Why Can’t Gay, Bi or Fluid Male Entertainers Come Out in Hollywood?

As someone who lives in New York City and is used to the endless gossip I hear about the celebrity world, it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to me that there are several entertainers who are either allegedly gay, bisexual or fluid and in the closet about it.

These are men who come from all walks of the business: movie legends, sports stars, music icons and so much more. I’ve heard stories about one in particular heading to popular restaurant early in the morning with their significant other where they dress totally incognito, eat, enjoy each other’s company and leave without anybody noticing (or so they think). There’s also a fairly popular one who has been rumored to be gay for most of his music career but hasn’t addressed any of that as of yet.

Yet, all of them stay in the closet (once again, allegedly). I am not one to ever, EVER out someone as it’s the wrong thing to do no matter what the situation is, however it’s very frustrating that gay, bi and fluid men in the entertainment industry still have to deal with this in 2018 given how accepting society has gotten over the past 20-30 years.

Hollywood and its counterparts can be a place that is difficult for anyone to succeed in, let alone people who identify as LGBTQ. It becomes extremely difficult for an openly gay man to find roles that aren’t gay as the public can find it hard to believe that they are playing a heterosexual. Yet straight men, like the late Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, are lauded for their portrayals of gay men (fictional or non-fictional) and sometimes win major awards for it.

There have been some notable exceptions, however. Neil Patrick Harris played a womanizing type on How I Met Your Mother for several years, and Matt Bomerscored a big role as a male stripper performing for women only in the film Magic Mike. There are also other performers who have broken through the sexuality stereotype like George Michael and Sam Smith to name a few, where people place their talent over the type of person they are sexually attracted to.

Is it career suicide for a man to come out in 2018? Does it meant that the roles they will audition for will become smaller and smaller because of their admission? Or maybe they have built up such a reputation as a Hollywood heartthrob that it would be a complete 180 for them if they were to ever be real about who they actually are.

The fortunate thing about the younger generations (IE millennials) is how much more accepting they are about sexuality compared to previous generations. Certain stars, like Noah Centineo, have openly spoken out about kissing their best male friend and the reception they receive from their fanbase is pretty positive afterwards. You also have shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race that has brought in such a young viewership that isn’t LGBTQ specific… it is all-encompassing. People seem to be more comfortable with who they are more than ever before, so what’s stopping these guys from being their authentic selves as society continues to normalize and love every type of person out there?

Why do you think gay, bi and fluid entertainers continue to stay in the closet all this time later? 

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Heads Up: Spanish-Language Oscar Contender 'Roma' Has One of the Year's Most Gloriously Erotic Scenes

I’ve just come back from seeing Alfonso Cuarón’s epic drama Roma, one of the most acclaimed films of the year. It’s definitely going to play a key role in awards season. 

I’ll tell you right off the bat that it’s a great film and it lives up to the reviews. 

I also want to give you a heads up: this has one of the year’s best male nude scenes, hands-down. 

Set in Mexico City in the 1970s, Roma is Oscar-winning Gravity and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director Cuarón’s most personal picture to date; it’s largely based on his childhood and the strong women who raised him. 

The main character is a maid and nanny named Cleo who works for a wealthy family. 

Early in the film, Cleo takes a lover. He’s a martial artist named Fermín. Before the film even reaches the half-hour mark (it runs a fairly epic 135 minutes), we get a bedroom scene where Cleo sits in bed and watches Fermín, who is completely naked, perform a martial arts routine with a shower rod. Cleo is watching this with a mix of reverence and horniness— maybe even a little intimidation, representative of what we the audience are feeling. 

Cuarón is his own director of photography here, and I think he has a very good shot at winning a Best Cinematography Oscar this year. Roma is shot in black & white, and every frame is exquisite. 

Fermín’s naked martial arts routine is no exception. And it’s lengthy. It’s about a full minute of some of the most gorgeously lit and masterfully photographed man candy to make it to the big screen ever. See it for yourself when Roma is released. Personally, I think this will go down as one of the all-time great nude scenes. And I’m not just spouting hyperbole. I mean it. 

Full-frontal male nudity in film seems to be all the rage right now—and thank God. Women have been forced to show us the goods, often for absolutely no reason, for over a century of cinema. It’s about time we turned the tables a bit—and maybe even had some fun with it.

Roma opens in two theaters, one in LA and one in NYC, Nov. 21. It will expand to select theaters before coming to Netflix streaming Dec. 14.  

What’s the most gorgeous, tasteful and handsomely photographed nude scene you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments. 

Cate Blanchett Will "Fight For the Death" For Straight Actors to Play Gay Roles

Many believe queer actors playing queer characters would be progress.

Some don’t feel this way. Like two-time Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett. She has some pretty strong opinions on the matter.

As reported by THR reporting from the Rome Film Festival, Blanchett says she strongly believes actors don’t need a shared experience to play a role, and that straight actors should be allowed to play LGBTQ+ characters forever without any bad blood.

She added:

“It also speaks to something that I’m quite passionate about in storytelling generally, but in film specifically, which is that film can be quite a literal medium.”

