Check Out This Weeks InstaHottie: DirrtyLollipop

Instagram is saturated with just the most beautiful men, often half naked, which we are 100% behind, so have we got a treat for you! This week, our InstaHottie is none other than Stuart Grainger, or DirrtyLollipop on Instagram. The Irish stud spoke to us about traveling, training and taking it out on the dance floor!

Nice to speak to you today Stuart, let's get right in shall we! Where did the name DirrtyLollipop come from?

This is an appropriate first question! This will save me time from telling people one by one.

I had a best friend from Venezuela when I was a teenager and he was already giving me the nickname "Wolfboy". I loved it but didn't feel it came as naturally as I wanted it to. One night, we were out dancing and like many other nights before it, my friend was dancing with his cock out smacking it off peoples back as they danced unknowingly. I decided to take mine out too and we would cock fight on the dance floor. He always called me his lollipop and that night, he burst out in laughter and called me his Dirrtylollipop, and the nickname was born... very fitting I must say.


You’ve spent quite a lot of time traveling across Bali, how does it feel to be back home in Ireland?

I really needed that past 2 years in Bali. I had spent 10 years with an amazing man and when that ended I need to experience myself. Bali was that place for me and now being back home is like a full circle. I'm surrounded by memories and history of many happy years. I feel my soul filling up with love again.

You’re clearly not shy about showing your body, and we aren’t mad about it! What’s your gym and diet routine?

thank you! I'm a firm believer of expressing self love and when I was single I wanted to treat my body the best I could inside and out (aka, a revenge body). Food in Indonesia is so incredible and my diet consisted of 95% vegetables. I started slowly going to the gym 3 times a week while maintaining a very healthy diet, nothing too strict, but this past year I've taken it up a notch and wanted to progress and continue to prove to myself I can be better. I gym now 5 times a week and now firmly believe in cheat days!

What is your favourite part of yourself?

My eyes. Our eyes hold a unique power that no one other person can have.

Ask me again in a year it might be my Ass #squatgoals 

Biggest turn on?

Emotionally, Affection and kindness. Physically, eyes and a killer smile.


What does your ideal guy look like?

He doesn't.  I find beauty in many forms.

Dogs or cats?

That's a mean question! I love them both equally.


Celebrity crush?

Can it be Gambit from X-men?


So there we are, guys. Get in line for a hairy Irish guy with a love for a killer smile, dogs AND cats, and traveling the world! 

Follow Stuart on Instagram @DirrtyLollipop for more insanely hot pictures!

Meet the Hot Pit Crew for “Drag Race Thailand”

The trailer is out for Thailand’s version of RuPaul’s Drag Race (and some blessed soul translated it). Besides seeing some of the queens who will entertain and introduce viewers to the world of drag, there was also a flash of something more.

We now know the faces and names of three Drag Race Thailand Pit Crew members, and we are more than happy to share some of them with all of you.

While it seems that there will be eight Pit Crew boys in the show (and each episode will feature one to three of those boy), we’ve sadly only been introduced to the three below.

But hey, these three are stunners in their own right. No disappointment here.



A post shared by Nut-Nuttawut (@nvttawvt) on


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Good morning #sundays

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Wait Till You See The Behind The Scenes Clip Of The Call Me By Your Name Dance Scene

Armie Hammer is a doll and a treasure, but a dancer he is not. But, it seems all the slack he’s been getting for his dorky dancing in Call Me By Your Name has some justification. He was dancing to no music!

In the behind the scenes clip shared on Instagram, Hammer shares that the cast were all dancing around to silence.

“For anyone who thought I was exaggerating how terrible filming dance scenes is,” Hammer captions the Instagram video, shot between takes while “trying to keep the non-existent vibe alive.” 

“When you’re filming a dance scene, what they don’t tell you is that there’s no music. None,” Hammer told James Corden last year during an appearance on The Late Late Show. “Now that it’s totally silent, and everyone in the room is staring at you, dance.”

“I don’t really have a go-to sober dance move, so this was all things I had to learn on the fly,” he continued, adding that the final result was “a lot of flailing, a lot of jumping.”


A post shared by Armie Hammer (@armiehammer) on

Alright, we’ll give Armie Hammer a pass on this one.

Model Reece King Came Out As Bisexual

A rising model and social media star has come out as bisexual.

You may not know Reece King yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a celebrity in his own right. (Maybe just a minor-internet-celebrity. Yes, that’s apparently a thing).

With 558,000 Instagram followers and almost 100,000 Twitter followers, Reece King has a stable following that keeps growing.

