and the Beautiful, and more importantly his years a Calvin Klein icon and Playgirl model.

However, what sticks out the most are Sabato’s ‘gay’ projects such as Testosterone and Deadly Skies in which he even gives steamy performances in gay softcore porn.

What do you think of these film? And why aren’t they on Netflix?



According to the Los Angeles TimesCharles Moran, advisor to Sabato, has made an argument for the actor’s run:

They know what it takes to be a successful actor in the industry, and anybody trying to make Antonio Sabato Jr.'s career and job choices salacious does so without really knowing the value of the craft. For a long time, gays have played straight, straights have played gay. A good actor can do this, and many do. Antonio Sabato Jr. is no different.

The Congress hopeful claims that these films are over 10 years ago in his 30 year-long career that was full of different projects.

Sabato has stated:

I've done many movies. I've done things I'm proud of and things I'm not so proud of, that's just the way any actor works. They don't know what kind of congressman I'll be, the work ethic I have.

Does that mean he’s not proud of his gay roles? I mean, he was REALLY convincing.

All that aside, does his repertoire devalue his potential to be a congressman?


Congress Rejects Anti-Trans Military Amendment

An amendment proposed by Republican Missouri congresswoman, Vicky Hartzler was narrowly voted down in Congress today with a 214-opposing to 209-supporting. 24 Republicans joined all 190 Democrats in the vote.

Had the amendment passed, it would have restricted funds available to the Department of Defense to go toward transition-related health care affecting thousands of transgender members of the armed forces and military families. This is in direct action against a Pentagon policy that has been in place since October.

Congresswoman Hartzler argued that taxpayers should not be responsible for transition-related healthcare, including hormone therapy.

Hartzler argued today:

"This is different from somebody going in and having a cold.”

California Representative, Nancy Pelosi took on an opposing stance by saying:

"We owe these heroes an immense debt. The defense bill before us today should be about honoring that responsibility."

In a statement, Executive Director of OutServe-Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) Matt Thorn said:

“Congresswoman Hartzler’s attempt to strip healthcare from service members and their families in a time of war was unpatriotic, unconstitutional, and just plain vile, we are pleased to see that the House of Representatives voted down this amendment. It would have been harmful to trans servicemembers, spouses, and families with trans children; it would have undermined our mission readiness by degrading our capabilities as a fighting force. OutServe-SLDN will continue to support and defend our trans brothers and sisters in any and all legal and advocacy matters.”

 Nice try, Hartzler!