Man Admits To Slitting His Lover's Throat During Sex And Stealing From His Dead Body

A man in India has confessed to both stabbing his lover while they had sex and stealing from the dead body.

21-year-old Amaan Gopal Kavitiya in Colva, India has confessed to killing his 53-year-old lover Baptisto D’Costa.

Police say that D’Costa, who had a wife, met Kavitiya back in October. Kavitiya became closely acquainted with D’Costa and two of his employees. They would often go out for dinner and drinks.

Despite his wife, D’Costa later started a sexual relationship with Kavitiya (and one other man in the group).

“The deceased would call Kavitiya frequently and invite him over,” the police chief to Time of India.

“While initially the deceased would pay, it was when Kavitiya borrowed money from D’Costa, that his demands grew.

“Exasperated, he devised a plan to rid of him,” Gawas added.

This past Saturday, the two met at a church before heading to Betalbatim beach.

"After a round or two of drinks, the deceased indulged in sexual activities.”

“Finding D’Costa in a vulnerable position, Kavitiya took out a knife and slit D’Costa’s throat and stabbed him in the neck.

“He died instantly.”

After that, Kavitiya stole Rs 10,000 (about $157.40) and gold items from D’Costa’s body.

As you might imagine, Kavitiya didn’t get far and was soon brought in by police for investigation. While he initially said that he had nothing to do with D’Costa’s death, Kavitiya later relented and confessed.

“It was only when we confronted him with all evidence that pointed to his presence at the spot of the crime at the time of the incident that he admitted to having committed the murder,” Gawas said.

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Mr Gay World India 2018 Wants To Be A Model for Change In India

We have a new title holder for Mr Gay World India and his name is Samarpan Maiti.

The annual competition is a part of a global sensation that tries to find the best and most upstanding gay men in multiple countries around the world.

As for the 2018 India winner, Maiti spends half of his time at the Kolkata institute researching cancer drugs and treatment, while spending the other half modeling.

Despite his current position in life, Maiti was humble as he won the title of Mr Gay World India and says that his rural upbringing makes the moment even more special.

“Being from a middle class rural background I had to face many challenges to be in the position that I am in today. The win made me feel that finally my struggles got acceptance,” he told The Asian Age.

Maiti shared that after his father died, he and a friend, who would later propose to Maiti’s sister, began living together in order to survive. Unfortunately, everyone around them assumed they were in a relationship and the two were kicked out on the street.

That experience inspired Maiti to engage with the gay community in India and later come out to his friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, the response to his coming out was fairly mixed. Many of Maiti’s science colleagues judged him, and his mother, whom he came out to in 2016, is still adjusting.

That said, all of that strife has inspired Maiti to help bring change and acceptance to India as a spokesperson of the gay community in the country.

“My focus is now on to represent my country at world stage in Mr. Gay world in South Africa this summer,” he said.

“I will take this opportunity to inspire the thousands of struggling souls out there who are seeking acceptance too.”

He also added:

“It is very important to send a representative from such a country that has not yet acknowledged the right of the LGBT community to speak about the discrimination, fights and social issues we are facing here."

Lastly, he hopes to act as a model for underprivileged LGBTQ people back at home.

Congratulations to Samarpan Maiti.

Homophobic News Station Wants To Stop The Thriving Gay Culture

A TV news station is saying that watching porn is spreading gay culture and making viewers gay.

Leading regional channel TV9 Telugu in India recently tried to expose "the spread of homosexuality" in a segment called “Gay Culture on the Rise in Telugu States.”

The segment originally aired on December 25. In addition, several sites are reporting that the segment was shared on the news station’s Youtube channel, but it seems the video has since been taken down.

At the start of the segment, the anchor declared:

 “The gay culture in western countries, is now increasing in the Telugu states. A large number of youngsters are now turning homosexual.”

"What is the reason for the increase of this gay culture?” she asks, “What are doctors saying?"

The anchor then turns it over to a reporter who asks more questions like, “Are mental health problems the reason behind people turning gay?”

But possibly the worst thing is when the channel interviewed two anonymous doctors.

One anonymous doctor seemed alright and only persisted that gay men should commit to safe sex in order to prevent contracting STDs.

The other doctor sadly went in the other direction.

As The News Minute reports:

“According to him, there are two things to be considered while 'dealing' with homosexual persons. The first being ‘trapping’ and ‘luring’ passive people into thinking that being gay is alright and okay. And the second are the Internet, social media and pornography.” 

But it gets even worse. The news story then gave information for organizations that treat people who identify as gay and asked viewers to help stop the spread of gay culture.

“There is a need for youth to restrain from getting attracted to same sex, and they should be extremely cautious about the changes in the society or else the gay culture will further thrive,” it says.

As you can imagine, several people were upset by this discriminatory message presented by a well-known news agency.

“The general public learns from the media. They assume that the media is telling them the right things, and will agree with TV9 when it pushes homophobic content like this," said Abhishek from Queer Campus Hyderabad, an agglomeration of LGBTQ allies in the city.

"It is the responsibility of media persons to research and understand the issue that they are talking about before broadcasting such content.”

First Openly Gay Indian Prince Will Open LGBT Center in India

In 2006, Indian Crown Prince of Rajpipla Manvendra Singh Gohil came out publicly, shattering global news as the world's first out prince. This news caused his family to disown him because of the humiliation they felt from his public display of self-affirmation. Since then, Manvendra has used his removal from his family as a means to create change for not only the people of India, but for the LGBTQ community that is so under represented.

Despite his family's disapproval of his personal life and public agenda, the prince made an announcement recently at the opening of the Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival. He will be opening a support center for LGBTQA people on the royal grounds of his country, India--located in his state of Gujarat. The center will provide economic and social empowerment to sexual minorities and offer skill-based training in preparation for them to get jobs and advance professionally--and ultimately make enough money to survive. The center will cater to all LGBTQA people, focusing on many issues affecting the community, including psychological, spiritual, legal and health issues.

According to No Straight News, Prince Manvendra shared this about the importance of the LGBTQA center to the people of India:

Gradually the gay community is trying not to succumb to the pressure to get married, but once people reveal their sexuality at home, their family members fail to understand and shun them. And since people in India are dependent on parents for financial and emotional needs until late youth, it leaves them with two options – either agree with the parents or be left without resources. I want the community to be independent.

It is important for the LGBT community to go to a place where they can experience the freedom to be who they are even if it’s for a moment. This center will give them the independence to do all those things which they are unable to do living a double life in the society.

India Celebrates 10th Annual Pride Despite Being Illegal

November 12th marked the 10th Annual New Delhi Pride, where members of the LGBTQIA community, allies and activists came together to show that love is love. In India, gay sex is still illegal punishable with up to 10 years in prison.

But that didn't stop the hundreds who marched regardless of the danger of persecution.

Reigning RuPaul's Drag Race All-Star champion Alaska Thunderfuck was part of the New Delhi Pride festivities, appearing at the popular Kitty Su nightclub.

Check out these videos and images of how India is celebrating pride.


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Discover the Beauty of Men of India

via Men of India

Time to find your newest Instagram obsessions.

Men of India Magazine (trust me, you'll want to look up that site) is trying to the good man’s work by publishing and distributing images depicting the beauty of the Indian male figure, or as they call it, “the essence of the Indian male.”

And besides giving us the tasty look of these hot men in a variety of clothing levels, each issue also gives a Q&A with the featured model of the month.

And that’s not all.

Men of India also has an Instagram page where you can look at beautiful pictures of beautiful Indian men.

You can find some favorites down below.


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