Video: Shirtless Powerlifters Lift Weights, Horse Around, And Dry Hump In The Snow

We have another video of hot guys goofing off and giving us an eyeful to watch.

Looks like we get to end our year right by checking out a video made by weightlifting advice and news site Powerlifting Motivation.

In the video, that was originally shared on Facebook, three guys goof off in the snow. They deadlift a few weights around while also horsing around.

The video is obviously supposed to be seen as a joke and just good fun as the boys jump on top of each other, stand crotch to face, and even grind against each other.

That said, their good fun can be our fun too.

Check out the video down below.

Facebook Recognition Features Now Keep A Template Of Your Face

Facebook has made the announcement that they are updating their facial recognition features. 

The idea is that from now on, whenever someone uploads a picture of you in it, whether it be your Aunt who doesn't care if you look terrible in that group photo or someone from your high school uploading a picture from 20 years ago, you'll know about it.

As TechCrunch reports:

"Facebook launched a new facial recognition feature called Photo Review that will alert you when your face shows up in newly posted photos so you can tag yourself, leave it be, ask the uploader to take the photo down, or report it to Facebook."

Facebook is marketing this as a way for Facebook users to not have random photos of them floating around the internet without their knowledge. Plus, this is a measure to stop online impersonations.

"But Facebook tells me it has no plans to use facial recognition to enhance ad targeting or content relevancy sorting," TechCrunch says, "Like showing you more News Feed posts from friends who post untagged photos of you or ads related to locations where you appear in untagged photos."

There are also other bonuses to this feature such as helping the visually impaired. Facebook's machine vision-powered feature, which audibly describes to users what's in a photo, will also read out the names of untagged friends.

That said, technology like this can be scary. Allowing Facebook to have official records of your facial features can seem like a violation of privacy (even for Facebook).

If you feel that way, the feature is optional and reversible. You can go to Facebook's settings to "delete its face template of you and deactivate the new Photo Review feature as well as the old Tag Suggestions that used facial recognition to speed up tagging when friends posted a photo of you."

Oregon Council Member Ignites Online Feud With Hate

Echo City, Oregon councilmember, Lou Nakapalau, recently got into an online feud with openly gay filmmaker Joe Wilson. On the Facebook page for Wilson’s film Kumu Hina, Nakapalau voice his distaste after an article that talked about transgender workers no longer being protected by federal anti-discrimination laws. Kumu Hina, is a documentary about a transwoman from Hawaii.

During the back and forth fight, Nakapalau expressed that he is “sick of the LGBTQ crowd shoving their ho keyed up agenda down my throat.”

But the argument reached crescendo when Nakapalau declared “When you croak of AIDS (Anally Injected Death Serum) I’ll spit on your grave!”

The councilmember has refused to apologize for his remarks, but after editing away some profanity and other expletives, the comments were removed from Facebook.

According to the East Oregonian, the Echo City council has issued a public apology about the events. Here is their full statement:

The Echo City Council would like to extend its sincerest apology to those who were offended by comments made by a council member in a Facebook dialog reported by the East Oregonian. Comments of individual council members on their personal social media accounts do not have any endorsement or approval of the council as a whole nor do they represent city policy. The City would never endorse or approve any statement that disparages any person because of his or her race, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, or sexual orientation.

Further the City of Echo has never taken any action or set any policy that was in any sense prejudicial or biased toward a class or group of people.

The city council is made up of elected volunteers who donate their time without any form of compensation and who have rights like other citizens such as freedom of speech.

Hilary Clinton Responded To Russia's Fake Gay Facebook Page

Hilary Clinton is responding to an earlier Russian attack on American.

Earlier this month, Russia posted propaganda on a Facebook page, titled LGBT United, that pretended to be for the LGBTQ community but was really a cover to spread false information and cause more division between American people.

Hilary Clinton spoke on the matter at the Cheltenham Literary Festival (probably while promoting her book What Happened).

“We know Russian agents used Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even Pinterest to place targeted attack ads and negative stories intended not to hurt just me but to fan the flames of division in our society.

“Russians posed as Americans pretending to be LGBT and gun rights activists, even Muslims, saying things they knew would cause distress.”

She added: “The Russians are still playing on anything and everything they can to turn Americans against each other.

“In addition to hacking our elections, they are hacking our discourse and our unity. We are in the middle of a global struggle between liberal democracy and a rising tide of illiberalism and authoritarianism.

“This is a kind of new cold war and it is just getting started.”

Clinton’s words on the Russian “information war” is just the latest development in the ongoing investigation and situation.

It took some time for organizations to even realize that there were so many social media pages created for the soul purpose of spreading misinformation by the Russian government. In fact, LGBT United was just one in around 470 accounts and Pages that were linked and eventually taken down.

Jonathan Albright, a social media analyst and research director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, said:

“The tone of the posts [from the different pages] varies strikingly… the one seemingly managed by a lesbian is intimate, confidential and chatty, with complaints about parents and teachers not understanding the challenges of being young and gay.

“The English is nearly flawless. One popular post said simply, ‘Bi and proud!’ with a thumbs-up emoji attached to the end.”