“And I will fight to the death for the right to suspend disbelief and play roles beyond my experience.”

“I think reality television and all that that entails had an extraordinary impact, a profound impact on the way we view the creation of character. I think it provides a lot of opportunity, but the downside of it is that we now, particularly in America, I think, we expect and only expect people to make a profound connection to a character when it’s close to their experience.”

Blanchett was nominated for an Oscar for playing a repressed lesbian in (the great movie) Carol (2015). Her character in this year’s boring-except-when-Anne-Hathaway-was-onscreen Ocean’s 8 was heavily implied to be a lesbian, though this was never confirmed.

The way Blanchett presents her argument seems logical enough until you look at the numbers. Openly gay actors struggle to even get cast in movies or TV, and straight people win awards for playing LGBTQ+ people all the time.

Do you agree with Blanchett’s remarks about the suspension of disbelief, or do you think she’s completely out of touch? Let us know in the comments.

h/t: THR

Melissa McCarthy Is an Oscar Contender in Gay, Grown-Up Relationship Study 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?'

It is very likely we will see Lady Gaga face off against Melissa McCarthy at the Oscars—for performances in two films with queer characters, no less.

Based on Lee Israel’s memoir, Can You Ever Forgive Me? stars McCarthy as Israel and follows her as she tries to revitalize her failing writing career by forging letters from deceased authors and playwrights.

McCarthy is receiving heavy Oscar buzz for her performance; many are calling it her best work to date.

The heart of the movie is a flawed, deep, warts-and-all friendship between Israel and loyal Jack Hock (Richard E. Grant). Queer love stories of any kind are all too rare in Hollywood fare, much less carefully considered studies of platonic love that goes deep between two friends who happen to be gay.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? currently holds a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. On Metacritic, it holds a score of 87, signifying “Universal Acclaim." It's critically adored. 

Can You Ever Forgive Me?  is now playing.  Watch the trailer below.

Do you plan on seeing Can You Ever Forgive Me? Have you been in many platonic, loving queer relationships? Let us know in the comments. 





UN Goodwill Ambassador and 'Harry Potter' Star Emma Watson Tweets Support for LGBTQ+ Community Once Again

As reported by Pink News, Watson expressed support for the trans community via social media earlier today.

The tweet and IG post included a snap of Watson in a t-shirt saying “Trans rights are human rights.” Watson tagged several LGBTQ+ charities in the post, including Stonewall and trans children’s charity Mermaids.




@stonewalluk @mermaidsgender @genderedintelligence

A post shared by Emma Watson (@emmawatson) on


Many have already expressed gratitude for Watson’s post on social media.

Mermaids tweeted “THANK YOU from all the trans kids that don’t have a voice! ❤️❤️❤️.”

Watson has 48 million followers on Instagram, just shy of 29 million on Twitter.

Last year, Watson became the first performer to receive the MTV Movie Awards’ new gender-neutral Best Actor Prize.

Accepting the award, she said: “Empathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no limits. This is very meaningful to me, both to be winning the award and to be receiving it from you in such an inclusive, patient and loving way.”

For more on this, visit Pink News

Anne Hathaway Has Some Strong Opinions About 'A Star Is Born'

Perhaps you’ve heard: A Star Is Born is really, really good. In addition to drawing critical raves and heavy Oscar buzz, the musical melodrama has remained #2 at the domestic box office two weeks in a row, just behind unexpected behemoth Venom (which got terrible reviews).

Many of us have already seen it at least once and haven’t been shy about expressing our love for it online. 

There’s one review that stands out in particular, a thoughtful and passionate write-up by Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway.

Also known as “The Only Good Thing About The Otherwise Pedestrian and Totally Lame Ocean’s 8,” Hathaway stresses that Bradley Cooper’s drama is the kind of Hollywood entertainment that doesn’t come around too often.

“We are so fortunate -- a ton of worthy, excellent movies are going to come out between now and the end of the year, and our plates are going to become increasingly full,” she continued. “That said, I think A Star is Born is so special, so ambitious, so audacious and so brilliantly human that it shouldn’t just be a news story for one weekend.”

“I keep thinking how we move through things so quickly these days (how could we not?“I know my personal capacity to absorb something new is often maxed out. For example, a movie opens, we are ‘obsessed’ for a weekend, we move on. I do this too: even when I really love something, I get distracted by the next thing, don’t fully digest the experience and I quickly move on, like the world exists only to entertain me, like great art is unlimited, that my consumption of it as an everyday all-you-can eat buffet is acceptable.”

Hathaway says A Star Is Born was nothing short of life-changing for her.

“This film surprised me in the best possible way; it even killed some cynicism that I didn’t know had snuck into my heart,” she says. “I loved it. I hope you see it.”

There’s more. It’s all very eloquent and touching. Maybe Hathaway should start reviewing movies on the reg? This is a better film review than like 60% of the bullsh*t that makes it to Rotten Tomatoes. Check out the Insta post below.

