Which Former Gay Porn Star Appears in Taylor Swift's 'Delicate'?

Whoever casts Taylor Swift's music videos may not check their past acting credentials whatsoever, as her latest one for "Delicate" features a former gay porn star who was pretty popular on Randy Blue only a couple of years ago.

Kevin Falk, who appeared in videos for Randy Blue and one for Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, scored a major role in Taylor's latest videos as one of her security guards.  He is seen throughout the video while she dances emphatically in a blue dress. 

This isn't the first time Taylor has cast a gay porn star in her video, unbeknownst her or not.  Mike De Marko was seen dancing in her number one hit song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" a couple of years back.  Maybe she has a thing for smoking hot gay dudes? We aren't complaining. See the full video here

Kevin isn't the first gay porn performer to appear in a major music video this year either, as Cockyboys star Justin Brody (aka Brody Blomqvist).appears in Troye SIvan's video for "My My My." 

Which gay porn star would you like to see star in a music video, and better yet, who with?