Nick Offerman's Upcoming Film "Hearts Beat Loud" Is Musical Family Fun

We’re excited to check out Nick Offerman’s latest film.

Hearts Beat Loud follows Offerman as a widowed father who’s getting ready to see his daughter off to college. But then, he starts to consider another path for him and his lesbian daughter (played by out actress Kiersey Clemons). In order to keep their bond strong, Offerman’s character decides the two should form a band.

The film was celebrated at the Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals before finding its way in theaters later this month.

Many critiques applauded the film for spotlighting an interracial family with a lesbian romance (fellow out actress Sasha Lane plays Clemon’s romantic interest) while not making those the focus of the film. Instead, the film is about the relationship between this father and daughter while still incorporating those factors.

Nick Offerman spoke to NewNowNext on this topic and said:

“Yeah, one of the things I love most about this film is both that my daughter’s gay and there’s a gay teenage summer romance, and also that she’s biracial. That’s where smart writing is going these days. We’re all made up of all different colors of the rainbow, and let’s get on with the story of the movie, which is a dad and his daughter dealing with some life issues.”

Hearts Beat Loud comes to US theaters in a limited release starting on June 8. Then, it will expand nationwide on June 15.

You can check out the trailer down below.

A Nigerian LGBTQ Rights Group, TIERS Nigeria, Made A Teen Love Film To Increase Gay Visibility

The first trailer’s out for a Nigerian film that’s focused on ending discrimination in its home country.

TIERS Nigeria: The Initiative for Equal Rights is an LGBTQ rights organization stationed in the West African country. They conduct multiple LGBTQ rights missions such as providing legal assistance, documenting LGBTQ abuse, hate crimes, and discrimination, political engagement to act as LGBTQ citizens’ voice, and creating media to share the lives and trials of LGBTQ people.

Concerning the latter, TIERS Nigeria has created four films to introduce LGBTQ life to the rest of the country. The first three films, Hell or High Water, Everything in Between, and Veil of Silence, were moderate successes. Now, it’s time for the fourth film to arrive.

We Don’t Live Here Anymore is a simple teen romance between two boys.

In Prominence high school, Tolu Bajulaiye and Chidi Egqonuwu, stand at the center of a romantic tale and one full of scandal.

In addition, Nike, Tolu’s mother, is a powerful matriarch who uses every inch of her power to fight the two boys at every turn.

We Don’t Live Here Anymore was directed by Tope Oshin, executive produced by Olumide Makanjuola, written by transgender writer Noni Salma, and stars Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Funlola Aofiyebi, Katherine Obiang, Funmi Eko, Abiodun Aleja, Francis Sule, Kunle Dada, Temidayo Akinboro, Chris Iheuwa and Omotunde Adebowale.

You can check out the first trailer of the film down below.



Silent Short Film Focuses On The Relationship Between A Deaf Man And A Hearing Man

We have a wonderful short film to share with you all that you’ve just got to check out. Broadway stars came together to create a film centering on the hearing impaired.

Sign is a short film that focuses on the relationship between Aaron, who’s deaf, and Ben, who can hear.

In a little less than 15 minutes, we watch the relationship between the two from the start. We see them living separately, we see them meeting, we see them on first dates, meeting parents, fighting, going to parties, dealing with the hearing gap, and more.

All of this is to show that relationships with those who are deaf or hearing impaired is the same (though maybe a little trickier) as the dating lives of those who can hear.

The film has been around for a while now (since 2016) and made its way into 50 film festivals around the world. It even earned the 2016 Youth Jury Award at the Iris Prize LGBT Film Festival.

Now that its done spreading its wings around the world, the film has come home online and is being shared with everyone who has a computer or a phone.

The film’s creator, Newsies’s and Tuck Everlasting’s Andrew Keenan-Bolger, says that he created the film to spotlight the intersection between the gay community and the deaf community.

“Both [groups] have fallen under historical systems of oppression and have been viewed by many in the past as something that needed to be fixed or cured,” he told NewNowNext. “And yet both have managed to build an incredibly rich culture and strong identity.”

