UPSAHL's 'The Other Team' Has Us Remembering Our High School Days

When we first covered UPSAHL's new song "Swinging for the Other Team" in UPSAHL Sings Catchy Tune We All Know Too Well, we said that we loved listening to it and felt it may hit home with some of our girl-slash-friends.  All we had to go on was the lyrical video and the hypnotic tones.

Now, UPSAHL has released a video that is bringing us back to high school, but in a good way.

I remember high school and being in the closet, having a girlfriend, but knowing that the hetero life was not for me.  When watching this video, with all of the kids just looking around with everything and anything with a heart beat, wondering if they were interested in them, I was like look at all of the sexual confusion ... and it's great!  UPSAHL paints a picture of, yes, high school being a confusing time in life, but it's totally okay and it's without shame.  There's no one thinking their feelings are wrong, but they are just thoughts and they are up to seeing if others are interested.

Good lord, if I was around in this high school, an environment that seems so very open to possibilities, not stigmas, no negativity toward difference, how different would live have been?  Maybe I wouldn't have waited until i was 24 to come out. Yep, late bloomer.

But UPSAHL seems to speak from experience when it comes to going after the wrong guy.
‘The Other Team’ is about unrequited feelings and crushing on people that don't like you back, so we figured that a high school setting was the perfect place to showcase the feeling that we all know too well. Everyone is always going to be swinging for somebody else's ‘other team,’ so you'll be seeing a bunch of missed connections between characters throughout the video, while we all dance and run around a high school. It definitely has some ‘Breakfast Club’ vibes, so it really takes you back to high school and the whirlwind of emotions that go with it; even though I was just in high school, it still felt like a little throwback. - UPSAHL
Get your humming apparatus ready.
“A vibrant debut…an instantly catchy chorus -- the vocals sound refined enough to be taken for an industry mainstay.” – Billboard
“A bubbling swaying number…the 19-year-old artist displays a mature grasp and sense of self-awareness when it comes to relationships and her own emotions” – Consequence of Sound

Revealing her touring plans for early 2019, UPSAHL will join Max Frost on half of his Gold Rush Tour in March/April, ending at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on April 10. March will also see UPSAHL make her SXSW debut.

3/13-3/16        Austin, TX                              SXSW+
3/18                Ann Arbor, MI                        Blind Pig*
3/19                Cleveland, OH                       Grog Shop*
3/20                Toronto, ON                           Baby G’s*
3/22                Boston, MA                            Great Scott*
3/25                New York, NY                         Bowery Ballroom*
3/26                Washington, D.C.                   DC9*
3/28                Carrboro, NC                         Cat’s Cradle*
3/29                Atlanta, GA                             Aisle 5*
3/30                Nashville, TN                          High Watt*
3/31                Dallas, TX                               Dada*
4/2                  Houston, TX                           House of Blues – Bronze Peacock*
4/4                  Austin, TX                               Scoot Inn*
4/6                  Phoenix, AZ                            Valley Bar*
4/8                  San Diego, CA                       House of Blues – Voodoo Room*
4/10                Los Angeles, CA                    Troubadour*



Wisconsin High School Boys Throw Full-On 'Sig Heil' In Prom Photo

Folks are kind of flummoxed by a photo taken at the junior prom of Wisconsin's Baraboo High School showing the class's male students doing a 'sig heil.'

Law & Crime points out the event was last spring, but the photo just came to light when it was posted to the Twitter account @GoBaraboo that has since been been made private.

It was shared with the caption, “We even got the black kid to throw it up #BarabooProud.”



One guy in the front was clearly doing the sign for white power:



Vice contributor Jules Suzdaltsev asked Twitter to help him do a deep dive into the matter, and he began getting private messages from students at the school saying they had seen and heard a lot of racist language while attending the school.





One student who graduated from BHS this spring wrote Suzdaltsev saying he could "100% support the claims of racism at that school."

"The use of the n-word was pretty common among a lot of white students, whether jokingly or not," he added.

Another told Suzdaltsev that the day after Donald Trump was elected, students were yelling "White Power!" in the hallways.

Folks did note that one student, in the upper right hand corner of the photo, was clearly not having the moment.

