This Football Team is Crossing the Line from Hazing to Sexual Assault

When her 15-year-old son began acting strangely after football practice last year, Misty Cox became concerned for his well-being. Soon after, the school resource officer from Gunnison Valley High School contacted Cox to inform her that her son had sexually assaulted by a group of football players.

Cox spoke with FOX13:

He was embarrassed by what had happened and just wished it would all just go away.

Two boys held him down, a third boy pulled his own pants down and rubbed his backside and genitalia all over my son’s face.

My son did not consent to this. My son was held down against his will and was sexually assaulted. This is not a hazing incident. This is not a bullying incident. This is not a 'boys will be boys' incident. This is a sexual assault.

The school opened an investigation and all three students are facing charges of sexual assault.

During the investigation, other victims have come forward describing at least 13 other acts of sexual abuse according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Tribune says Sanpete County Attorney, Kevin Daniels, assures:

The first alleged assault occurred in October 2017, according to charging documents. One assault was reported in November and December 2017, with two in January. One was reported in March and another in June. Four assaults reportedly occurred on the same day: Sept. 17.

Allegations of abuse come from different social circles, says Daniels. It’s not just football players.

Since there are only 349 students at Gunnison Valley High School, the allegations make up 4 percent of the entire student body. Students who are being accused are not allowed at school until the investigation is complete.

h/t: FOX13, The Salt Lake Tribune

Wide Receiver Wyatt Pertuset Became The First Out Collegiate Football Player To Score A Touchdown

Mark this one down as another milestone for gay men in professional sports.

NFL player Wyatt Pertuset has become the first openly gay football player on the collegiate level to score a touchdown.

The 20-year-old wide receiver made the touchdown for Division III school Capital University in Columbus, Ohio during the season opener game against Mount St. Joseph. Not only did he earn points for his team in the game, but he earned points for gay men and openly gay athletes with the achievement.



Pertusets then spoke to OutSports about the accomplishment.

“It was completely overwhelming,” he recalled. “It was on a scramble and I had to get open. Next thing you know, my quarterback, Thomas Wibbeler, connected with me in the end zone for a 37-yard touchdown. All of my teammates quickly came to celebrate with me in the end zone, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Congratulations to Wyatt Pertuset, and good luck with the rest of the football season.




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NFL Requires Players To Stand For The Flag!

NFL Requires Players To Stand For The Flag!

New Policy Enforces ‘Proper Respect’

#OhBoy! Okay, so I’m not one who pays any sort of attention to sports…unless it somehow ties into hot topics. The National Football League (NFL) has made headlines for a variety of reasons over the last few years, including Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who started a trend among Athletes by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Kaepernick taking a knee started a media frenzy regarding respect for the flag and the unfair treatment of colored Americans. The country was seemingly divided over which was the correct decision: Standing for the flag to honor veterans or kneeling to honor one’s freedom from said veterans. It turns out, the NFL players will no longer have to make a choice: They are being forced to stand.

According to Sports Illustrated, NFL owners have voted on a resolution for said National Anthem controversy. All players on the field must stand, but there is an option for players to wait in the locker room until the Anthem in over. If players standing on the field are not ‘respectful’, they will be fined. The new policy reads:

"All team and league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem. The Game Operations Manual will be revised to remove the requirement that all players be on the field for the Anthem. Personnel who choose not to stand for the Anthem may stay in the locker room or in a similar location off the field until after the Anthem has been performed."

I think a smart decision would’ve been to have added that no matter what – standing, kneeling, sitting, smoking a cigarette, standing like a flamingo, jeez – anything – was still acceptable and deemed respecting the flag during the National Anthem. But, what do I know? I’m anticipating to see how this will play out for the future of NFL games in the upcoming season. Only time will tell.

Are you pleased with the end result of the NFL National Anthem protests?

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers. 

Former UK Footballer John Fashanu Says He Paid His Late Brother To Not Come Out

A former soccer player says he regrets paying his brother to keep him in the closet.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, brothers John and Justin Fashanu were two professional soccer players in Europe. While Justin Fashanu was performing wonderfully at the sport, he had a dark secret that both men kept close to the chest.

You see, Justin Fashanu was a closeted gay man who was deeply troubled by having to hide his sexuality. Sadly, his brother John was no help at all.

"It was a lack of education," the John Fashanu, a former Wimbledon and Aston Villa striker, told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

"I make it very clear I was a monster to Justin then. I paid him £75,000 not to say that he was gay."

"I was looking at the situation around us and my mother had cancer and was dying, and the rest of the family couldn't understand the situation."

"We didn't know what to do, the best thing I thought to do was to keep it quiet."

While Justin Fashanu was doing well in the Football Association, enough to become the first black player to successfully demand £1 million transfer fee when he moved from Norwich to Forest in 1981, staying in the closet haunted him.

Then in 1990, Justin Fashanu came out and continued to play for almost 20 clubs until he retired in 1997. Sadly, he then committed suicide in 1998.

Now, John Fashanu is committed to righting the wrongs he did to his brother by speaking out for the closeted players currently in the league.

"We have a number of well-known footballers who are gay and they don't feel comfortable with the environment," he said.

"They know their empires will be destroyed. It is supporters, administrators ... not so much the players, because they know who is gay and who is not gay.

"They give each other support, but it is quite gentle support.

"We are pushing the FA needs to create an environment where gay footballers are comfortable to come out and say: 'I'm gay.'"

Footballer Derrius Guice Asked About Sexuality And If His Mom's A Prostitute


If any of you were thinking of ever dabbling in professional American football, then let this be a lesson that things are not all Lady Gaga jumping from the sky and Justin Timberlake lip syncing in a Burning Man clown costume. If that was the extent of football, I'd have signed up a long time ago. As it stands, in addition to the rigorous physical challenges players face on the field, they are perpetually being tested (cute word for hazed) by fellow players and coaches, and LSU alum and NFL hopeful Derrius Guice is spilling the tea on what footballers endure behind-the-scenes.

Guice completed the NFL combine earlier this week, which is a sort of Hunger Games scenario in which NFL prospects show off their skills in hopes of being drafted. The NFL is never too happy when word gets out that football is like a never ending fraternity rush week - but with more concussions, homophobia, and illegal dog fighting - so people are pretty shocked that Guice was brave enough to come forward with the inappropriate exchange he shared with an Atlanta Falcons assistant coach during the combine:

It was pretty crazy. Some people are really trying to get in your head and test your reaction. ... I go in one room, and a team will ask me do I like men, just to see my reaction. I go in another room, they’ll try to bring up one of my family members or something and tell me, 'Hey, I heard your mom sells herself. How do you feel about that?'



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First off, sir, you should be so lucky as to be attracted to men. It's the best. Secondly, this just proves that Hollywood isn't the only industry in need of a serious human resources overhaul. And it proves that homophobia is still rampant is team sports to the extent that a mere question of one's sexuality is considered an insult.  NFL said that the questions were "disappointing and clearly inappropriate."

Guice has not stated if he is playing for Team Gay or not, but his response seems to indicate that he's straight. Too bad for him.