He also shared that John McGinty (Children of the Lesser God) and Preston Sadleir (Next to Normal) played wonderfully as Aaron and Ben respectively. Their performances were then matched by a winning score that played as the only audio to the movie.

“Ultimately, we decided to not use subtitles, but to compose an evocative score that would help with storytelling,” said Keenan-Bolger. “This way our deaf and hard-of-hearing audience had the benefit of being able to access the love story of these two men through sign language, and our hearing audience was able access it through the score.”

If you want to see the award winning silent short film, you can watch it down below.

h/t: NewNowNext

The First Gay Film With A Wide Release In China Got Disappointing Reviews

China just had its first gay film with a wide release across the country, but many a more disappointed than excited.

Last year, the Chinese censorship organization announced that they would allow gay film “Looking for Rohmer” to get a wide release across the country. This surprising act of tolerance and acceptance confused many as China’s actions towards gay content flips from intolerant to tolerant depending on the day.

But now that the film is out in theaters, some feel that this milestone is more of a letdown than anything.

Looking for Rohmer, otherwise known for its former working title Seek McCartney, follows the story of a Chinese dancer named Zhao Jie. Zhao Jie (played by Han Geng) starts the film in turmoil as his French friend Rohmer (played by Jérémie Elkaim) died while exploring Tibet. The film then explores the intimate relationship between the two.

A writer from Sixth Tone was honored with a spot to see a Shanghai screening of the film (and he noted that the three other viewers in the otherwise empty theater were also gay men).

What that Sixth Tone writer saw ended up being a pretty confusing film. It seems that the film went through several hoops of censorship before it could be released. This made it out to be one of those films where you have to know in order to recognize the signs of a homosexual storyline.

For instance, there was one scene where Rohmer goes to a bar to drink his worries away. Gay viewers of the film might have been able to recognize that the bar was only full of men and some more may have been able to recognize the bar as the popular LGBT bar in Beijing called “Destination.”

As Sixth Tone writes:

“Some scenes obviously point to a gay relationship,” a 43-year-old marketer surnamed Yang told Sixth Tone. Yang recalled how Rohmer and Zhao embraced, how Zhao rubbed Rohmer’s back in a public bathhouse, and how the two held hands during a night out drinking. But Yang also conceded that these scenes were few and far between, and might go unnoticed by straight moviegoers.

That said, many have felt cheated. After anticipating “the first gay film with a wide release in China,” many felt like censorship turned it into the blandest film (that’s kind of gay) imaginable.

"I thought I was watching a documentary film about the scenery in Tibet,” one ticket-booking user wrote online. “The product after censorship is a perfunctory, sucky movie.”

That said, perhaps Looking for Rohmer will have a better effect on the country in the longrun. Perhaps, the goal is like Love, Simon where Looking for Rohmer is just a movie to open the door for more gay films in the future.

That said, if you take away the draw for viewers looking to see gay films, Love, Simon remains a good movie while it looks like Looking for Rohmer has beautiful scenery but is otherwise pretty bland.

h/t: Sixth Tone

Taiwanese Film "Sodom's Cat" Uses A Gay Orgy To Talk About Gay Life And Love

A Taiwanese film featuring an explicit orgy scene is making the rounds in Asian film circuits and online.

Sodom’s Cat is an indie film created by GagaOOLala, Asia’s first LGBTQ streaming service.

The film centers on a group of five men from Taipei who meet through a gay app and get together to participate in a sex party.

Despite what would seem like a fairly graphic plot and storyline, the film is supposedly full of nuance and subtext. The movie’s creator, Huang Ting-Chun, meant for the project to depict psychological growth, emotional depth, and gay cultural messages through this brazen outer shell.

“This is a film talking about love through sex,” Huang said in an interview with Gay Star News, “Though it is X-rated, it is the emotions behind our current sex culture that I want to explore.”