Suzdaltsev spoke with the student, who says his name is Jordan Blue, who said the photo was taken so quickly he couldn't leave. But he also shared that he'd been bullied by his classmates for years.

"My name is Jordan Blue, I am the boy captured in the photo to the far right. The photo was taken during our Junior Prom Photos. I clearly am uncomfortable, with what was happening. I couldn't leave the photo as it was taken within 5 seconds. The photographer took the photos telling us to make the sign, I knew what my morals were and it not to salute something I firmly didn't believe in. I attend BHS, these classmates have bullied me since entering middle school, I have struggled with it my entire life and nothing has changed. These are the boy of Class of 2019, nothing has been done and my question is... with anything ever be done. I truly & firmly believe we need to make a change to this horrible act, it need to stop. Bullying. Immaturity. And just taking things as a "joke"..."



According to Suzdaltsev, the photographer (identified as local motorcycle photographer Peter Gust) has taken the photo album down from his website and issued an odd message calling out "malevolent behavior on the part of some in society." He seems to be blaming the scandal on folks taking issue with the idea of telling students to do a Nazi salute.

The photo has even received international attention as the Twitter account for the Auschwitz Memorial tweeted, "This is why every single day we work hard to educate."



Baraboo School District Superintendent Dr. Lori Mueller issued this statement:


The Barabook School District sent the following letter to parents this morning in response to a photo on social media.

Dear Parents/Guardians of Baraboo School District Students:

Early this morning, a photo that was taken last spring of some Barabook School District students who appear to be making extremely inappropriate gestures began circulating on social media. The District has confirmed at this time that the photo was not taken on school property or at a school-sponsored event.

The school district is investigating this situation and is working with parents, staff and local authorities. If the gesture is what it appears to be, the district will pursue any and all available and appropriate actions, including legal, to address the issue.

With that, we want to be very clear: the Baraboo School District is a hate-free environment where all people, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, are respected and celebrated.


Dr. Lori Mueller, Superintendent

(h/t Madison.com)

Survey Shows Progress For LGBTQ High Schoolers Is Slowing Down

According to the 2017 National School Climate Survey from GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), progress in making schools more inclusive and less hostile for LGBTQ students has slowed down after years of improvement.

The survey polled more than 23,000 students across the United States ages 13-21 between April and August of 2017.

The average age of participants was 15.6 years-old and four in ten of those surveyed identified as gay or lesbian.

The results of the survey showed that after years of declining harassment, the improving climate seems to have plateaued (see graphic below).

From the survey:

• Almost 60% of LGBTQ students felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation; 44% because of their gender expression

• Almost 35% of LGBTQ students say they missed a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe

• 4 in 10 avoided gender-segregated spaces like bathrooms or locker rooms due to safety concerns

• 98.5% of LGBTQ students have heard the term “gay” used in a negative way; 70% say they hear these remarks frequently

• 70.1% of LGBTQ students say they’ve experienced verbal harassment based on sexual orientation; almost 60% based on gender expression

• Almost 30% say they’ve been physically harassed (pushed, shoved) based on sexual orientation; 24.4% based on gender expression

• 12.4% of LGBTQ students say they’ve been physically assaulted (punched, kicked) based on sexual orientation; 11.2% based on gender expression

• 42.2% of LGBTQ students say they considered dropping out of school due to harassment

• 48.7% of LGBTQ students have experienced cyberbullying in the past year

• 57.3% of LGBTQ students reported being sexually harassed in the past year at school

The majority of LGBTQ students (55.3%) who were victimized in school did not report the incident believing no effective intervention would happen or the situation could become worse.

Of the students who did report an incident, 60.4% say school staff did nothing or told the student to ignore it.

One piece of good news: more students reported having a Gay/Straight Alliance (53.3%) at their school than ever before.

The data shows that when a school offers a GSA, LGBTQ students were less likely to hear homophobic or transphobic slurs; saw more intervention by school personnel; and were less likely to feel unsafe at school due to their sexual orientation.

Head over to GLSEN to read the full report.

(h/t NewNowNext)

Has This Teacher Learned His Lesson After Having Sex With a Student?

