Leslie Jones Is Flooding Twitter With Her Love Of RuPaul's Drag Race

Leslie Jones is at it again!

The SNL comedian is known for going crazy on Twitter. We shared with you a couple of months ago her hilarious tweets where she commentated over the happenings of the Winter Olympics. Her tweets got so famous that she was invited to officially talk about ice skating with Adam Rippon.

Now, it looks like Jones’s focus has shifted to RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The comedian tweeted out last week that she had become addicted to the reality competition show and that she needed help finding all the episodes. After that, she started a long trend of posts about the show.

You can check out some of her tweets down below.

We Need To Talk About Kameron Michaels!

We Need To Talk About Kameron Michaels!

Is The Muscle Queen Too Fit For Drag Race?

As most of the LGBTQ community, I’ve been keeping up with the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Mainly because I don’t want to be left in the dark with the endless amount of Vanessa Vanjie Mateo memes. Speaking of the obvious Fan Favorite, please allow me to scream her name once more - #MISSVANJIE!

Moving forward: We’ve been on a wild ride all season where this is no obvious winner, unlike Bob The Drag Queen, Sharon Needles, and Jinkx Monsoon. One of my fellow Instinct Contributors has been teeter tottering with power rankings all season, most of which I can get on board with. However, the stand out Queen this season to me has simply been under edited and it’s driving me bonkers.

I’m talking about current contestant and Muscle Queen, Kameron Michaels. I may be a little biased, on my personal social media, I’ve encountered Michaels on and off for the last few years as I’m familiar with his friendship with Aurora Sexton – you know, the girl who started an uproar last summer after calling out diva antics of Drag Race Queens. I was absolutely pumped to see someone tackle Drag Race after peeping them on and off.

On paper, Michaels is a fit for a winner and an annoying fanbase: He’s attractive, feminine, and young. Unfortunately for Michaels, his personality has been lacking on screen due to poor edit. I believe, in his real life, Michaels doesn’t try to do the most. I don’t believe he walks around town twerking or screaming in public for attention. What I can see from my screen is someone who is talented but doesn’t want to be that loud, obnoxious voice demanding to stand out in a crowd. We’ve seen a handful of Queens on this show who are willing to make asses of themselves on camera and it never pays off (The Vixen, Derrick Barry, Phi Phi O’Hara), so why are we – and the edit – being so hard on Michaels for being the literal term of congenial?

Often someone will reference Michaels’ quiet demeanor and there will be a chime added in which is basically a snore. Should we not fall for Michaels because he’s not an outrageous, over-the-top-Henney type of Queen the series wants us to believe is every Drag Queen?

We’ve recently covered Eureka O’Hara being shoved down our throats. I frankly am rooting for Eureka to take the entire show, so I’m fine with her being essentially the Narrator of the season. But, we’ve gotten blips of Miz Cracker’s upbringing, Asia O’Hara’s struggle, Aquaria’s god-awful attitude, and yet nothing from Michaels. Sure, one may argue Michaels’ soft spoken, kind nature doesn’t translate well to entertain a reality television show audience: But, while watching the show, I can’t help but realize everyone gets a better edit compared to Michaels. It was hard to even recognize Michaels as a contestant until episode five. Unfortunately, I cannot see Michaels' edit leading him to a victory – but his creativity and talent may push him into the finale.

Are we led to believe you must be a particular type to win this series? It appears the louder you are, the quicker you cry – the farther you’ll get. Again, I’m hypocritical as I would love to see Eureka – or anyone besides Aquaria – win, but it’s just a bit eye opening to say the least. I’d hate for incredibly talented Queens who are soft spoken to refrain from auditioning because they don’t want to be pegged as boring. Ouch.

Do you believe Michaels’ quiet edit eliminates him as a contender the crown?

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Mimi Imfurst Admits Fault In Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Mimi Imfurst Admits Fault In Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Did The Drag Race Star Go Too Far?

#LORD! Are you unfamiliar with the infamous RuPaul’s Drag Race star Mimi Imfurst? Imfurst AKA Braden Chapman is primarily known for embarrassing herself on the first edition of Drag Race All Stars and picking up another Drag Queen on stage, but it appears as if she’s still trying to put her hands on fellow Queens – and still not respectfully.