You see, Sodom’s Cat boldly tackles hookup culture in Asian society like no film has done before, but with the purpose of expressing something deeper.

“I want to discuss this topic because it is core to gay culture nowadays. With the quick development of social networks, gay people can now be open about their sexual orientation without the embarrassment of barking at the wrong tree,” Huang remarked.

“Therefore, gays have become one of the biggest groups on personal social networks, and they use it as a place where they can get what they want.”

While the film will find its permanent home online through GagaOOLala, the movie has been making the rounds at festival circuits like the Taiwan Queer Film Festival where it was shortlisted for the Iris Award.

Unfortunately, GagaOOLala doesn’t always support English speaking viewers who wish to watch Asian content by providing subtitles (we’re not the target audience after all). But, the growing interest in the film internationally may help to promote an official English release sometime soon. (Here’s hoping).

h/t: GayStarNews

Steve Coogan And Paul Rudd Learn How To Play House In New Film "Ideal Home"

A new trailer is out for a film about a gay couple learning how to parent.

Ideal Home stars Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd as a celebrity chef named Erasmus and his directing husband named Paul.

The two fight often and live a hectic life but they ultimately love each other. Things change for them though after finding out that Erasmus has a 10-year-old grandson named Bill (played by Jack Gore). Now, they have to change their lives and learn how to raise the boy right.

The movie first premiered in February at the 2018 Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney and its now having an official release in theaters starting June 21.

Along with Netflix gay teen rom-com Alex Strangelove, it seems that this summer will have some interesting films starring gay characters. We’re looking forward to them.


Get Ready For Netflix's Gay Rom-Com Called "Alex Strangelove"

Ladies, gents, and those in flux, it seems that Netflix is trying to catch the wave that Love, Simon started.

The video streaming platform is increasingly becoming more aggressive by the day when it comes to buying the distribution rights for indie films. Now, after Love, Simon became the financial and cultural success that it is, it looks like Netflix wants in on that action.

Back in March, Netflix announced that the gay teen film Alex Strangelove would premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival, before then making its way to the streaming site.

Alex Strangelove tells the story of Alex Truelove, a well-rounded high school senior with a wonderful girlfriend Claire and a bright future ahead of him - and with plans to achieve his last teenage milestone by losing his virginity. But things get complicated when he meets Elliot, a handsome and charming gay kid from the other side of town, who unwittingly sends Alex on a rollercoaster journey of sexual identity, kicking off a hilarious and moving exploration of love, sex and friendship in our liberated and confusing modern times.

Written and Directed by Craig Johnson (The Skeleton Twins, Wilson), Alex Strangelove stars Daniel Doheny, Madeline Weinstein (Beach Rats), and Antonio Marziale (Altered Carbon). The film was produced by Ben Stiller, Nicky Weinstock, and Jared Ian Goldman.

After being produced by Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films and now getting distributed by Netflix, we’re pretty excited to see what the finished project looks like. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long.

Last month, the announcement for the film came with the initial release date of July 20. That said, NewNowNext reports that the film will release on Netflix on June 8. If this date change is real, it could make sense due to June being Pride month, and the recent success of Love, Simon.

That said, until an official release date is announced (and an official trailer comes out), we’ll assume that the release date is still July 20.

No matter what, the movie will be coming to us all through the streaming platform soon.

"Just Friends" or "Gewoon Vrienden" Is A Hot Gay Rom-Com To Look Out For

In this post, we're sharing with you guys a steamy gay film to look out for.

Keep in mind, this is sadly not the next Love, Simon with a big production company for us all to go see. This is a smaller tv movie that’s more indie, but made a splash for its provocative scenes.

The movie we’re talking about is Just Friends or Gewoon Vrienden as its known in its native Dutch.

The tv film focuses around two men who are falling in love, but have to deal with their overbearing mothers getting in the way of their relationship.

Want more details?

Well, the plot starts off with a man named Joris and his mother. Joris’s mom has become addicted to getting surgeries, so Joris hires Yad, a man similarly addicted to coke, to help his mother around the house.