And certainly that fanbase will grow even larger now that he’s come out as bisexual.

The 23-year-old model came out in an exclusive interview with Gay Times after dodging questions about his sexuality one too many times.

“I realized that whatever I said, it became a distraction,” he explains. “Anything I did or posted online, people would just ask about who I’m interested in.”

He continues, “I just built up this defense of saying ‘that’s not important’. But I guess it’s stuck with me because it really isn’t important, so now I just say ‘yeah, I am bisexual’.”

Now he says he wants to be a digital influence for LGBTQ people and help act as representation through his growing modeling career and his social media presence.

“I think a lot more creative LGBTQ people have taken the limelight, especially on social media,” he says. “We see them on mood boards at shoots for inspiration. If people just keep doing their thing unapologetically, it breaks down the barriers in more homophobic environments.”


A post shared by Reece King (@reeceking_) on


howdy howdy howdy

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@superdry campaign

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These Instagram Accounts Celebrate Black, Gay Love

Now I’ll be honest from the start, the point of this post is diversity (and proud of it).

While wrapping up my work for today, I wanted to end the night with a little diversity. Lord knows this site needs it.

While sadly, I didn’t have any particular news to share, I at least decided to spotlight Black, Gay love. And how am I doing that, by sharing some Instagram accounts with you all.

If you’re looking for some uplifting, lovely, funny, sexy, and just all around good pics of black gay couples on Instagram, check out the three pages down below.

  1. BlackGayCouples

While this account has the least amount of posts, the pictures it have are all adorable. Most shots depict selfie sessions, hubbie hugging, kind kisses, and miraculous men.

Its just full of cuteness.


  1. BlackGayGoals

Now for this one, know that this page doesn’t just show black gay men. A few pictures of lesbian women and interracial couples are included.

That said, the majority of pictures depict male melanin magic. The whole point of this account is to celebrate blackness, black love, and really just love in general (but it doesn't forget to celebrate other forms of love too).

Warning: Some pictures on the account are NSFW.



A post shared by Black LGBT Couples (@blackgaygoals) on


A post shared by Black LGBT Couples (@blackgaygoals) on



A post shared by Black LGBT Couples (@blackgaygoals) on



A post shared by Black LGBT Couples (@blackgaygoals) on



  1. BombGayCouples

Lastly, we have BombGayCouples.

While this page is mostly full of black gay couples, it also includes interracial couples (and some white male couples).

This is a Safe For Work page that celebrates gay love but doesn’t equate gay love to only mean white gay love.

Check it out and see for yourself.



A post shared by @bombgaycouples on


A post shared by @bombgaycouples on



A post shared by @bombgaycouples on



A post shared by @bombgaycouples on



A post shared by @bombgaycouples on



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Keep in mind that this post and these Instagram accounts aren’t to denounce white gay love (which is why its included in two), but to celebrate black gay love (which is often put second).

Hump Day Treat: Instagram Account @MenWithOpenLegs Will Get You Through the Week

Praise the lordT--we have a new favorite Instagram account! Just when you thought that your feeds couldn't get filthier @menwithopenlegs is here to turn it up a notch. Just when you thought that manspreading had come and gone, this account is showing what these gentlemen are working with.





Whether at home, at the gym, on the beach, by the pool--these boys are happy to pose spread eagle flaunting their packages in all their glory. Their tagline? "Anywhere open your legs" ::GULP::

Another reason to be distracted during those corporate meetings, long Uber rides, boring dinners.

The thirst is real.

You're welcome.



Take a look the rest of the NSFW men with open legs

Hottie Pietro Boselli Turns Up the Heat With New Workout Vid

Just when you thought that Mondays were just that day that comes around to ruin everything. We hear you, Garfield! Pietro Boselli is here to tell you that not only is he everyone's eternal Man Crush Monday, but Mondays are Leg Day at the gym and he has the video to prove it.



Monday mo

A post shared by Pietro Boselli (@pietroboselli) on


The sexy math teacher turned fitness model and social media sensation uploaded a video earlier this week that takes viewers on his workout where we get to see those beefy legs, ripped arms--and glutes!



Every week Boselli will upload a new workout focusing on a different part of the body--and we will be glued to the screen in anticipation--while THINKING about going to the gym.

