This Gay Veterinarian Is Posting Cute Pics Of Himself And His Rescue Animals

Dr. Oisín Tracey / via Instagram @pawsomedoctor

We’ve got your daily Instagram obsession in Dr. Oisín Tracey.

Ireland born Dr. Oisín Tracey is an emergency veterinarian who currently lives in Perth, Australia.

Dr. Tracey decided one day to add to his Instagram account several pictures of the many beautiful animals that he rescues on a daily basis. But, it seems that a lot of his followers are more concerned with his looks than the cute animals.

And guess what? He’s gay.

As he told GayStarNews, “I identify as gay, but I consider myself on the spectrum as I’ve dated and had meaningful relationships with women before too.”

Though, if you want to get up close and personal with the good Doc, you’ll have to get in line.

“I remember while I was training, our family vet use to joke that veterinary is the only profession that it is not considered impolite to get kisses from your patient/client.”

“It’s so true though, when you get a happy puppy in that just wants to lick your face or a cute cat that just wants to cuddle, it brightens your day.”

If you want to have your day brightened too (by either Dr Tracey or the animals), you can check out some Instagram pictures down below.


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Singer Sam Smith Announced His Return With "Too Good At Goodbyes"

Instagram @samsmithworld

Singer Sam Smith is coming back and he’s coming back fast.

The singer has teased fans with rehearsal footage on social media before, but has just released a return date to get us officially excited.

First, the singer posted a message on Instagram stating that he was coming back “very very soon.”

“I have missed you all desperately, and a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t been looking at all your comments & dreaming of singing with you all again. The wait is so nearly over. Something is coming very very very soon. I am scared & excited at the same time. I’ve poured my soul and heart into this record,” he added. “Love you all, and see you in the not so distant future.”


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And then, just the next day he posted pictures of Spotify billboards in London and LA with his face and the date September 8.


Morning London x

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Morning Los Angeles x

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But that’s not all the news on the matter. Investigative fans have discovered what’s most likely the name of the single as well.

You see, PPLUK is a music registration site, and Sam Smith has a new title under his name. The title is “Too Good At Goodbyes” and fans are guessing that’s the name of his upcoming single. Plus, the lyrics site Genius also has this new song under Smith’s name (though, there aren’t any lyrics attached yet).

Of course, the official name of the song hasn’t been confirmed yet, but all this investigative work has got fans pretty excited. And, we won’t have to wait long to find out if they were right, because the single will release in just a week.

Excited yet?

h/t: GayPopBuzz

Meet The Instagram Hottie Latin America is Calling "The Sexiest Teacher in The World"

Credit: Instagram @swimmer_sp

We have a new Instagram hottie for you to check out.

Juan Luis San Nicolás is a math teacher. And since some are still fighting over whether Pietro Boselli’s workout video had a racist joke in it, we need a new hot teacher to look at.

But, we’re not the only ones who are taking a look at Nicolás and thinking he’s one fine piece of man. His Instagram account has been going so viral that Latin American news sites have been talking about it. They’re calling him “the sexiest teacher in the world.”

You can find out why down below.  









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Meet The Winner of Mr Gay Europe 2017

A couple months ago, we showed you a first look at some of the contestants of this year’s Mr Gay Europe. Well, the contest is over and the winner has been chosen.

This year’s Mr Gay Europe is none other than the Mr Gay England himself, Matt Rood.

Matt Rood won the annual competition which picks a winner to represent the gay community. The competition pit delegates from all over the continent such as Mr Gay Bulgaria, Mr Gay Czech Republic, Mr Gay Ireland, and so on.

Contestants went through a series of trials such as a Q&A with judges, a talent portion, an athletic portion, a speech competition, a quiz on LGBTQ history knowledge, and so on.

As for who Matt Rood is, he’s a 37-year-old trainer and dog walker who’s honored to have been given the role of Mr Gay Europe.

If you want to check out more of Matt Rood, look at the pictures down below.