But then, the two men get to know each other and realize that they’re falling in lust and love with each other. But, who’s gonna tell their disapproving mothers?

If that story sounds ok to you or if you are not fully convinced, let us tell you that there is a lot of steamy scenes to keep your attention.

While the tv film hasn’t been released in any English format yet, the movie has caused a bit of a splash its native country of the Netherlands. Because of that, there’s talk of it being transferred to Netflix and possibly getting an English dubbing or subbing.

So, look out for the steamy film about two “friends” getting up close and personal (and their mother’s heckling them in-between hot and heavy scenes).

But still need some more convincing? Head over to CocktailsAndCockTalk (site NSFW) to get an intimate look at some of those delicious scenes.

Let's Talk About "Love, Simon's " Cultural Influence

We are entering the fourth weekend since the release of Love, Simon, and it’s a good time to look at how the film has performed both financially and socially.

First, we have to look at the film’s Box Office records. As stated in an earlier article, the film opened with a so-so box office of about $11.5 million. This is neither a major success nor a major failure. In fact, its just as middling as the angle in which the film was promoted.

What I mean by that, is that director Greg Berlanti hoped that the film would subtlety open the door for more gay representation and inclusion in Hollywood films. As he told IndieWire, he once had to fight for a gay kiss on popular teen drama Dawson’s Creek, which then helped open the door for gay characters and stories in American television.

“I went from executives telling me, ‘You’re not allowed to have a gay kiss. If you’re gonna have a gay kiss, you have to shoot it from across the street.’ To within five years—’Wait a minute, why would you cut away here? Wouldn’t the characters kiss?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, sure. I’ll go back and put a gay kiss in the scene.'”

 “In TV, when we were trying to do certain kinds of LGBT representation over the last 15 years, walls started to fall, then they fell really fast. And we were able to get more and more specific with the storytelling. Cinema has always been at the forefront of that stuff. But I don’t think that mainstream studios have been.”

His hope was that by presenting Love, Simon as a typical teen rom-com, it could discreetly present a precedent for future films with gay characters to come.

Though, perhaps Love, Simon failed Greg Berlanti’s plan in the most pleasant way. You see, the film has been holding incredibly strong in the following two weeks after its initial release. The film held an impressive 34% hold in its second week and a respectable 37% hold in its third week of release.

In addition, the film has already made a profit. With a production budget of $17 million, the film had a relatively low number to overturn. Then, with a $33 million domestic box office record and a $1.6 million international box office, the film has made about $35 million worldwide.

On top of keeping a steady hold while in movie theaters, Love, Simon still has the potential to do well in the ancillary market.

Once the film leaves movie theaters, it’ll go over to Video-On-Demand and streaming platforms, DVD racks, airline galleries, and more.

\Let’s be honest, can you imagine yourself picking Love, Simon over another film while flying across the skies? I can, and hopefully many others will. This only means more money is on the horizon for the film.

But now, lets shift gears and look at Love, Simon’s cultural and social impact. As stated earlier, Greg Berlanti hoped for an eventual effect where future films will look at Love, Simon as an example. While that could still hold true, the film has also had some instant influence.

First, Love, Simon has inspired many celebrities to buy out theaters in order to help make the film accessible to others.

Not only did Greg Berlanti and his former soccer playing husband Robbie Rogers buy out theaters in Mississippi and Kentucky, but many other celebrities have done similar acts.

Kristen Bell, Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matt Bomer, Jennifer Garner, Daniel Preda and more have all bought out theaters in their hometowns to help people see the film.

Part of the reason for this massive support by celebrities is the fact that the film stands for something bigger. Not only is the a film centering on a gay character, but it’s a solid film that isn’t being promoted as a movie just for gay people.

Love, Simon’s strength is in its relatability to all people who’ve had a crush or felt the pressure to present themselves differently in order to fit society’s standards. At the same time, the film’s message is that everyone ironically loves it went people are authentic and real.

