Adam Rippon's Olympic Costumes Are Going To The Smithsonian

Adam Rippon will now officially go down in U.S. History with the help of the Smithsonian.

Yesterday, Rippon shared on Instagram that he will be donating his Olympic outfit to the Smithsonian Institute.



The Smithsonian Institute and the American History Museum are government run organizations that archive over 150 million items. With that said, will Rippon’s outfit be up for display and next to the iconic ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz like Rippon suggests? Probably not on the latter and maybe not for the former.

Again, the Smithsonian has millions of items in their possession, but only have a few thousand on display for the public to see, the rest are locked away somewhere for safe keeping.

Maybe Rippon’s costume will be placed out in the open sometime in the future? If it gets shown or not may depend on how much of a social impact Rippon continues to have from here on out.

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Collegiate Swimmer Abraham DeVine Came Out As Gay

A 2018 NCAA champion in the 400 individual medley came out as gay in an interview with Swimming World magazine.

Despite now having the confidence to come out publicly, Stanford University senior Abraham DeVine says he found it difficult to come out privately. DeVine started out by talking to his former teammate Mx Williamson. He then worked up his way to coming out to other teammates and peers.

“I’m a gay athlete. There aren’t too many of us, so when I came out to my college team, that was a really tough time for me,” said DeVine.

He then added:

“I remember that being a pretty emotional time, and just feeling my whole team wrap around me and feeling that love in a place where I hadn’t really felt it, that was definitely pretty special for me,” DeVine said. “Just seeing them kind of prove me wrong was definitely special, something I’ll never forget.”



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He continued:

“Growing up gay in any sport is definitely tough. There’s a culture that is created in a lot of sports where being gay is an insult. It’s something that gets tossed around and makes you not want to go to practice or not want to hang out with the team or be a part of the team.”

Now that he’s cleared himself of any fear of coming out, DeVine can focus on the sport that he loves.

In fact, the Pac-12 Swimmer of the year shares that he’ll be competing to qualify for the 2020 Olympic swimming team.

We wish him luck.

Professional Golfer Tadd Fujikawa Comes Out As Gay In An Open Letter About Suicide Prevention

We have news of the first professional golfer to come out as gay.

Professional golfer Tadd Fujikawa is a native of Hawaii who gained acknowledgement in the world of golf after qualifying for the U.S. Open in 2006. The following year, he became the youngest player in 50 years to make the weekend cut for the Sony Open. He was only 16-years-old.

In the following decade, Fujikakwa has continued on in the world of golf, and has used that platform to talk about personal issues such as his battle with depression and anxiety, according to Golf Digest.

And now, 27-year-old Fujikawa has opened up even more by sharing that he is gay.



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Fujikawa made this announcement yesterday on Instagram by posting an open letter in honor of world suicide prevention day.

“So…I’m gay,” he wrote, “Many of you may have already known that.”

The athlete then went further to write about his experiences of coming to terms with his sexuality.

“I’ve been back and forth for a while about opening up about my sexuality. I thought that I didn’t need to come out because it doesn’t matter if anyone knows. But I remember how much other’s stories have helped me in my darkest times to have hope. I spent way too long pretending, hiding, and hating who I was. I was always afraid of what others would think/say. I’ve struggled with my mental health for many years because of that and it put me in a really bad place. Now I’m standing up for myself and the rest of the LGBTQ community in hopes of being an inspiration and making a difference in someone’s life.”

Fujikawa then went on to say how he wants to focus on helping younger LGBTQ people who are still struggling with their sexualities, living in hostile environments, and considering suicide.

“As long as those things are still happening, I will continue to do my best to bring more awareness to this issue and to fight for equality.”

He later added:

“If anyone out there is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE ENOUGH…AS IS, EXACTLY AS YOU ARE!”



