Michael Musto Pens an Open Letter To Ellen's Ex Anne Heche

Famed journalist Michael Musto has penned a heartfelt open letter to Anne Heche for the website NewNowNext, where he talked about his treatment of her both during and after her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

The letter started with his discussion about when Anne and Ellen were together, and how he put a lot of information about their whereabouts in the press (some of which was to their delights).

He then goes on to talk about what happened after they broke up, where she went through an incredibly rough time in the press and was judged harshly by the LGBT community (Michael included) because she went back to dating men The word he used to describe her for that move (at the time) was a "phony." 

A lot of the letter had to do with the fact that Anne herself is bisexual and how a good portion of the LGBT community forgot that during a time where the B in this situation was not widely discussed. 

"When you went back to dating men, we should have accepted it as a natural extension of bisexuality, rather than pile on you for abandoning us, as if you’d somehow used the LGBT community to advance yourself—something it wasn’t easy to do back when the industry didn’t exactly favor out LGBTs," he said.

He concludes the letter thanking her for helping to expand the advances of the LGBT community due to her celebrity visibility. It's really sweet and you can tell he is writing from the heart about it all.

Read the entire letter here.

For Mother's Day HRC Announces Star-Studded "Moms For Equality" Campaign

Even with progress being made every day, the fact is LGBTQ youth face disproportionately high rates of bullying, anxiety and depression.

But when it comes to kids, few are as ferocious a defender as a mom.

So just in time for Mother’s Day, the Human Rights Campaign has announced a new “Moms for Equality” campaign featuring mothers of famous LGBTQs urging their fellow parents and allies to join the fight for equality. 

Kelly Rippon, Sally Field, Betty DeGeneres, Jodie Patterson and more share tributes and truth in the new campaign, chronicling their journeys to becoming fierce advocates of LGBTQ people. 

“Everyone, LGBTQ or otherwise, should get to live as freely as Adam does –– and, as one of HRC’s Moms for Equality, I’m committed to making that happen,” says Kelly Rippon, mother of out Olympic bronze medalist (and "America's sweetheart") Adam Rippon.

“This whole campaign has become such a family affair. All of us are in this fight for LGBTQ equality for Adam, of course, but also for all those young people like him who haven’t had an easy time openly being themselves," added Rippon. "They need allies to support them, now more than ever!”

“At 20, Sam came out proudly as a gay man: to us and to a world where some still hate you just for being different. Ten years later and that hate seems to have only gotten stronger,” says Oscar winner Sally Field writes in a touching tribute for the “Moms for Equality” campaign. “But with you, we can help stop hate in its tracks.”

“It’s on us to change the world for these kids and make it a better place. Just like my Ellen did 21 years ago and continues to do to this day,” says Betty DeGeneres, mother of Ellen DeGeneres. “I’m a proud Mom for Equality and a longtime member of HRC.”

Jodie Patterson, recently named one of “The 20 Most Influential Moms of 2018” by Family Circle magazine, shares, “As a mom, I’ve always wanted to fix things. But, as I soon realized, there wasn’t anything about Penelope that needed fixing. He, like every transgender child, was simply announcing to me and to the world how he truly saw himself.

“He was boldly claiming his identity,” said Patterson. “I joined the fight for transgender equality that very day and I’m here, seven years later, to keep that fight going as one of HRC’s Moms for Equality!”

Limited edition “Fight Like A Mother” t-shirts are available to those who join the campaign through Mother’s Day.

Andy Cohen Can't Find Love... Because He Keeps Getting Kicked Off Dating Apps!


He might have fame, fortune, and Daddy with a capital D good looks, but the one thing that still eludes reality television mogul Andy Cohen? Love! The forty-nine-year-old openly sexy celebrity will appear on Thursday's Elle, but thanks to this sneak peek we can get a taste of the juicy goss audiences are in for!

Cohen - who as of earlier this month is single after splitting from boyfriend Clifton Dassuncao - has been hitting dating apps looking for his next love connection. However, because the apps (he only opens up to using Tinder, so get to swiping boys) filter out fake accounts - including celebrity imposters - he keeps getting kicked off because of his famous visage! Here's what he has to say about one of these unfortunate but hilarious experiences:

There is a gay dating app that I’m on that I keep getting kicked off of because they think I’m impersonating Andy Cohen, and they’re like 'Your photos don’t meet our guidelines.'

Now we wait and see how long it takes for Cohen to turn this into a reality series. You guys went IN on Andy after he stepped in for Kathy Griffin to host this year's New Year's Eve on CNN, and while I get that (I really really do) I still think he's adorable. My thirst wins again! Check out the video below and let us know if you'd swipe right for Andy.


Nick Robinson Says A Close Relative Came Out To Him Thanks To "Love, Simon"

Previously, we’ve discussed whether straight actors like Nick Robinson should play gay roles like his character in Love, Simon. But, at least we can be sure that Robinson is thankful for the role.

That’s not only because of the major spotlight its giving him, but also because it ended up bettering his personal life and those around him.

While on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Robinson revealed that while he was filming Love, Simon, someone close to him came out of the closet.

And who was that? Robinson’s brother.

“He came out around the same time we started filming, yeah. I think that he had been dealing with this for a long time and the timing was coincidental, but one of the best things that came out of this movie was being able to talk to him,” Nick said.

“I think that’s the strength of a film like this is that it starts conversations, and I hope it can do that for more people and start a conversation that might not have been there.”

On top of that, Robinson shared his initial hesitation at playing a gay role when he personally is straight. The actor says that after much debate over the issue, he decided to go through with it because of the importance of the film.

“It was a conversation with Greg [Berlanti], our director, we went back and forth and we talked about it,” he said,

“But I really think that with a project like this, especially today, there’s been so much progress in the last 20 years, a lot of which is thanks to you and everything that you’ve done. If you hadn’t come out when you did we might not have this movie now.”

You can watch more the interview down below.

h/t: GayTimes