Disney Actor Claps Back At Troll For Anti-Gay Hate

Earlier this month, Instinct reported that, for the first time, a Disney character had said the words, “I’m gay.”

The moment took place during an episode of the popular Disney Channel series, Andi Mack, when one of the lead characters (Cyrus played by Joshua Rush) came out to his former crush.



The series, Disney’s first to feature a coming out story, has won widespread acclaim and been honored at the GLAAD Media Awards for ‘Outstanding Kids and Family Programming.

This being 2019, however, we do still have to deal with the trolls and haters on social media who can’t stop themselves from bringing darkness to light.

One user criticized the storyline, tweeting to Rush, Disney and the series’ Twitter accounts, “I am very disappointed in the way this show has been directed there are some very good messages through this show for it’s young audience, but introducing gays is a very poor example to the young adults watching this show. Poor choice Disney.”



Rush didn’t hesitate in clapping back at the troll.

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” wrote the 17-year-old actor. “Here's the thing though: gay kids are gonna exist no matter whether you like it or not. And we need to support and love all kids in every way we can.” 

“So when someone realizes they are gay, I want them to identify with something so they're not alone,” he added.



Rush also shared a screen capture of the hater’s tweet, which had been deleted, telling the troll, “The internet is forever, you can’t delete a tweet and expect it to be gone lol.”

He added, “It’s fine to have your opinion but we’re just trying to explain how an opinion like that - one that supports LGBTQ+ kids not having a voice - can be really damaging.”


Rush’s calm, thoughtful responses were immediately flooded with support and love by his fans.

And the crowd goes wild!!! Yay!!!



(h/t Teen Vogue)

Disney Is Hosting Its First Official Pride Parade At One Of Its Theme Parks

Disney Paris is gonna do a Pride night!

Disneyland Paris has announced that it will be hosting an official Pride event from 8pm to 2 am on June 1, 2019.

The event, titled Magical Pride, was originally an unofficial event organized by Greatdays Holidays and Manchester Pride. While they have been going to Disneyland Pride since 2014, Disneyland Paris had no official affiliation with the event.

But that has changed, as Magical Pride has now become an official occasion at the popular theme park.

According to Sortiraparis.com, LGBTQ participants and families will get the entire them park to themselves for the night. Participants also get special opportunities like joining or watching the Magical March of Diversity Parade, event specific Disney character meet & greets, access to select rides, and more.

Related: Get Ready To Celebrate Pride With Disney's New "Rainbow Mickey" Apparel

But how do you sign up for this event? According to Gay.it, you can sign up for your Magical Pride packages now with Greatdays Holidays.

You can secure your spot by depositing at least £99.00 per person and then paying the rest 8 weeks before the event. There are also multiple packages that include staying at a Disney Hotel, a Disney Park Hopper Ticket, and, of course, a ticket to the Magical Pride Party.

If you’re interested and want to take part, you can book your stay today.

h/t: Sortiraparis.com, Gay.it

Are We Ready for a Whoopi-less 'Sister Act'?

One of my favorite 90s cult classic movies Sister Act is headed for production, but this won’t make the original a trilogy. Before you start singing Joyful Joyful you should know that the film’s star EGOT icon Whoopi Goldberg, won’t be putting the habit back on.

Variety and other media outlets have reported that Goldberg won’t be reprising her role as Reno lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier turned Sister Mary Clarence. Instead, the movie will be a new iteration of the original film that will be produced for Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney+. I guess there goes my dreams of ever seeing Sister Act 3: Nun of That!

The View co-host shared in an interview:

We’ve been all over Disney begging and they’ve decided that they’re going to go in a different direction with Sister Act. So it won’t be Sister Act 3, it’ll be a brand-new rendition of Sister Act. And I guess I’ll walk through a scene and that’s how they’ll say I was part of it.

Regina Hicks, executive producer of Insecure and Star showrunner Karin Gist will write the new Sister Act, but there are still no details as to what the story will entail. The original film from 1992 starred new comer Kathy Najimi, Maggie Smith, Harvey Keitel, and Wendy Makkena alongside Goldberg. The film was so successful, earning $232 million worldwide, that a sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit followed soon after with Lauryn Hill, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Will there be room for any of the original cast members in the new Sister Act? I pray to God there will be!

h/t: Variety

Trailer For Live-Action Remake Of 'The Lion King' Is Giving Us The Feels

Disney has released the first trailer for the much-anticipated remake of The Lion King, and it's pretty amazing.