According to Queerty, Philadelphia Magazine launched an investigation in which Imfurst has been sexually harassing young men -  who are upcoming and aspiring Drag Queens – over the internet! Two of the men who came forward, Kyle Ayotte and Ethan Hunter Raysor, explained Imfurst was persistent in sexual chatting over the internet. They claim to not be the only ones who have suffered uncomfortable messages from Imfurst. The young Queens say they entertained Imfurst’s chats due to her success in the Drag community. They felt obligated to chat with her – and I totally get that. Why would you piss off Philadelphia’s most popular Drag Queen if you want to follow in her footsteps? Ayotte claims Imfurst was preying on his inexperience as a sexual fetish.

Imfurst released an apology. In it, she claims to believe the conversations were consensual. Check out what she has to say:

“It has come to my attention that my sexual conversations via online messaging were uncomfortable for multiple people that I was engaging with. [With t]wo of those people, I have had ongoing late-night sexual conversations that involved in-depth and often exaggerated cyber roleplay that although was welcomed by some has made others uncomfortable and used. For that I am incredibly sorry. I thought that our conversation, which included sexual and nonsexual discussions, was consensual. I realize now that my intent to engage in a playful and welcomed conversation that I initiated did not have the impact on the them that I thought it did.

I deeply regret that due to my nature as a public person, they felt pressured or obligated to partake in these conversations, one of which lasted over two years back and forth. I wish I had known more clearly that they did not want to participate in the conversations. If I would have known that, I would have stopped. I respect both Kyle and Ethan greatly and would never want to make them feel violated. I apologized to Ethan in October privately when this was first brought to my attention, and I now extend my apologies to others that I have hurt as well. I am not perfect. I have made great mistakes that I am truly sorry for and humbled by.

I am incredibly sorry for this and can only work to be a better person and leader in Philadelphia. If anyone has issues I hope that they will speak to me privately so I can apologize to them directly.”

Do you believe Imfurst is guilty of sexually harassing these up and coming Drag Queens?

Philadelphia Magazine spills more tea on the young men’s stories and you need to check it out HERE!

Caron Kressley Under Fire For Holocaust Comments!

Caron Kressley Under Fire For Holocaust Comments!

Are We Being Too Overly Sensitive?

#SIGH! A lot happened in television yesterday. We had a laughable finale of American Idol, Adam Rippon won a special season of Dancing with the Stars, and once again we got to see a plethora of women trot around vying to win the Miss USA pageant. Funny enough, throughout all of the controversy and LGBTQ positivity with series wins and Ada Vox, one of our own has landed himself in the hot seat.

According to TMZ, Carson Kressley, who is a veteran of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and a frequent Host on RuPaul’s Drag Race, was serving as a “competition insider” for the pageant – arguably his last time after a dumb comment. Speaking with fellow “insider”, Model Lu Sierra, he shrieked about trying to choose his favorite contestant:

"It's like 'Sophie's Choice!' They're all so good!"

#FACEPALM. If you aren’t familiar, Meryl Streep starred in the film, Sophie’s Choice, where her character had to make a choice of which of her children would die at the hand of Nazis. Kressley, Girl – you can’t say these things in public.

Alright, I get it – the gay community, or the stereotype Kressley represents in particular, is known for having harsh criticisms and being over dramatic in language. Do I think Kressley meant any harm in making what he thought would be a cheeky joke referencing pop culture? No, not at all. I’m certain the last thing ever on his mind is truly to offend anyone; he appears harmless. However, this isn’t a Drag Queen competition where you are allowed to throw shade and…be yourself. This is the Miss USA Pageant where the title is to be the utmost lady like someone can possibly me. The audience is not here for the dramatics and were clearly not picking up what Kressley was throwing down. As well they shouldn’t have. Kressley, as a matured gentleman, should’ve known to be extremely diplomatic in his setting. Know your audience, girl. But, you’ll definitely overcome this.

Kressley is currently shying away from all social media, but did take the time to congratulate the winner of the competition: Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Nebraska.

Are you offended by Kressley’s “d’oh” comment?

Is Miss Vanjie Returning For Another Drag Race Season?

Is Miss Vanjie Returning For Another Drag Race Season?

We’ve Made Some Interesting Discoveries!

