Florida Gay Couple Celebrated The New Year By Saving A Choking Woman's Life

A gay couple in Florida are being celebrated for saying a woman’s life.

While enjoying a meal at Mortan’s Steakhouse in Boca Raton, Florida on New Year’s Day, Karlton Brown and husband Paul Fogarty-Brown were surprised by a sudden emergency.

According to WPTV, the two men noticed a nearby diner choking. The two sprang into action and gave the woman CPR until her airway was cleared.

“She lost consciousness,” Paul Fogarty-Brown, who’s a volunteer firefighter, told WPTV. “And then her pulse, her heart stopped. And at that stage it was, pumping her heart, he was pumping her upper gastric trying to dislodge the food and stuff.”

“She is completely purple, her forehead, her eyes, her lips, and I said to him quietly, ’We are not going to lose her, we are not going to lose her,'” Brown recounted.

Despite Brown being legally mandated to attend CPR training every two years, he told reporters that he and his husband like to attend basic life support training in case of emergencies like this one.

For the woman who was dining not too far from the couple, it’s a good thing the men did.

As for that woman, she was later taken to Boca Regional Medical Center, but has now been released. She plans to meet her two saviors sometime in the near future.

h/t: WPTV

2019 Will be Sizzling with the Australian Firefighters Calendar

Since 1993 the Australian Firefighters have been taking their shirts off and flexing—for a good cause. Every year, the group of Aussies releases their calendar that benefits the Children’s Hospital Foundation, providing funds for research into childhood burns. But that’s not all! For the past 26 years the Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised over $2.8 million dollars for various charities.

Sound the alarm! This year you can purchase any or all of the calendars the group is selling. You can choose from the Australian Firefighters with a variety of animals, only dogs, only cats, or just firefighters playing around with their hoses. Thirsty? More like parched.

The calendars are the perfect thing to STUFF those stockings.



This year’s calendars will include Sam Rouen, the youngest winner of Australia’s version of The Biggest Loser. Rouen lost 154 pounds when he was 19 years old and since his appearance on the show has worked hard at keeping the weight off and has become a firefighter. Now he joins the Australian Firefighters Calendar as an inspiration to many.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes photo shoots for the 2019 calendars:



You can follow the Australian Firefighters on Facebook and Instagram

Head to www.australianfirefighterscalendar.com to purchase your calendars!

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Firefighters Receive Special Training To Remove Sex Toys!

Firefighters Receive Special Training To Remove Sex Toys!

Finally, We’ll Have Someone To Call In A Sexual Emergency!

#HOT! It looks like some firefighters are getting the training that goes into preparing for International Male Leather! Have you ever had a problem arise involving a sex toy? Not too get too personal, but a few weeks ago I received a – I’ll say a diamond - ring from my recent LuvParts order and after a few drinks I fell asleep with it on! The mere thought of waking up and thinking my junk was stuck together was absolutely horrifying. Luckily, it was a quick fix. But, it’s good to know that firefighters in Germany are prepared for instances where the ring isn’t so easy to get off!

According to Metro UK, 600 firefighters are now trained on how to properly remove penis rings and butt plugs from our sexually adventurous brothers and sisters. Allegedly, the key to removing the toys properly is sensitivity and delicacy. To remove a penis ring, you’ve got to poke your guy through a heat shield blanket, then bandage it, add a paste to prevent burns, and a spatula is interested between your junk and special toy before it becomes cut off with a grinder – not the popular dating app. The process takes about fifteen minutes. Yikes!

So, there’s photographs of the firefighters training – but I’m not certain if you want to stomach seeing them. Head HERE to check out the NSFW photos!

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Former NY Firefighter "Coerced" Into Proving Manhood With Stripper

A former FDNY firefighter in Queens, New York, has filed a lawsuit alleging mental and emotional stress during his probationary period that included “hazing rituals” and homophobic slurs.

Michael Troina is seeking unspecified damages for being “singled out time and time again on account of his race and national origin as a Hispanic American male as well as perceived homosexuality . . . and was further threatened with physical violence if he dared to report any incident of battery, harassment or discrimination to the FDNY’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office,” according to the New York Post.

Troina says during his probation period he was called a “closet homo;” was told being Hispanic made him bad at his job; and was forced to eat orange juice with a fork from 12 different plates.

He claims co-workers “coerced” him into going to a strip club where he was encouraged to have sex with a stripper to prove his manhood. When he refused, he says he was called “faggot” and “loser.”

Troina also says he was excluded from a firehouse volleyball outing where he was later informed he was rundown with homophobic insults.

Last year, the New York Post reported on the aspiring firefighter’s story saying, “firefighters covered his car in peanut butter, toilet paper and nails; challenged him to fight; shoved him; called him a ‘bitch,’ ‘loser’ and ‘fa—t’; put up mocking photos of him, and stomped on his bunker gear.”

Troina says when he reported incidents to his superiors he was told to “not take it too hard.”


His lawsuit names New York City, the New York City Fire Department, 14 firefighters and FDNY fire commissioner Daniel Nigro as defendants.

Troina was fired one week before the end of his probation period. The FDNY says he was dismissed after a “failed evaluation.”

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