Hit the play button below to return to Pride Rock, Simba’s birthplace, as the Elton John classic, “Circle of Life,” rings across the African plains.


Directed by Jon Favreau, the film is one of the most anticipated of summer 2019.

The stellar cast includes Donald Glover as "Simba" and pop superstar Beyoncé as "Nala."

James Earl Jones (that voice!), will reprise his role as "Mufasa," and Chiwetel Ejiofor will voice the evil "Scar."

Alfre Woodard as "Sarabi," John Oliver as "Zazu," and Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as "Pumbaa" and "Timon" round out the principal casting.


Favreau directed the 2016 live-action remake of The Jungle Book, which won an Oscar for its visual effects and garnered almost $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

The Oscar winning soundtrack of the 1994 film, by Tim Rice and Elton John, sold over 10 million copies, scoring an Academy Award for “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

Beyoncé is collaborating with John on updated versions of the classic songs for the upcoming remake.

The new film arrives in theaters July 19, 2019.



Shirtless Violinist 'Goes The Distance' As Dashing Disney Prince For Halloween

Take a pair of muscular musicians, a couple of revealing gladiator costumes and a classic Disney tune and you have the recipe for a new music video from Matthew Olshefski, the Shirtless Musician.

With Halloween just a few days away,  Olshefski shares that he wanted to dress up as a 90s Disney Prince.

After a survey of his fans,  the decision was made to go with ‘Hercules,’ which also came with the built-in choice of song for a music video, “Go The Distance.”

Now, the Shirtless Violinist can’t be donning a bulky, body-covering toga as the muscle-bound Demi-god, so the search was on for a more ‘shirtless appropriate' costume.

Olshefski found a gladiator costume online that seemed to fit the bill, and they were priced 2-for-1!

Matthew called up handsome pianist Johnny Walsh, who’s collaborated on a past music videos, and the casting was set.

The duo set about to shoot a music video featuring the friendship (or more?) of ‘Big Hercules’ and ‘Little Hercules’ with some male-bonding/mentoring theme going on.

According to Olshefski, the only snag in shooting the video was when it came to teaching ‘Little Hercules’ to skip a rock across water. Apparently, neither Olshefski nor Walsh nor any member of the crew could skip and rock.

The rock skips you see in the video represent some ‘movie magic’ shot weeks later at a lake.

In any case, the result is (in the motto of the Shirtless Violinist) “easy on the eyes and the ears.”

Check out the Shirtless Violinist’s take on the Disney Hercules classic, “Go The Distance,” below.



Lady Gaga Rumored to Play Ursula The Sea Witch in Live-Action 'The Little Mermaid'


If your eyes and ears work, you know that live-action Disney remakes are all the rage, and will be for some time. The first major cracks at live-action updates, including 2016’s The Jungle Book and last year’s Beauty and the Beast, were unqualified box-office triumphs for the House of Mouse.

Mulan is currently in production, as are Aladdin and The Lion King.

Though it technically hasn’t been greenlit yet, the live-action The Little Mermaid has been discussed for months. Among the rumors: Mary Poppins ReturnsRob Marshall will direct, and Zendaya has reportedly been offered the lead.

As reported by Disinsider, the latest rumor is the one that’s really got our attention: Lady Gaga is allegedly the top choice to play Ursula the Sea Witch, the 1989 animated classic’s big bad.

Unless you’ve been in a bunker for the past few months, and maybe even then, you’ve heard about Gaga’s big-screen breakthrough in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born. The pop star-turned-actress is an early favorite to win Best Actress at next year’s Academy Awards.

Is she right for Ursula, though?

I just finally got around to seeing A Star Is Born last night, and I will say Gaga is every bit as great in it as I’d heard. She’s screen-commanding and astonishingly believable through every step of her character’s trajectory, from nobody to pop star.

For one, I think Gaga might be too likable for Ursula. The Sea Witch can be fun, but she needs to be at least somewhat menacing or the movie will be dramatically flat. She’s downright scary at times in the animated film— though not as contemptible and heartless as the Queen in Snow White (damn near the scariest villain in cinema history). Gaga is so great in A Star Is Born that I’m more than open to seeing what she can do with the part.