*PLEASE READ* Coincidentally, today is world suicide prevention day. However, I was going to share this regardless. So...I'm gay. Many of you may have already known that. I don't expect everyone to understand or accept me. But please be gracious enough to not push your beliefs on me or anyone in the LGBTQ community. My hope is this post will inspire each and every one of you to be more empathetic and loving towards one another. I've been back and forth for a while about opening up about my sexuality. I thought that I didn't need to come out because it doesn't matter if anyone knows. But I remember how much other's stories have helped me in my darkest times to have hope. I spent way too long pretending, hiding, and hating who I was. I was always afraid of what others would think/say. I've struggled with my mental health for many years because of that and it put me in a really bad place. Now I'm standing up for myself and the rest of the LGBTQ community in hopes of being an inspiration and making a difference in someone's life. Although it's a lot more accepted in our society today, we still see children, teens, and adults being ridiculed and discriminated against for being the way we are. Some have even taken their lives because of it. As long as those things are still happening, I will continue to do my best to bring more awareness to this issue and to fight for equality. Whether the LGBTQ is what you support or not, we must liberate and encourage each other to be our best selves, whatever that may be. It's the only way we can make this world a better place for future generations. I don't want this to be focused on me. I just want to spread love and acceptance to others who are in a similar situation. If anyone out there is struggling, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE ENOUGH...AS IS, EXACTLY AS YOU ARE! I can't wait for the day we all can live without feeling like we're different and excluded. A time where we don't have to come out, we can love the way we want to love and not be ashamed. We are all human and equal after all. So I dare you...spread love. Let's do our part to make this world a better place.

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Retired Wrestler Matt Cage Posted Double Date Selfies With His Dad And Their Boyfriends

Retired wrestler Matt Cage went on a double date with his dad and the picture from it are absolutely adorable.

Matt Cage is a 30-year-old retired pro wrestler who also happens to be openly gay.

In 2015, Cage came out through a Facebook post. In part of the post he wrote:

“For the longest time, I claimed that I was bisexual. When I privately came out to people that already know, I told them that this was the case. And it was. However, I have no real intentions of pursuing females at this stage of my life. I still find beautiful women beautiful. I don't think that'll ever change. But I think that to continue to claim something that's not true is just continuing a streak dishonesty and I don't want that. Sorry, ladies. I'm officially pulling myself off of the market. Don't hate me too bad.”

 Now according to Queerty and Cage’s Twitter account, Cage recently posted pictures of himself, his father, and their two boyfriends out on a double date.

“My dad and his boyfriend came to Chicago to visit me and my boyfriend,” wrote Cage for the post.

While Cage’s post received a large response by the internet as with over 11 thousand likes, 3 thousand retweets, and 3,000 comments, a lot of it was negative.

Unfortunately, some homophobes found the tweet and expressed confusion at how Cage’s father could have gave birth to him if both are gay.

Cage responded by saying, “I love that some people are so ignorant or stupid, that they can’t wrap their mind around the fact that a gay man (or woman) can still have a child. As if the reproductive system doesn’t exist.”

That said, there was a lot of kindness and positivity that gravitated to the tweet as well.

Adam Rippon Gave Us Hilarious And Insightful Critique Of Ice Skating Movies

Adam Rippon proves to us again why he deserves a job as a sports commentator.

While we already thought Rippon would be great for a sports commentator gig when he did a one off with comedian Leslie Jones back in February, we’re happy to see he’s getting even more opportunities to do it.

GQ had the openly gay ice skater come in to watch and critique famous skating movies The Cutting Edge, Blades of Glory, and I, Tonya.

Not only did Rippon throw shade, but he also shared a lot of info too. For instance, he talked about sharing the ice rink with hockey players, romance in pairs skating, skating routines/techniques, and other realities of the sport

For instance, Rippon found Blades of Glory relatable when Jon Heder hit the rink’s wall.

“The fall and the crash is to be expected….have I hit the wall like that? Yes I have,” he admitted.

You can check out the video down below.

h/t: GQ, Towleroad

Air Force Athlete Bradley Kim Came Out On Instagram

Bradley Kim is joining the growing ranks of openly gay academy and college athletes.

Kim is a safety for the Air Force football team, after sustaining a shoulder injury, and he’s recently come out as gay, according to OutSports.

Kim decided it was time to share that he was gay and did so with as many people as possible. First, he told his parents, then he told friends and classmates at the Air Force Academy, then he individually told teammates on the Air Force’s football team before he then told various coaches, and lastly he told his fellow defensive backs on the team.