#MISSVANJIE! Who isn’t obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 contestant, Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo?! I mean, the name in general – she’s crazy – and we’re crazy about her! We aren’t the only ones, even RuPaul, has worn Vanjie attire on the red carpet for the 2018 Time 100 Gala while the rest of the season has felt Miss Vanjie’s prescence as they blurb her catchphrase AKA name in nearly every episode. Hell, I think my roommate is about to throw a fit because I’m still screaming Miss Vanjie while leaving for work every morning. Please believe me when I say, Miss Vanjie is the best addiction to plague society: She’s harmless – she’s Vanjie!

Clearly World of Wonder Productions would be a fool not to capitalize on the Miss Vanjie phenomenon. They already arranged for Vanjie to join RuPaul during a keynote speech at DragCon LA 2018 to everyone’s surprise. It’s safe to say Vanjie is the winner of the season – she’s a viral sensation and the rest of the Queen’s fan bases won’t hold a candle to Vanjies – not even YOU, Aquaria! We haven’t seen the last of Vanjie on our screens and I must speculate her return for season 11 of Drag Race! Hear me out:

Well, Miss Vanjie is canceling a handful of performances. Our favorite queen has a six-week gap immediately following the Fourth of July and heading into mid-August. Why would a Drag Queen be canceling performances? It’s not like they’re taking night classes or continuing a college degree. They’re so obviously going on Drag Race! Drag Race is a Queen’s destiny now. The Scorpio, a gay bar in North Carolina, has apologized to their patrons for Vanjie canceling a performance. Hmm… check out their apology below and a time gap in Vanjie's schedule below:

In a recent interview with PopBuzz, Vanjie states she’d go back to Drag Race for any reason. She tells:

“If they asked me, of course. Bitch, if they asked me to come clean the bathrooms, I would do it. If they say 'Miss Vanjie, we can't bring you on, but can you please be the janitor for All Stars?' I'd say, yes of course. Give me the gloves, Mary. Let me start cleaning.”

Okay, so WoW isn’t wasting any time jumping from season to season of Drag Race. We didn’t even have enough time to fully be upset over mediocre Trixie Mattel unfairly winning Drag Race: All Stars 3 before we saw a group of new queens literally the next week. The next Drag Race season is arguably probably cast, so we’re due for filming soon. What better time to film than the summer? Season 10 will be wrapping up and followed shortly by the Fourth of July so the busy crew can enjoy a week off with their families. Right? Right. This only means, to me, our girl Vanjie will be making an appearance on season 11. It’s not like queens from season’s past haven’t been brought back before in a regular season. Remember Eureka who’s being shoved down our throats, Shangela who is the most robbed Queen in the show’s history, or that woman who wouldn’t stop talking about her CuCu?! Yeah, they all returned for a new season and did well…besides the Cucu head.

Anyway, take this for what its worth. Possibly nothing but speculation…but let’s hope we can see Vanjie one more time.

Do you think Miss Vanjie will be appearing on the next season of Drag Race?!

8 Ladies Yet To Be Impersonated On The Snatch Game!

8 Ladies Yet To Be Impersonated On The Snatch Game!

Check Out Our Picks For Who We Want To See!

#DRAGRACE! If you haven’t heard the buzz, the Snatch Game episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was on yesterday. The Drag Queens did their diligence and as we’ve seen before, some exceled and some tanked. I’m still waiting for a Snatch episode to top the entertaining atrocity of season 4’s queens, but I digress. There’s loads of women – or flamboyant men – to impersonate in celebrity culture. After watching the new wave, I’m scratching my head wondering how we haven’t seen such powerhouse personalities on the Snatch Game! Like, when will the Queens realize we don’t want to see them impersonate other Drag Queens? That’s just…plain and simple stating someone in your craft is more famous than you are! Take a peek at my choices of arguably the best – and guaranteed safe choices – yet to be on:



Kathy Griffin

Seriously, how has no one done Kathy Griffin yet?! Do we even need to go on the tangent of how easy she would be? Talk about the Donald Trump photograph, her alcoholic mother, her gays! Griffin is fool proof and I’m so shocked no one has even thought about impersonating her.