Call me crazy, but I love the idea of Marshall re-teaming with Chicago star (and Oscar winner) Catherine Zeta-Jones for this. The big-screen Ursula doesn’t need to look like she did in the cartoon. She needs presence, the needs to be able to sing and dance, and she needs to pull of a mix of seduction and villainy. The Sea With smooth-talks Ariel into signing her life away. I can totally picture Zeta-Jones pulling this off. I think it would be a great comeback role for a damn good actress.

I could see Idina Menzel pulling this off, as well as maybe Queen Latifah, Marion Cottilard, Nicole Kidman, Eva Green and Penelope Cruz.

Dark horse contenders who I really think could deliver (mainly because they’re great chameleons who always surprise us): Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cynthia Erivo, the breakout star of Bad Times at the El Royale, also should be mentioned.

Or Tiffany Haddish. Because based on what I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure Tiffany Haddish can do just about anything.

Who do you think is right for Ursula? Is it Gaga? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

h/t: Disinsider

Idris Elba Weighs In On The Straight Actor For A Gay Role Controversy

Idris Elba got the internet a little heated after he criticized the pushback against straight actors in gay roles.

After it was announced that British comedian Jack Whitehall’s character in the upcoming Disney film Jungle Cruise was gay, many people on social media expressed offense to the idea. That said, there’s been an equal amount of people expressing approval of straight actors playing gay roles. Now, Idris Elba is jumping into the fray.

While talking to TimesOut London and Attitude Magazine, Elba shared the argument that straight actors should be given the chance to portray gay roles.

“Artistic license is artistic license. If an actor has the attributes to do something, they should be able to do it,” Elba told TimeOut London via Attitude magazine. “They’re acting. You don’t necessarily have to be gay to play a gay character. Though you do have to be black to play a black character.”

Elba then related the situation to his ongoing battle for the role of James Bond.

“It’s like the debate about James Bond. It’s nonsense. It’s a fictional character. I’ve got mad respect for how Ian Fleming described him,” Elba explained. “He said he was a white guy, looked like this … That’s how it was written. But then there’s interpretation.

“If we were always bound by the confines that something has to be [one way], people would never have expanded on things and come up with some of the most genius ideas.”

Of course after hearing about his comments, there were several tweets online that didn’t agree.

“Did I miss the part of this story where Idris Elba came out as gay and can therefore speak to experience on this and how gay actors repeatedly get passed over for roles, or…?” wrote one.

“Although I do agree that straight actors should be able to play LGB (not the T) characters, I don’t think we need straight actors to tell us it’s okay for them to play those roles," said another.

What about you? Do you agree with Idris Elba’s argument? Or, do you think he should mind his business?

h/t: Attitude Magazine

Jack Whitehall To Play A Gay Man In Upcoming Disney Film "The Jungle Cruise"

British Comedian Jack Whitehall will be playing an openly gay character in the upcoming Disney film The Jungle Cruise.

Whitehall will be co-starring with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt.

While Variety broke the news that Whitehall would join the film as Blunt's brother back in March, some information about his character is now making the rounds.

The Sun was the one to break this new story and claim that a source of theirs gave them the info.

As the source said:

“This is a huge gig for Jack and has landed him his biggest ever pay cheque.

“But, more excitingly, he is playing a gay man - one who is hugely effete, very camp and very funny.

"It’s a dream role.

“Disney’s always been incredibly supportive of the LGBTQ community.”

"This latest script, set at a time when it wasn’t socially acceptable to be gay, is another significant turning point.”

The source also shares that the character will expressively state that he has no interest in women.

While this might seem exciting at a first glance, there is some room for worry. For instance, an effete person is typically thought of as “useless, ineffective, or pretentious.” This could mean that Whitehall’s character will be on the verge of being a stereotype or problematic at the least.

While many news sources are reporting outrage at Whitehall, a straight man, being cast in a gay role, its the above stated description of the character that's the real problem.

Plus, LGBTQ fans have gotten used to hearing news that LGTBQ characters will appear in films/tv series, showing up/paying to watch, and then being rewarded with killed off characters, comedic relief, and barely visible representation.

This is all to say that we are skeptical at the moment, but we're at least happy to be aware of this new development.

In addition, the movie is currently filming and not set to release until next year. That said, lead star Dwayne Johnson released a first look at the film, sans Whitehall. You can watch it below.

h/t: Variety, The Sun

How LGBT Was 'Incredibles 2'? One Writer Says Very! We're Not So Sure.

