Joshua Rush Talks Playing Disney Channel's First Openly Gay Character

Disney Channel star Joshua Rush got some exciting news last year when he found out he’d be playing the first openly gay character on the kid’s channel.

Now, he’s talking to People Now to share how he felt during the whole process of his character coming out.

“I feel the pressure, and I also don’t,” said Rush, who plays Cyrus Goodman on Disney’s Andi Mack, “I think the most important thing for me when I got this part was to do it right.”

“I knew that I wanted to do it justice, because I knew that people were gonna end up seeing this and being like, ‘Wow that’s me, I identify with that [and] I can be who I am now,’ but I also wanted to make sure that it’s not all-encompassing. Like that’s not all of Cyrus’ personality,” he added.

But 16-year-old Rush wasn’t alone during his coming out scene (which we shared with you here). His costar Sofia Wylie, playing best friend Buffy Driscoll, was also a part of the scene and prep for it.

Rush says the two practiced the scene multiple times the night before, ““just brainstorming, how are we going to do this.”

“We put the work in, and I think it shows,” he adds.

Rush also shared that he’s happy to be that representation that LGBTQ pre-teens, middle schoolers, and teens need.

“I think this storyline is definitely going to help a lot of my peers,” Rush says. “I was the first person that one of my good friends came out to, and I think that if I had someone like Buffy on TV, I think I would’ve done a better job and had been a better friend in that situation. I’m glad that I can be a part of this.”

He adds, “I hope that more shows will follow in Disney’s footsteps with Cyrus’ storyline. Really, I look forward to the day that it’s not an unusual occurrence. I hope everyone can one day see that our differences are beautiful and that love is love.”

It seems that Joshua Rush has a good head on his shoulders and we’re happy he’s the one to present this important story on tv to the world.

A Teen Came Out To Mom Through Splash Mountain Playback

We have your daily dose of fun and coming out stories in this one post.

In the age of promposals and viral videos, a California girl named Gina thought of an interesting way to come out to her mother.

She decided to leave a surprise message for her mother to find after enjoying the ride on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain.

We only wish the daughter had documented the moment when her mother saw the picture after the ride. We’re sure that was a real “Gotcha” moment.

But despite the fun and creativeness of Gina’s coming out, a lot of people are, understandably, distracted because of the other riders.

Many people commenting on the original post couldn’t stop but wonder, “What’s up with the other girls?”

Despite a few distracting faces, we want to share our support of Gina and her mother. We hope the best for you two from here on out.

h/t: Queerty

Is Disney's New Jafar The Hottest Villain Ever?

Disney’s live action version of Aladdin has already been creating quite the buzz with its casting of the film’s main cast which includes Mena Moussad as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Will Smith as Genie.

The film still has a lot more casting to do while now walking on egg shells to make sure no one misinterprets the casting as cultural appropriation or ethnic misrepresentation.

One thing is for sure, I don’t think people will be complaining about the film’s latest pick to play Agrabah’s wicked villain, Jafar. Currently, Dutch-Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari is in negotiations to slip on the turban and carry the scepter.

With a face that could stop traffic and rock solid abs that will make you want more than 3 wishes, it’s going to be hard to see past Kenzari’s undisputable sex appeal.



Jafar, ladies and gentlemen #jafar #aladdin #healthybush #marwankenzari #vogue #vogueamsterdam

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Let’s face it—we can’t wait to see just how ‘snakelike’ he can be.


Disney's Live Action Aladdin Cast Has Fans Questioning

In the 5th grade I played the role of the Sultan in our school’s musical performance of Aladdin. I had tried out for the part of Aladdin, but wasn’t spry enough to run, jump, tuck and roll as the street rat. Still, that musical is one of the most memorable times in my childhood—plus I looked fierce in my little 10-year-old turban and that silk costume would have given you life!

Needless to say, Aladdin has a special place in my heart and I have been anticipating the live action movie since its announcement. There has been lots of controversy around the casting of the next installment of live action Disney because of the lack of diversity during the process. Now the roles of Aladdin, Jasmine and the beloved Genie are official since the announcement at this weekend’s D23 Expo. The casting still has fans questioning if the actors are right for the roles. Many don’t feel the cast will portray the Middle Eastern culture appropriately. Others feel the part of Genie is also a hard sell. 

Here they are--what do you think?

The starring role of Aladdin will be played by Canadian newcomer Mena Massoud who until now has only had supporting roles on the small screen.

Aladdin’s counterpart Jasmine will be portrayed by Naomi Scott who most recently gave us some Pink Ranger realness in the Power Rangers movie.

The most shocking and interesting casting choice is Will Smith in the role of the genie. Who could forget Robin Williams’ unforgettable voice acting in Disney’s 1992 animated film. His talent for voices, comedy, and personality created most of the memorable moments in the film. Will Smith definitely has some major shoes to fill here—can he do it?

Still no word on who will come on as Jafar and the Sultan (he’s everyone’s favorite, right?). We’ll be waiting, Guy Ritchie.