Roseanne Barr

With the revival of Roseanne it seems effortless to do a screeching, Trump Supporting Roseanne Barr. All you’d have to do is be a sloppy, marijuana smoker and have at it. She’s so animated in appearance alone, you’d give a flawless performance.



tomorrow night #SMILF @sho_smilf @showtime after #shameless

A post shared by Rosie ODonnell (@rosie) on


Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell would definitely be my choice if I would ever be forced to perform the Snatch Game. She’s crude, loud, a lesbian, and there can be so many cheeky Trump jokes and even, in the right taste, gags about her time on The View and her daughter abandoning her. Without question, this would be a hit.



Joy Behar

While we’re on the subject of The View – one of the greatest daytime talk shows – someone can essentially do Joy Behar in the same vein as O’Donnell and Barr. Be loud, have a ridiculous – iconic – head of hair, and some messy make up. Behar is a walking caricature and would translate into hilarity at any rate. Pay attention season 11 Queens!


Ina Garten

While season 3 saw Delta Work flawlessly nail Paula Deen, it appears that LGBTQ ally, Ina Garten (or the Barefoot Contessa), should be next in line. She may not be as comical as Deen, but chances are anyone can kindly impersonate her and won’t make an ass out of themselves as we’ve seen in seasons past.


My nephew @berniebehar cc: @joyvbehar

A post shared by Meghan McCain (@meghanmccain) on


Meghan McCain

I have a soft spot for Meghan McCain, which I’m well aware is not popular opinion. I think she is incredibly intelligent and such a strong woman, however, she is so easy to make fun of. While her sense of humor wouldn’t take kindly to an exaggerated version of her; I’m pretty certain that’s the point of the Snatch Game! You could easily make an endless amount of jokes with her being Republican, almost the First Daughter of the United States, and interrupt nearly everyone on the rest of the panel. They’d all hate you, but if Melania Trump can gain someone a win – a McCain definitely would.



A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on


Mariah Carey

How?! How has Beyonce been poorly done a thousand times over and no one has attempted the gift that keeps on giving: Mariah Carey?! These are over-the-top Drag Queens and no one has thought to do Carey?! The champagne, the darlingggg, the vocal frying of it all! If I don’t see her on next season, I’m done believing in creativity. Seriously, these people are choosing real housewives over real celebrities.

Gabourey Sidibe

If someone can flawlessly do Monique’s character of a horrible mother from the film Precious, why can’t someone actually do the titular Actress herself, Gabourey Sidibe? Sidibe has proven to be a sassy and kooky kid-in-a-candy-store. She’s always overly happy, constantly speaking about her weight, and is definitely someone you’ve known from high school. She would be so much fun to impersonate – and you’d probably even get a retweet from her!

Who do you want to see impersonated on the Snatch Game who hasn’t been done yet?!

Who Is The Best Drag Race Winner?

Who Is The Best Drag Race Winner?

A Ranking Of All Original Nine Winners!

#GAG! Like most of the LGBTQ community, I've found some of my time being dedicated to the one reality television series which truly caters to us. While we've been progressing with additional series such as Queer Eye and Finding Prince Charming, one long running series with arguably the best/worst fandom is none other than RuPaul's Drag Race. Since 2009, in an age RuPaul dubs, "before the internet", Drag Queens have filled our brains and their names are on the tip of our tongues. Over a hundred Queens have stepped into our lives, ready to be judged. And judged they will be, damn it! Check out my list of the best original winners below:



A post shared by Violet Chachki (@violetchachki) on

09. Violet Chachki 

Yawn. Is there any season of Drag Race more forgettable than their seventh season? Sure, we got to see the lackluster introduction to Trixie Mattel and high-energy, extremely likable Katya, but is there anyone else to truly fan for? Clearly RuPaul had an aneurysm before she declared the winner Violet Chachki. While fashion forward, I struggled to even remember who she was. Literally, I had to Google how to spell her last name. Is she still doing drag?

08. Sasha Velour 

Alright, I'll admit Sasha Velour had one of the most memorable lip syncs to date. Roses falling from her wig?! Uhh, girl! That's pretty intense! It clearly shook the audience, RuPaul, and Shea Coulee (Who certainly thought she was going to win the whole show). However, besides her final performance, Velour disappeared among larger personalities. The looks were incredible, but everyone knows Velour wasn't their first choice to take home the crown.