Justin Adrian, a social studies teacher at Olathe East High School in Shawnee, Kansas, is being charged with a felony for unlawful sexual relations for having a sexual encounter with a student in his classroom. According to The Kansas City Star, Adrian, 33, connected with an 18-year-old student at his school using an online app (Grindr). The encounter occurred on September 6th when the student went to Adrian’s classroom and engaged in sexual acts after Adrian locked the classroom door. Adrian gave the student a hall pass so that he would not be late to his next class. Haven’t we seen porn movies that start this way?

According to court documents, Adrian told the student that he could be fired if people found out that they were engaging in conversation. The affidavit also states that messages between the teacher and student were ‘sexual in nature’. According to Fox4KC, Adrian asked the student to meet him at a nearby Target on September 6th, but the student declined. He persisted several other times during the day. Adrian was placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Olathe East High School sent letters to parents reading:

Dear Olathe East parents,

I wanted to make you aware that Mr. Adrian, your child's Social Studies teacher, will not be returning to Olathe East. We have an outstanding substitute in place currently and will be looking to name a permanent teacher as quickly as possible. Our substitute will be working closely with our Social Studies chair, and I am confident that students will have an excellent remainder to the 2018-19 school year. Once we have named a permanent teacher, we will communicate that information to you.

We are committed to working with our students and staff to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kerry Lane, Principal

Adrian was also a councilmember for Shawnee City Council. He resigned on September 12th.

Currently, Adrian is free on bond, but is due back in court on November 7th. If convicted he could serve over two and half years in prison.

h/t: The Kansas City Star, Fox4KC

This Football Team is Crossing the Line from Hazing to Sexual Assault

When her 15-year-old son began acting strangely after football practice last year, Misty Cox became concerned for his well-being. Soon after, the school resource officer from Gunnison Valley High School contacted Cox to inform her that her son had sexually assaulted by a group of football players.

Cox spoke with FOX13:

He was embarrassed by what had happened and just wished it would all just go away.

Two boys held him down, a third boy pulled his own pants down and rubbed his backside and genitalia all over my son’s face.

My son did not consent to this. My son was held down against his will and was sexually assaulted. This is not a hazing incident. This is not a bullying incident. This is not a 'boys will be boys' incident. This is a sexual assault.

The school opened an investigation and all three students are facing charges of sexual assault.

During the investigation, other victims have come forward describing at least 13 other acts of sexual abuse according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Tribune says Sanpete County Attorney, Kevin Daniels, assures:

The first alleged assault occurred in October 2017, according to charging documents. One assault was reported in November and December 2017, with two in January. One was reported in March and another in June. Four assaults reportedly occurred on the same day: Sept. 17.

Allegations of abuse come from different social circles, says Daniels. It’s not just football players.

Since there are only 349 students at Gunnison Valley High School, the allegations make up 4 percent of the entire student body. Students who are being accused are not allowed at school until the investigation is complete.

h/t: FOX13, The Salt Lake Tribune

HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee Breaks Records

HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee Breaks Records

Seriously, What Is Going On In Wisconsin?

YIKES! I know – talking about sexually transmitted infections – once known as diseases – is extremely heavy. It’s terrifying to constantly have to remind ourselves of the reality we live in, especially members of the LGBTQ community. I won’t lie, it is always pretty awkward when you’re speaking with someone through a dating app – potentially to just have a quick hook up – and then the talk of past sexual history comes up along with the last time someone was tested. Is it just me, or does it appear that everyone online has been tested “two weeks ago”. I just that answer so often that I now take it as a lie. Was there a line outside my local West Hollywood clinic or something?! Alas, we’re in the day and age of Prep – which is a daily pill that may prevent exposure to HIV. Thus, no one wants to use a condom anymore since people now seemingly believe they’re invincible. The next story I’m about to share with you proves to anyone you should still be using condoms.

According to NewNowNext, there’s a huge increase of HIV, syphilis, or both within the last 3 months in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At least 125 people have been infected this year – including high school students. Like, what the hell is going on in the Midwest?! At least 45% of the newly infected are men – and a dozen are high school students. Authorities believe the number of high school students will rise as more people come forward to get tested.

Well, this is absolutely disturbing and unsettling. Please everyone, stay aware and careful. The fact experts believe this number will increase is horrifying.