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Alyssa Edwards Tongue Pops Through Pop Music

The mutha of the Haus of Edwards has tongue popped her way into our feeds once again! The undisputed 5th alternate from RuPaul's Drag Race (twice) Alyssa Edwards is the subject of a campy musical mash-up that includes songs by Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Chainsmokers and more!

Created by Pop Buzz from segments throughout Alyssa's YouTube show Alyssa's Secret. It reminds us why we love Alyssa in all her back roll glory.

This video of the tongue popping diva will give you life! A quick pick me up to get your weekend going:


@alyssaedwards_1 DID THAT #DragRace #AlyssaEdwards

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What If You Caught Cristiano Ronaldo In His Briefs?

If you came across the luscious Cristiano Ronaldo in the hall of a hotel room, what would you do? I can think of a few things…

The soccer player who loves to flaunt his bod recently shared an ad for Altice USA on his Instagram how quickly he can break the internet when the world reacts to his rock hard abs and some skin.

The video is sent up by Ronaldo watching images of himself on the news as he walks around in nothing but his teeny tiny boxer briefs. When he gets locked out of his hotel room in nothing but his unmentionables, he is saved by a female hotel employee who lets him back into the room—but not before snapping a quick pic of the heartthrob and sending it into the interwebs. When he enters the room once again, Ronaldo discovers that the picture has reached the news in just seconds.

That’s right—Ronaldo's body spreads like wildfire!

Take a look for yourself:


It's good to see how fast I'm "shared" in the United States #RonaldoFaster

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Artist Re-Creates Nintendo Characters As Burly Bears

For Argentinean artist Leonardo Gutierrez, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. just got better—in his own head. The artist, who is fascinated by the game, has created a portfolio of characters that have been re-imagined as big, sexy bears because, you know--why not?

As you peruse through his Instagram page you’ll see how Gutierrez’s Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Pikachu and their friends will make you want to Power Up on that BBC--Big Black Controller, that is!





















Leonardo Gutierrez also runs Oso Apparel, an apparel line that caters to gamers and geeks who love all things BEAR! !

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Game On, @leolus!

Singer Greyson Chance Comes Out On Instagram

Greyson Chance, the young singer who was discovered by Ellen Degeneres after a viral video of him singing Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi hit the web, took to Instagram with his official coming out story. Chance was inspired by someone else to share his own coming out publicly.



In seeing a greater number of coming out stories being publicized many may think that it is becoming more of the ‘norm’ to come out and may not even be necessary. Some are even outed by others or not given the chance to own their identity when we acknowledge that "we already knew" or "suspected". Who are we to take that away from someone else?

I think what we forget how intimate and necessary the coming out process is to each individual. We spend a lifetime coming to terms with who we are and trying to break down the barriers we face in society so to see that there are individuals who come out public and embrace themselves fully is still a beautiful thing.

Congratulations, Greyson—may you continue to inspire others to take command of themselves so that if/when they are ready, they may also have the special moment of their coming out story.

Here's a reminder of how special you are



The DILFs Are Back At Disneyland

After an almost 10-month hiatus, the DILFs of Disneyland Instagram account is bursting with sexy daddies pushing toddlers in strollers, beautiful men with babies in carriers, and luscious papas walking around as they hold the hands of their little ones—all while wandering through Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. That’s right, Instagram's @dilfs_of_disneyland has returned to claim its spot as the “Happiest Place on Instagram” and our feeds are plentiful again!

There’s nothing sexier than a dad who is involved in their kids’ lives (or even a committed, cool uncle--which I can add from personal experience!) And if you don’t know what a DILF is, it means (Dad I’d Like to F—igure it out).

Just take a look at these new DILFs gracing our cyber presence—and try not to sweat.



DILF spotted near Main St #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #disneyland

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DILF spotted at Club 33 #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #disneyland

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when BOTH of your dads are babes #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #disneyland

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DILF spotted on Main St #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #disneyland

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Nothing better then a pair of well dressed dads #dadsofdisneyland #dilfsofdisneyland #dilf #disneyland

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DILF spotting back by popular demand. Happy Sunday y'all #dilfsofdisneyland #dilf #dadsofdisneyland #hotdads #disneyland #californiaadventure

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