I had the chance to view Incredibles 2 the other day and I was pleased with the Pixar offering.  It was predictable, but still a great amount of fun. Thanks for the moms and kids that joined me in the theater.  I had a great time!  And if you keep reading, yes, there will be SPOILERS!

During the movie, I I did have a little gaydar go off when they introduced the new supers that were coming out of hiding.

Why did my gaydar go off? Well He-Lectrix was drawn well as was Brick, and Krushhauer and they had accents,  lol. Even the Owl and the burping older lava man seemed a little gay, like someone you would have seen at Tropics here in Wilton Manors. But I found myself almost saying out loud, you're just being stupid and you like He-Lectrix's big ears.

I did think, just like Heather Hogan of Autostraddle, that Void was just like Kristen Stewart, the voice, the look, the hair even and could be LGBT. But unlike Hogan, I stopped there.

In her post on Autostraddle, 'For a Movie That’s Not Gay, Incredibles 2 Sure Is Gay', Hogan jumps into a gay vortex that made here see more than that was there. 

Incredibles 2 finds itself being released in a time where we have the #metoo movement, women empowerment in Hollywood, and a push for more LGBTQ+ characters and representation in film.  I will give credit for Pixar/Disney for once again throwing in a semi expendable LGBT character (like its transformation of La Fou in Beauty and the Beast into an gay role) into a film.  We will keep seeing those for some time I am sure. Don't forget Timon and Pumbaa. Can you name more?

But where I feel Hogan goes wrong is to throw in a lesbian love interest between the villain Evelyn and Elasta girl.  And she's overly confident that she is 1,000% correct:

My case is airtight, but the best evidence I can give you for the fact that Helen and Evelyn are three seconds from kissing on the mouth in every scene of Incredibles 2 is that the ol’ boys club on Reddit hates this movie, which they call “a steaming pile” with a “ridiculous political / feminist agenda” that makes Bob a “hopeless buffoon” while the women speak with “heavy undertones of gender dominance.” Also they deemed it “very Finding Dory,” if you know what they mean and I think you do. - autostraddle.com


She also cites another article that states Evelyn was originally supposed to be a male villain but was changed.

"We also had the chance to create a stronger rapport between her and Helen, something that was lacking with the Nelson character."

In the movie, the two of them don't talk about men. They bond over their jobs and their goals.

Evelyn opens up about Winston's role at the company and how she's really the one running the company without getting all of the credit. It's something Parr could easily relate to. She often took a backseat to her husband getting all the glory for being the more popular superhero. "Incredibles 2" put her front and center. - businessinsider.com

I do not think the creators were looking to establish a lesbian relationship between the two lead characters. Are all powerful women who strive to be seen for their true worth now considered lesbians? Can we not accept these as powerful women without thinking, well, they must be lesbians!  As for the gazing into each others eyes and almost lip-locking, etc., I must have been eating my dum-dums and goobers during all of those times.

Incredibles 2 was a great movie, but it was not the LGBT movie of the summer.  I do see that the Kristen Stewart/Void character may be LGBT, but I don't see the lesbian power couple that some reviewers are preaching while wearing their rainbow colored glasses.

This is an opinion of one of the many Contributing Writers for Instinct Magazine and not the opinion of the magazine or the other writers.

Get Ready To Celebrate Pride With Disney's New "Rainbow Mickey" Apparel

Looks like Disney’s doubling down on Pride this year.

Last month, we shared with you that Disneyland is now selling rainbow Mickey ears, and now Disney has announced that it’s selling Pride merchandise just in time for Pride month.

The “Rainbow Mickey” pride merchandise is on sale now. Even better, the merchandise can be bought online unlike the Mickey ears which are being slowly rolled out across Disney theme parks. Even better, the rainbow shirts, bags, and more are going to be doing great things for the community as well.

Until June 30, every Pride styled Disney item you buy will make money for LGBTQ charity GLSEN (pronounced glisten), which fights to create safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ youth. Disney has announced that it's willing to donate up to $50,000 and 10% of every purchase will go towards that donation.

Can we all make Disney donate the fill $50,000? If you want to try, go run over to Shop Disney now and get your rainbow sunglasses, t-shirts, hats, and more.