After all that, Bradley Kim decided to come out publicly through an Instagram post.

“God made me this way for a reason,” the post started. “I did not think this day would ever come, but I’ve finally reached the point where I am comfortable and confident enough with myself to say that I am gay."

After that, Kim talked with OutSports about why he wanted to come out.

"The biggest reason I want to share this is to be able to reach people who are in similar situations struggling with the same things I have struggled with,” he said. “I want to be that example for kids that you can be gay, you can pursue your dreams, and you can have an athletic career.

“My dreams got me to a D1 football program. I want to be there for people who don’t feel like they have anyone there for them, because I was that kid growing up in high school.”

Kim, who is half-Korean and half-German, is a sophomore at the Air Force Academy. After he graduates, he’ll move on to serve the military. Then once his service is done, he hopes to pursue a career in music.

Congratulations to Bradley Kim and best of luck in all your endeavors.

h/t: OutSports

Update 7/28/2018: Unfortunately, it looks like Kim decided to make his Instagram & Twitter accounts private, so the post in which he came out has now been blocked to the public.

Update 7/30/2018: It seems that Kim has made his Instagram account public again. After viewing the comments in his coming out post, we can see why he chose to make it private. The poor guy is being hounded by homophobes. If you have a minute, go send love and support his way.

Israel's Wresting Champion Nir "Rixon" Rotenberg Came Out

Israeli wrestling champion Nir Rotenberg came out as gay and the league is being completely supportive.

Nir Rotenberg, otherwise known as Rixon, came out recently and became the first openly gay wrestling champion in Israel.

Not only does the Tel Aviv resident share that he’s happily committed to a wonderful man named Ronen, but that he is raising two children through his partner’s prior marriage.

Although Israel doesn’t perform same-sex marriage, the country recognizes same-sex marriage performed elsewhere. Rotenberg shares that he plans to marry his partner and perhaps he’ll use that legal loophole to do so. Afterwards, he hopes to have kids of his own with his soon-to-be betrothed.

In addition to that, Rotenberg wants to act as a role model for younger athletes.

“I understood the extent of the responsibility and the influence that my actions have now that I am a champion, and I knew that it was time to come out of the closet in public,” he said, according to A Wider Bridge. “If I had a gay role model as a young wrestler, the fears I’ve had in the past would have been avoided.”

“My goal is to use the wrestling platform to convey messages and to create visibility and representation of the community in a field where it has not existed to date. In addition, it’s important for me to make it clear to everyone that all our successes and achievements as a community are not self-evident and that we have much more to achieve.”

Thankfully, the Israel wrestling league has been supportive of Israeli, at least from an outward glance. The league changed the logo on its official Facebook page to rainbow colors.

In addition, Nir says that he’s been supported by his friends and coaches since coming out.

Congrats to Nir Rotenberg.


#andstill @israeliwrestling champion! Photography: @blackbird316

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Gay Boxer Orlando Cruz To Be Honored In Chicago

Legendary Boxer Orlando “El Fenonmeno” Cruz is famous for being a fantastic boxer and also being an openly gay one.

Cruz came out as gay in 2011 to the acceptance of friends, family, and fans. Having that weight off his chest helped him become the third ranked boxer in the division of featherweight for the World Boxing Organization Latino.

Now, he’s being honored by the city of Chicago in two upcoming events.

Orlando Cruz will be honored during Chicago’s Puerto Rican People’s Parade in Humboldt Park and then later honored at Chicago’s Pride parade.

Ricardo Jimenez, a director at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Humboldt Park, said they chose Cruz for the honor because they want to spotlight the life and career of a successful gay man.

“I thought it was very important, today, when we talk about LGBT rights, Latinos start to accept the reality that (LGBT Latinos) are part of society and are to be respected,” Jimenez told the ChicagoTribune.

Cruz, who normally lives in Miami, will be heading up to Chicago to participate in both of these events. He’ll be crowned the first “Cacique King” of the Puerto Rican parade in honor of Puerto Rico’s Taino roots.

That said, this announcement comes during an important time in Cruz’s career. He says he’s planning to retire after about two more matches.

Afterwards, he wants to focus on youth empowerment and possibly opening up his own gym to train the next generation of boxers.