Mom Sends Gay Son's Thirst Trap Photos to Carpenter

Sohail Justin Akhavein is a sexy and furry otter living in Minneapolis who loves to post daily doses of THOT thirst-trap pics to get our engines revved up. I mean—who’s parched?



where does a cow hang his art? in a MOOOOOOOOOOOOOSEUM

A post shared by Sohail Justin Akhavein (@sideofhail) on




the local balloon shop lady called my purchase "questionable"

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happy friday the 13th

A post shared by Sohail Justin Akhavein (@sideofhail) on


But aside from his steamy grams, Sohail has been the subject of a recent online story that involved his mother and a unicorn.

Sohail’s mother came across a unicorn mirror at an estate sale and decided to pick the item up for her fabulous son. Why wouldn’t she? He looks like the perfect child!

But when his sister Sohaila found out that he got a mirror and she didn’t Sohail’s parents decided to commission a woodworker to replicate the decorative item. In order to do so, she reached out to her son asking him for pictures of the mirror—but of course he was too busy planning his next photo shoot. So when Sohail’s mother didn’t hear back from him quick enough, she resorted to finding any picture that was available of the mirror to send to the carpenter.

And well—this is what she found and sent:

But the best thing about this is how his mom dealt with this:



And it seems like both of Sohail’s parents have a great sense of humor. Just look at this message from his father:



Sohail shared with BuzzFeed News:

I’ve never taken their acceptance, warmth, love, and sass for granted, because I am well aware of many members of our greater queer community may struggle to navigate their personal expression of queerness on a platform their parents may have access to, let alone possibly not having direct access to those four things listed above.

Being a person of colour who was born into a set of ideologies that were in direct conflict with my personhood, it would be foolish to not allow my parents to ‘struggle’ with allowing their son to be who he is — because, they’re human, and allowing a human to process is part of the journey of meaning-making.

While it may have seemed counter at times, my parents have allowed me to process my queerness with me, and not at me. They’ve held my heart. They’ve made me contemplate representation.

Doug Jones Gets Sworn in by Mike Pence & Gay Son Carson Gives Side-Eye

Newly elected Democrat Doug Jones was sworn in this week to his U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. There has been much controversy and buzz around Doug Jones and his election over the overtly homophobic and sexually inappropriate Roy Moore.

But you might have also seen the stories related to his openly gay son Carson. We’ve written about him a couple of times and he has been increasing in popularity on social media networks. Just take his Instagram page, for example, where he posts adorable selfies, social gatherings and his father’s campaign win.

If you follow the cutie on social, you may have seen that his most recent photo depicts his father Doug Jones being sworn into office by none other than Vice President, and homophobic, Mike Pence.



##dougjones #swearingin #washingtondc #capitol #wemadeit #nocaptionneeded

A post shared by Carson Jones (@thedapperzookeeper) on


Carson’s hashtag #nocaptionneeded is definitely appropriate here. You can just see the angst on Pence’s face as Doug Jones smiles from ear to ear awaiting his new position, proudly standing next to his son. A penny for Pence’s thoughts!

Pence has opposed all major LGBT rights initiative and pushed for banning of gay marriage as governor of Indiana. And now as Veep he has the honor of swearing in Doug Jones and his side-eye baby faced son. Congratulations again, Doug! And way to be present, Carson!

Hunky Men, Australia, RuPaul, World Travel--All Part of Instinct's Best Nine of Instagram 2017

As December comes to an end, and we bid 2017 farewell, you may have noticed your Instagram feeds flooding with people’s Best Nine of 2017. This is each profile’s top liked images of the year that are posted as a retrospective of what has transpired in 2017.

Visit 2017 Best Nine to create your collage of memorable moments and trending pics.

As we look back on 2017, we can see that Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine includes a lot of our top stories and images that created buzz on social media and beyond.

Here’s a look at Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine of 2017 and the topics that you all liked the most! #2017bestnine

1. Australia Votes YES for Marriage Equality!



The hottest debate in Australia’s history resulted in a public survey where 61.6% voted in favor of legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in the land down under vs. 38.4% voted against. A huge win for a huge country that many already felt had legalized same-sex marriage.

This public vote led to parliament where the public vote held strong and the official vote made Australia the 24th country to legalize same-sex marriage!

Marriages even started before the necessary 30-day waiting period due to special circumstances.

Possibly some of the best news in a year that was full of tragedy, natural disaster, and sad social/political climate. Congratulations again to all the Aussies!

2. Meet the Man Hand-Knitting Jockstraps



When we found out about this guy from Southern California who has been hand-knitting jockstraps we couldn’t wait to share it with all our readers. JR Carrillo who runs Haus of Betch, first started knitting the sexy undies to win over someone he was crushing on. Learning how to knit a scarf quickly turned into making a jockstrap, which catapulted him into our thirsty Instagram feeds. It’s no wonder this sexy photo of one of his creations—and the hottie who’s wearing it—made it into our Best Nine of 2017.