07. Tyra Sanchez

Honestly, regardless of Tyra Sanchez's recent drama of being banned from DragCon, I would still place her low on a list of all-time winners. While I appreciate her controversial attitude for the sake of dramatics, she truly didn't bring the heat during her performance in the series second season. Heat - as in shutting down the others. It's still debated to this day fellow contestant, Raven, should've snatched the crown. While Sanchez served us a lot of entertainment; a final win shouldn't have been in her cards.

06. BeBe Zahara-Benet 

Throwing this back all the way into Drag Race's first season. Should BeBe Zahara-Benet have won? Absolutely. She was arguably the most marketable Queen out of the bunch. While being marketable, she also was deemed as "comfort" for the time. She wasn't a fishy Queen blending the lines of being Transgender. She was gorgeous, modest, and looked straight out of Studio 54. Zahara-Benet is classic, traditional Drag...which is why she probably doesn't stack up compared to the rest of the Drag Race winners.

05. Bob The Drag Queen

The only reason Bob The Drag Queen isn't higher on this list is because, let's be real, we've all seen her shtick before. Hilarious, yes. Dude in a dress, of course! Bob is familiar with everyone because she essentially represents your friendly hometown Drag Queen who made it on television. Luckily for Bob, she ended up on a season complete with CuCus, fodder, and Derrick Barry; which made her the clear winner from episode one. A win definitely deserved, but I believe we all feel our hometown hero could've done the same routine.

04. Jinkx Monsoon

I would love to place Jinkx Monsoon higher on this list. Monsoon defeated a mean girls clique and defied odds by winning over the audience's hearts. In the same vein as Bob, Monsoon had such a hometown Queen vibe. She would be more successful if she had been on a season prior, since she virtually has duplicated the narrative of former winner Sharon Needles.


Thanx babe @ryan_paul_turner for my cute buns

A post shared by Sutan RAJA (@sutanamrull) on

03. Raja

Ahh, Drag Race season 3. The innocence before the obsessed fandom began to destroy the edits and producers became heavily involved in creating story lines rather than allowing Queens to be petty and well...themselves. Long before we had talks of conversion therapy and work room heart-to-hearts for ratings, we had a divided cast of Boogers and Heathers. Raja, a Heather, was a force to be reckoned with. Her fashion had us gagging while her confessionals read the competition flawlessly. When she believed she'd be perceived as a villain, she strictly stated she only gossiped among her friends - because who doesn't talk a bunch of bull with their best friends among the kitchen table? Raja is truly one who has made her mark in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.


SHOW #3,456.....  #sandiego #blameitonbiancadelriotour2018 #herewego #clowninagown

A post shared by Bianca Del Rio (@thebiancadelrio) on

02. Bianca Del Rio

It's no secret Bianca Del Rio has been one of the few Queens to use her position to further her career outside of the nightclub scene. From Netflix films to comedy specials, Del Rio has most made a thumbprint in mainstream media. To this day, I still cannot scroll through social media without seeing one of her quotes or a GIF of her. With a flawless win of never landing in the bottom, Del Rio demolished her competition.


I’m gonna get ya Salt Lake City!!

A post shared by Sharon Needles (@sharonneedlespgh) on

01. Sharon Needles

The fourth season of Drag Race truly changed the series. The audience began to grow, especially with a powerhouse of personalities such as villainous Phi Phi O'Hara, former inmate Latrice Royale, ejected and blackballed contestant Willam, among many other colorful characters. Now, hear me out, the winner of the season, Sharon Needles, truly changed Drag Race. She brought a heartbreaking story of being an outcast her entire life. Drag was her outlet and she excelled at being one of the best. Through being berated by O'Hara, Needles became America's Sweetheart. Ever since Needles won with talent and a gut-wrenching history of pain, World of Wonder Productions has been trying to find a Needles in each season moving ahead. Needles, without question, changed reality television as we know it...and all of the winners of Drag Race need to be bowing down to her.

Who is your favorite Drag Race winner?! 

Tyra Sanchez Banned From DragCon!

Is This The End Of Sanchez's Drag Career? 

#DONE! This is absolutely no tea, no shade, or whatever other eye rolling, Drag Queen catchphrase someone has been trying to make happen like "fetch." This next story is real life!