Are you as gaga for A Star Is Born as the rest of us? Do you think it will win Best Picture at the Oscars? Let us know in the comments!

h/t: ET


Pete Davidson Is Single Again After Splitting From Fiancée Ariana Grande

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It certainly got our attention.

As reported by TMZ, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have called off their engagement. It seems amicable; both parties acknowledged this just wasn’t the right time for their relationship to take center stage.

The Saturday Night Live star and the Sweetener songstress announced their engagement back in May. They’d only been dating for a few weeks, and their move has made major headlines ever since.

As to why they’re calling it quits, Grande has been pretty open on social media and elsewhere about the fact that she’s going through some stuff. Notably, she’s been affected by the tragic death of her ex Mac Miller. The rapper was only 26.

Grande’s engagement ring reportedly cost a cool $100k.

Will Davidson address this on the next episode of SNL? Goodness knows he’s usually really blunt and transparent. We will see when the show returns Nov. 3.

According to TMZ, Davidson and Grande aren’t ruling out the possibility of getting back together in the future.

For more: TMZ.

Are you sad this didn’t work out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Let's Take a Moment to Appreciate All the Times Ralph Fiennes Got Fully Nude

Happy Friday, readers. Let’s top off the weekend with some classic nudity from a classic, classy stud.

Thanks to Mr. Man, we have a steamy montage of all the times Academy Award-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes took all his clothes off. Note: he’s done it a lot.

Surely you recognize the 55-year-old English star? Under some admittedly not-so-sexy, noseless makeup, he played the Big Bad, Voldemort, in the Harry Potter franchise, the third highest-grossing series in movie history. He was snubbed for a Best Actor Academy Award nod for The Grand Budapest Hotel. He’s been nominated for two Oscars, for Schindler’s List and The English Patient.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, he also starred in the God-awful, misguided from the ground-up 1999 flop The Avengers (an adaptation of the 1960s TV show; no relation to Marvel). That movie features Uma Thurman and Sean Connery in brightly-colored teddy bear costumes. Not a comedy, it’s one of the funniest movies ever made.

For right now, in this moment, we’re just savoring all the times Fiennes showed us full-frontal and rear nudity on-screen. From to most recently in A Bigger Splash opposite Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenaerts, a big muscular hottie who also gets naked a lot.

I’m 28, and I can tell you that growing up I paused many, many a Ralph Fiennes-starrer on VHS. That’s all I’ll say here without divulging TMI.

Check out several minutes of this elegant stud in all his NSFW glory at Mr. Man via Gay Fleshbot.

Happy weekend!


Following Decades of Accusations of Sexual Misconduct, Bryan Singer Lands High-Profile New Gig

After years and years of rumors, lawsuits and accusations, and a recent high-profile firing, many believed Bryan Singer was done in Hollywood.

It turns out, that’s probably not the case, not by a long shot.

As reported by THR, the X-Men director is in talks with Millennium Films to secure a payday of $10 million+ for a “female-empowered” remake of Red Sonja.

The previous film version of Red Sonja was a swords and sorcery picture starring Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It received terrible reviews, Nielsen got a Razzie for Worst New Star, and today it is mainly remembered, if at all, as an unintentional comedy.

In December, Singer was fired from Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody for erratic, unprofessional behavior, and replaced with Dexter Fletcher. That same month, he was sued by a man who claims Singer raped him on a boat when he was a minor.

Singer’s legal troubles and accusations of sexual misconduct go back decades, to at least the mid-1990s when the the filmmaker was taken to court for allegedly requiring underage boys to strip naked in a locker room scene on the set of Apt Pupil while their parents were removed.

This isn’t the only recent case of a prominent Hollywood figure accused of sex crimes getting a second chance. In related news, long-“disgraced” filmmaker Roman Polanski just acquired a huge budget to make his next movie, J’Accuse. Also, last month Louis C.K. returned to standup comedy.

What’s next? Harvey Weinstein winning a Best Picture Oscar at the 2020 Academy Awards? Kevin Spacey getting the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at the 2021 Golden Globes?

What do you make of this? Does this news have you seeing red? Is the #MeToo movement already losing steam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



h/t: THR

'Kingsman' Hottie Taron Egerton Plays Sir Elton John in the First Teaser for 'Rocketman'

The first footage of Paramount Pictures’ Rocketman has been released. The musical biopic stars Kingsman hottie Taron Egerton as Sir Elton John.

This biopic has been rumored and in the works for years. At various points, James McAvoy and Tom Hardy were attached to star.

Dexter Fletcher helms the movie. He directed Egerton in the heartwarming sports pic Eddie the Eagle. He’s also the man who replaced Bryan Singer as director on Bohemian Rhapsody after Singer was fired for bad behavior.

Egerton appeared opposite real-life Elton John in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The actor has said that Rocketman won’t be a traditional biopic, rather something of a dreamy, music-heavy tribute to his early life and career. Bryce Dallas Howard plays John’s mother, and Jamie Bell plays lyricist Bernie Taupin.

The logline for the film reads “The uncensored human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years.”

Paramount Pictures releases RocketMan on May 31, 2019. Watch the teaser below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.