In addition, the film’s focus on coming out is both familiar and refreshingly new. As many article writers have written before me, this a film that all youth should see (gay or otherwise).


This return to the classic “feel good movie” has also already helped others to come out and celebrate being LGBTQ. For instance, Love, Simon star Nick Robinson shared that a close family members of his came out thanks to the film.

In addition, the film has introduced us to gay actor Clark Moore who played openly gay character Ethan in the film. After the movie's release, Moore shared that he was honored to act as the type of gay teen he wishes he was back in High School.

Also, fellow star Keiynan Lonsdale came out as bisexual to the cast and crew Love, Simon during the final day of production and is now making music about LGBTQ love.

Ultimately, Love, Simon started out as a film hoping to open doors through being relatively average in both box office numbers and presentation. Despite that, what we really got was a fantastic film with an A+ cinema score and a successful hold in movie theaters. On top of that, celebrities and movie-goers are praising the film with their wallets and their computer keyboards.

Love, Simon has done some great things, and we’re all thankful for it.

Gay Irish Film "Handsome Devil" Stunned At The Garden State Film Festival

This past weekend, the state of New Jersey held its annual Garden State Film Festival. During this year’s event, the festival played Irish gay film Handsom Devil.

News source IrishCentral reached out to the festival’s founder, Diane Raver, who said she was honored to play the movie for her program.

“The Garden State Film Festival,” Raver told IrishCentral, “prides itself on presenting the best of Independent films from around the globe. Handsome Devil is an absolutely stunning film of Ireland, the rugby culture, and redemption. It is everything we founded this festival to present to our audience.”

“Of course, the Jersey Shore is affectionately known as the ‘Irish Riviera’ due to the large population of Irish inhabitants, but more importantly the Irish Film Board is one of the best film loads in the world. This ensures that filmmakers can produce wonderful films like Handsome Devil It is our greatest honor and privilege to do so.”

The film Handsome Devil was filmed in Dublin and released in 2016.

The story follows openly gay high school student Ned. Ned feels like an outcast at his boarding school which is filled with testosterone-fueled boys who are obsessed with the sport of rugby. But, when Ned gets a new roommate, named Conor, who’s the star player of the school’s rugby team, he soon gains a new friend and appreciation for the sport.



In addition, the film’s writer/director John Butler also talked to IrishCentral to share his thoughts on the film.

Handsome Devil,” John Butler told IrishCentral, “is basically my answer to the John Hughes films I grew up loving, ‘Dead Poets Society’ and ‘Election,’ all those coming-of-age high school films.

“The idea is that kids are emotionally more open and accepting when they are young, but then they have cynicism bred into them by their environments. This film, unlike ‘Dead Poets Society’ where the adults are these pillars of wisdom, I wanted there to be a weakness in the adults and strength among the young people.

Butler also shared his thoughts on why he created the film and why he wants it to connect to teenagers, LGBTQ or otherwise, in today’s modern world.

“I feel it was really important to tell this kind of story, to portray the experiences I was seeing growing up. I grew up in a rigidly binary world where masculine traits were those represented in sport. For me growing up, it seemed like it was impossible to be both,” he said.

“This film stems from that memory, and I think it has something to say in 2017, because obviously as we all know there are so few ‘out’ players in sport. Currently, there aren’t any ‘out’ players at the peak of their careers in premier soccer or rugby union. Male team sports particularly seem to suffer from this lack of representation

“If you buy into this idea of your orientation as an identity, then your identity is formed so early in your life. Having a role model of an openly gay sports player as a young person would have been huge for me. I’ve seen how useless these binary definitions are and I just felt like I needed to push that idea around and examine why it is we are still in that position in the sport.”

If you want to read more of John Butler’s interview with IrishCentral, you can head over through this link.

If you want to see more of the film Handsome Devil, it is available on Netflix, Amazon and Youtube in some countries. Otherwise, you can read this Instinct writer’s review of the film here.

h/t: IrishCentral