On top of that, Cruz wants to help LGBTQ youth who are struggling with their sexuality or gender identity. He says he doesn’t want youth to have to struggle like he did when he was younger.

 “To the young people that are going through what I went through — be yourself,” Cruz said in Spanish. “Don’t be scared about what you feel, don’t be scared to say your feelings, to look for professional help. And don’t for anything try to take your life.”

If you want to see Cruz for yourself, and you’re in the Chicago area, you can see him at both the People’s Puerto Rican Parade and the Chicago Pride Parade.

The People’s Puerto Rican Parade starts at 2 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of Division Street and Western Avenue. Then, the Chicago Pride Parade starts at noon June 24 at Montrose Avenue and North Broadway.

Venezuelan Olympic Diver Robert Páez Came Out

Olympic diver Robert Páez just came out as gay.

The professional athlete from Venezuela, who participated in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics, published a new open editorial through Outsports to share the news.

In the post, the 23-year-old shared that his upbringing in Venezuela originally caused him to feel panicked about his interests and his sexuality.


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“I believe that I was born gay. As I got older I became more aware of it, and as I grew – like with so many others – it became my great dilemma. It was a source of worry that I was interested in things like dancing and fashion, things that in my culture were for women and gays. I shied away from doing many things. I was at times ashamed to go out into society, to face who I really was."

"At age 15, while other kids were playing soccer and eating ice cream with girls, my mind was struggling with endless thoughts and questions.”

But, now Páez shares that he’s more confident and secure than he’s ever been before. Páez says that now’s the time for him to open up about his sexuality and his life experiences, so that he can act as a role model for others.


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"Many times we as gay men, fearing who we really are, find a girlfriend to make our family believe that we are what they call a “real man.” I wish I could show other gay men that we are not deceiving anyone, but we are cheating ourselves of being faithful to who we are as people."

"In sharing my story, I hope to help make homosexuality as common of a word as heterosexuality. We have to read it, say it, and accept it with clarity and maturity. He have to understand that we are all equal."

If you want to read more of Páez’s story, you can do so over at the Outsports article. Otherwise, check some of Páez’s Instagram pics down below to get a better look at the man.


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Openly Gay Baseball Executive Billy Bean Befriended Formerly Homophobic Player Daniel Murphy

Billy Bean has done a great service for Major League Baseball.

Former player Billy Bean has since stepped up in sharing the news that he's befriended a man who formerly "disagreed with his sexuality.

After retiring his cap as a professional player, Bean became an exectuive in the sport. Right now, he's sitting as the Vice President in the commissioner’s office.

Though his work as an executive, Billy Bean has worked towards making the American Baseball world more LGBTQ-friendly. One way that he does that is by talking to teams about LGBTQ issues in the sport.

Of course, as OutSports reports, that can cause problems sometimes.

In 2015, baseball player Daniel Murphy stated how he “disagreed” with Bean’s sexuality after having one of those team discussions with the man.

The former New York Mets player said:

“I disagree with his lifestyle. I do disagree with the fact that Billy is a homosexual. That doesn’t mean I can’t still invest in him and get to know him. I don’t think the fact that someone is a homosexual should completely shut the door on investing in them in a relational aspect.”

Not only did Bean stick to the high road by responding with, “I appreciate that Daniel spoke his truth,” but he persisted in communicating with Murphy.




Fast forward to today, Murphy, who plays for the Washington Nationals now, says that he’s become good friends with Billy Bean.

As Bean told SNY TV in New York:

“The good part of the story is that over time, because of the interest of so many people, both sides, him and his wife contacted me and we started a friendship, and he said that I helped him to start to consider things from a different perspective and I thought it was generous of him to do that. ...”

“I’m sure that he’s never had a gay friend that’s in his current life. The fact that we have baseball in common, he can see from a distance the work that I try and do and I can watch the influence he tries to have with the platform he has.”

Billy Bean is a great example of why we need openly gay leaders in all fields of life. By being open theses leaders not only show others that its possible, but they can start discussions about LGBTQ-issues in their given field.

We want to thank Billy Bean for his efforts for both LGBTQ people and the baseball community. He’s truly a hero.

h/t: Outsports