Okay, quick backstory for those of you not involved in any type of RuPaul's Drag Race drama (please note I'll be using the pronoun 'she' to save for my own sanity speaking about female impersonation). Tyra Sanchez was deemed the winner of Season 2. Since her win, she's been described as unworthy and people tend to pen fellow contestant, Raven – who is currently RuPaul's makeup artist or hair stylist – as the true winner of Season 2. Sanchez didn't necessarily rise to the fame of an all-star, so to speak, and has all but realized the party is over

I don't follow the world of Drag as much as some of the other Contributing Writers for Instinct, except when they are injected into hot topics! And that has happened often with me. It was yours truly who first broke the news of Aurora Sexton claiming narcissistic allegations against Drag Race contestant, Valentina, which went viral, Valentina issued a public apology, and Alaska 5000 even parodied Sexton's comments on Valentina in a music video. I live for the mess and this Sanchez's drama takes a full dump. Let's dive in: 





Sanchez doesn't even really get a lot of comments or reactions on her social media (besides this article clearly), so I'm a little confused why she persists trying to be the big bad wolf?  Well, apparently, her feud with O'Hara involved Sanchez making a threat of violence.  No, the above tweet was not the threat, but currently there is no visual record of the actual treat we can place in this post. The threat was taken seriously by the Drag Queen's management/producers, World of Wonder Productions. According to a post on Sanchez's Instagram: WoW's Chief Operating Officer sent an email demanding a public apology from Sanchez for her actions if she wanted to participate in Drag Con 2018 (Which every Drag Queen should be going too?! Stop trying to be hometown heroes, ladies).  

It appears Tyra Sanchez decided to stand up for herself (?) and told the COO of WoW off! She makes allegations the production company is trying to paint her as an angry black drag queen. She threatens them once again, claiming she's going to visit the WoW offices to pick up her check. Petty! Check out the mess of the screen caps Sanchez posted below: 

With Drag Race popularity heightened to the extreme, it's no surprise that queens from seasons past are trying to cash in on the series' audience. I mean, what else are they going to be doing anyway? Drag Queens make money off merchandise purchases and tips. You can't get that without an extended fan base and large platform, which the reality show provides. So, yeah, all of them need to stand in formation behind RuPaul and production company World of Wonder if they want to cash in on some of the attention and wealth. As some may have not expected, when you are a part of a corporate company, you've got to play by its rules. Sanchez seems to have decided to bite the hand that feeds her. I'm almost certain she just got herself blackballed from the only company who would give her a chance!  

After posting a private email from the corporation and her response to them, I can firmly state I believe Sanchez's drag career is absolutely over. I mean, I didn't see any progression with it in general. But, yeah girl, you can't do all of this and expect to be in the good graces of a company who is literally the only company promoting drag queens at an international level. She's made a huge mistake and will learn eventually ... but it turns out, has she already?! Because THEN Drag Race royalty, Tatianna, chimes in on Twitter! Tatianna and Sanchez competed on the same season back in the day. Their season-long feud was arguably the best entertainment of the season. In a series of tweets, Tatianna claims Sanchez works at Amazon Warehouses and in general is a horrible person. Check them out below:






And then there's tha advert on rupaulsdragcon Instagram page that seems to have gone missing just recently.  Here's the snapped pic before it was deleted. No date visible, but this might have been posted before the drama started. It aligns with the ad campaign that was present around late February to early March.  What do you call pre-shade? 

What are your thoughts on all this Drag Queen drama?  

If you want to see Sanchez possibly scaling the building to get inside Drag Con, you can purchase your  tickets here

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers.   

Is Miss Vanjie A Trendsetter?

Is Miss Vanjie A Trendsetter?

Everyone Keeps Saying Her Name!

#MISSVANJIE! Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo... Miss – Vanjie…! Yes, if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m one of the many people rehashing the aforementioned Drag Queen who was eliminated first from the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Season Season ten. Since it’s not longer a spoiler, Vanjie, who is cut from the same cloth – or drag family – as the series’ alumni, Alexis Mateo, has been on the tip of everyone’s lips…or their exit. Just two words – a simple name – has been taking the Drag Race watchers by storm.