He added: “The goal seemed less to inspire enthusiasm for one candidate than to dampen support for voting at all.”

Ironically, many of LGBTQ posts would be illegal on Russian social media under the country’s laws outlawing gay ‘propaganda’.

The page has since been taken off Facebook.

Cartoon Hero Captain Planet's Fighting For Marriage Equality in Australia

Captain Planet is here to save the day again, and this time he’s saving gay marriage.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a young writer in his early twenties. What the means is that I was the perfect age to grow up on Captain Planet.

If you don’t know, Captain Planet and the Planeteers was a cartoon show that ran from 1990 to 1996 and then continued airing reruns up to today.

The show stared five upstanding and athletic teenagers who held magical rings that gave them the powers of the four elements… and heart (that’ll be important later). Then with their powers combined, they could summon forth the mystical hero of nature known as Captain Planet.

Again, I grew up in the early 2000s when reruns of Captain Planet played regularly. I remember waking up early at like 6 am before the sun rose. I’d turn on the tv, sit up close with the volume low, and watch 2 episodes of Captain Planet every weekday morning.

So, now that I’m “all grown up,” a working adult, and gay as all else, I’m glad to know Captain Planet is still my hero.

But what did Captain Planet do? Well, he went to Facebook to share his support of marriage equality in Australia and urged Australian citizens to make sure to register to vote in two weeks.

If you didn’t know, Australia is getting ready to have a very important public vote. Australians will decide whether they are for or against gay marriage.

The vote is voluntary, and technically the government doesn’t have ot act on whatever the people pick, but if a large amount of citizens say they are for it then hopefully the government will follow suit.

This is what the Captain Planet Facebook page was trying to remind us of with the original post.

And, of course, there were people there ready to fight or make jokes at the post, but Captain Planet was ready.

Once again, part of the power behind Captain Planet is his big heart, and he wanted to get that message across to everybody. Love is a power that can fight all of the hate and we should all use it more often.

As someone who grew up loving the show, I’m proud to see the creators behind the cartoon standing up for the LGBTQ community and for marriage equality. Like I said, Captain Planet is still my hero. Is he yours?

Lesbian Waitress Says Christian Couple Left Her A Nasty Note... And Some Don't Believe Her

We’re gonna have another talk about why people love to call things on the internet fake.

What happened was that a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings posted a picture on Facebook. In the picture, we can see an arm, which has a rainbow colored equal sign on it, and a restaurant receipt.

The woman, named Joelle Nicole Maish, states that her coworker, Samantha Heaton, was serving a couple that night and everything was going fine. Then, when they left Heaton noticed that not only did the couple not pay her a tip, but they left a mean (and misspelled) note behind.

The note said, “Can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus,” and “Bad tatoo.”

On the Facebook post Maish stated: “I would just like to say that being gay does NOT MEAN you don't believe in God or Jesus. And people who are "religious" should not disrespect or act in such ways to other people. p.s., they spelled tattoo wrong.”

Heaton also later talked to Rock River Times and lamented saying, “I went above and beyond for this couple, and for them to leave that (note) kind of hurt.”

The Comments

Honestly, I was just going to post this story as is and state how sad it is that this couple treated this woman this way. Especially since apparently none of this was brought up when she was serving them throughout the whole meal.

But then I went into the comments of the news post where I found this story. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Devin, never go into the comments! That’s where all the trolls and jerks rule while the nice Samaritans try to speak sense into them only end up in an endless stream of insults and childish argument! (gasp!)”

But against better judgment I did it anyway and what do you know, I found some people calling the women liars and saying that the entire situation could be fake and fabricated to get some public attention.

(Keep in mind that I found these comments only on gay news sites, while the comments in the actual Facebook post are of well-wishers and Christians supporting the women.)

Now of course, this all being a lie could be true. It’s not hard to believe that someone would to this to get attention. Especially because it’s an easy task to just write up a few words on a piece of paper and post it online. Plus, would they really know that the picture would go viral like this?

That said, what bothers me is how many people on the internet are ready to call something fake and say someone’s just seeking attention. Especially when its LGBTQ people doing it to other LGBTQ people.

And yes, I totally just had a similar conversation a couple days ago with the post about a Dublin drag queen punching a man who snatched her wig, but since then I can’t stop finding people doing it again and again.

Now of course, this is just the rantings of an optimistic writer in his early twenties, but I know I’m not the only one who's tired of it. The hecklers, the haters, the people who always have to say something negative. It’s sad that their existence has become so everyday in our lives.

Let’s face it, wherever you go there will be hecklers and haters. Hell, if you’re doing anything right there will be people waiting to the side to shoot you down. Part of that is a compliment.

But, there’s also the fact that so many people feel the need to say, “I don’t believe you,” “I’m against you,” and “I don’t trust you.” And technically I’m doing the same by posting this article.

So, I beseech whoever is reading this (and thank you for doing so) to do something nice in the face of all that negativity. Whenever you see someone send hate, send love to balance that out.

I choose to believe Miss Maish and Miss Heaton, and I hope them well. Heaton deserved better treatment, and I’ll be the first to try.