3. Travel Thursday: Ready for That All Boys Trip to Palm Springs?



Palm Springs has been one of our favorite travel destinations of 2017. The desert oasis has a little something for everyone. It makes for a perfect romantic getaway or even if you just want to take a quick and fun trip with all the boys. You won’t want to leave! With awesome places to stay like the INNdulge and Tortuga del Sol and delicious places to eat like Trio Palm Springs, Peabody’s Café, Watercress Vietnamese Bistro or exploration like the Palm Springs Aerial tram, Oscar’s Cabaret or the Palm Springs Art Museum—it’s the best place to go during any season. But one of the best things about Palm Springs is their nightlife. So were we surprised when this cutie from Hunters Palm Springs made it to our Best Nine of 2017? Well—just look at him!

4. We’re Going North to Learn More About ‘The French One’ – Bruno Costa



In this feature article one of our favorite sites, MR JOEL, we learned about Bruno Costa—who is known on Instagram as the_french_0ne. He is a social media influencer, model, and super sexy! In this article we learned about what inspires him, what are some of his fashion must-haves and how he uses social media to make us all drool. That’s why  this piece of eye candy made it onto our Best Nine of 2017!

5. Kathy Griffin Bares All in Shocking New Photos!



2017 has been an intense year that has seen protests and demonstrations of all kinds. One of the most vocal and controversial celebrities of 2017, who has been very public about her opinion of our current president, is Kathy Griffin. From her photo with a decapitated Donald Trump head to her feuds with Andy Cohen and ex-BFF Anderson Cooper, Kathy has been all over the place this year. But nothing could possibly compare to the photos she released when she shaved her head in support of her sister who was undergoing chemotherapy earlier this year.

6. RuPaul’s Drag Race Receives Emmy Nomination for Best Reality Show



After 11 seasons (9 seasons and 2 All-Stars seasons), RuPaul’s Drag Race was nominated for an Emmy for Best Reality Show this year! Although the show didn’t take home the win, RuPaul did win for best host again this year, proving that we still want more of Mama Ru! The last few years have been pivotal for LGBTQ representation in mainstream media and RPDR has been a pioneer in the drag game as well as creating dialogue about LGBTQ issues—all with wigs and death drops! RPDR and all its alumni are some of our favorite topics to discuss here on Instinct and can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for these queens and their fans!

7. Study Reveals the Average Age Gay Men Are Getting Married!



We love to analyze studies on Instinct Magazine and one of our favorite of this year discussed the average age at which gay men were getting hitched! The Knot conducted a survey with almost a thousand LGBTQ married couples to find out the details! After the survey, they discovered the average marriage age for gay men is 46! Should I have waited until then?! Check out the rest of the results HERE. This image of two men celebrating their nuptials made it to our Best Nine of 2017 because in a world full of negativity, its beautiful to see that love, and commitment, is still alive and well.

8. Travel Thursdays – Miami Beach is Red Hot This April With Tons of LGBT Events



Another of our favorite locations for travel in 2017 was Miami! We visited throughout the year and found that the city was thriving with LGBT events in the month of April. It was enough for us to return to the Whisper Out Loud event later in the year at the W Miami where we were greeted by this pair of hunky fine specimens providing welcome drinks to everyone at the Meet and Greet! See why we love Miami?! Get there—fast!

9. Travel Thursday: We Are Still Recovering From Our Trip to Israel and Tel Aviv Pride



Enough said! Now, over six months later—we are STILL recovering from Instinct’s trip to Tel Aviv Pride. The excitement of the festival, wrapped in the beauty and rich history of the city was an unforgettable trip that made for great photographic evidence and the best Instagram shots! The trip was enough to make up multiple articles because there was too much to talk about. Just check out Travel Thursday: An American Bear in Israel. Are Tel Aviv & Jersusalem Safe for LGBT American Travelers? To see what we mean. Do you now understand why this cutie with rainbow suspenders made our Best Nine of 2017? We are still trying to figure out who he is because one of our writers wants to marry him.

As 2017 comes to an end, at Instinct Magazine we are eternally grateful for our readers. You all are the reason for sharing these LGBTQ narratives and without the dialogue with all of you, it wouldn’t be the same. We look forward to what 2018 has in store—and look forward to bringing you the best and up-to-date from the LGBTQ world! Check us out on Instagram to make it happen!