Vanjie had a quick Drag Race run and it’s never easy being eliminated in the first episode. Out of what appears to be nerves, Vanjie steps backwards on the runway and calls out her names three times. It’s spawned a slew of memes which Billboard has hilariously comprised. I’m obsessed – my roommate is about to lock me out of the house if she hears me screaming out these words again! There’s really no particular way to even say Miss Vanjie…it’s more of a feeling.

Without question, Vanjie is (so far) the breakout star of the season. I have a strong feeling this won’t be the last time we’ve seen Vanjie on a season of Drag Race. It seems to be a common occurrence the show will bring back an eliminated queen to gain another episode in their season, so far – Vanjie is a likely returnee. If those aren’t in the cards for her, there’s a small chance production wouldn’t steal her again for another season and give us more of the mess. I think Vanjie had a lot more to give, so it’s upset we won’t get to see her kooky personality: But, if we’ve learned anything from Drag Race, it’s that you can always go back. Hell, you could even win one of their All Star seasons if you performed poorly twice, so you just never know!

Check out the clip of Vanjie being eliminated below that has everyone going bonkers:

Tons of fans are on the Vanjie bandwagon. Check out some tweets below, including one from America’s most darling redhead, Kathy Griffin:

The quote comes with a hilarious follow up. In the clip below, Regular Judge on Drag Race, Michelle Visage, repeats the phrase to RuPaul trying to steal a laugh:

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers. 

Drag Race Makes Us Insane. Here's Why (OPINION)


One week ago I was on hand at Roscoe's Tavern in Chicago to see Trixie Mattel in the flesh react to seeing herself win RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3. I felt Trixie's highs and predicted her lows that evening. I was a buzzing, chattering gay Tasmanian Devil at dinner afterwards - elated that my favorite queen snatched the crown in what some would consider to be an upset. 

But as it turns out, it was I who was upset. Seamless transition Nicholas. After keeping tabs on Trixie's Twitter and Instagram accounts since she lost season seven, I've felt a close connection with her. She revers Dolly Parton - an important figure for any gay boy who grew up in the hills of East Tennessee (such as myself) - and is charming, whip-smart, confident - everything I could hope to aspire to. 

Seeing Trixie in person was wild. Like Dolly, she was larger than life. Her reactions to the finale and the audience were electric, and her demeanor was nothing if not regal. But the following day when my brief moment basking in the presence of someone whose life I had so closely followed for years - not to mention when an All Stars season that had defined my Thursday nights and brought me closer to my Chicago friends - were over, I was crestfallen. The anticipation, the excitement, the Tasmanian Devil Nick, were briefly cut off. And I turned into, well, a b*tch.



But am I crazy? Maybe, but not for my strong reaction to RuPaul's Drag Race. For centuries celebrities have allowed us to follow their journeys - to have a stake in their successes and failures. Without fandom - whether for celebrities or the characters that they play - movie ticket sales would slump and tabloid websites would cease to exist. The media landscape as a whole would change. 

With the rise of social media, we became even more intertwined with the celebrities we identify with. As if witnessing their noteworthy moments through Instagram and Facebook wasn't enough, we now can follow even the mundane, live no less, through Snapchat, Instagram Story, and Facebook Live. We know more about these peoples' days than we do about some of our closest friends. 

All of this is to say that gays - who in Drag Race can find dozens of highly relatable, social media-savvy superstars to adore - are hooked. We're in love. The amount of time we invest in drag queens through retweeting, double tapping, and scheduling our Thursday evenings is not insignificant. So when everything comes to a head, we go nuts.



And when we don't get our way, or even when we do, we express our feelings... strongly. I expressed my season finale blues through being mopey and disliking Shangela fans. Some threw slurs at each other online, sparred with friends IRL, or simply demeaned the hard-working, well-intended, and sometimes barrier-breaking queens we like to think we support. Basically, we all act a fool.

In fact there's even a diagnosis for extreme celebrity fandom called Celebrity Worship Syndrome. This, of course, affects a minuscule portion of the population and is driven by mental instability, but it is telling as to how far things can go. We need to enjoy the highs that come with loving these amazing characters, but also anticipate the lows. We're children being dragged away from Disney World at the end of the day. Overstimulated from the experience and ready to give those around us hell as we crash. Maybe for season 10 we can learn to take Drag Race with a grail of salt. After all, it's just drag.


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