Pro Rugby Stud's Nude Selfies Take Australia By Storm

We've posted about gorgeous Australian pro rugby star George Burgess before here on the Instinct blog (because we love sports games, of course). But the popular stud from Down Under's latest escandaloso is beyond even our active imaginations. 

Australian media are outraged, outraged they tell you! that what appears to be naked selfies of the 21 year old athlete have been circulating social media over the past week. 

Check out a report from Oz's popular morning show Sunrise:


Here are some other booty-perking selfies taken by Burgess:

For the controversial shots mentioned above, head here (link NSFW).


Iceland Wants To Terminate Relationship With Russia Over "Gay Propaganda Ban"

Russia's move to prohibiting the public display of anything that's not heterosexual will likely have a negative diplomatic effect, if Iceland has anything to do with it. 

Gay Star News reports:

Iceland is to cut ties with Russia after President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law banning ‘gay propaganda.

Jón Gnarr, the mayor of the capital Reykjavik, says he wishes to formally revise or break off the capital’s political and cultural relations with Moscow.

While the European Union has spoken out against the law, cutting the ties could be the first real international consequence of Russia being able to fine and arrest any gay protest.

According to the contract between Reykjavik and Moscow drawn up in 2007, the cities were going to cooperate on family issues.

An official statement from the Reykjavik City Council reads: 

"In light of the developments concerning the affairs of gay, bisexual and transsexual people that have taken place in Russia over the last few months, the district attorney, Human Rights Office, Office of the Mayor of Reykjavík, and City of Reykjavík chief administrative officer propose amendments or the termination of the collaboration agreement between Reykjavík and Moscow, in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs."

In related news, multiple-award winning LGBT icon Harvey Fierstein has demanded a boycott of the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia due to the country's anti-gay law. Via New Civil Rights Movement:

“It’s time to start paying attention to what’s going on in Russia in case you haven’t yet,” Fierstein said in a recent Facebook post. “Putin has declared war on the gay community. He’s made it illegal to promote homosexuality in theater, film, tv, print that in any way could be seen by youth. In other words anything gay is now pornography.

“He’s outlawed the adopting of Russian children to any country that has legalized marriage equality.

“And now it is reported that his next law will remove the children of GLBT families from their homes. This will apply to biological children as well as formerly adopted ones.

“This is a horror. Not only for our community but even for straight families. Already divorced parents are threatening one another with blackmail to tell authorities that their ex is now gay just to control parental rights.

“Putin wants this attack against human rights to be his legacy. He believes he can get the backing of the Vatican as well as all other conservative religious leaders to join his cause.

“What can we do?,” the eight-time Tony Award winner asked. “Make his actions and his plans public. Shine the light of public opinion on this evil doer.

“Boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia. Believe me, Putin will use the Olympics as proof that the world backs up his action. There are only two ways to deal with a tyrant: Starve out the rat, or destroy him.

“So, my friends, do your research and then GET LOUD AGAINST PUTIN AND HIS ANTI-GAY POGROM. This is a very small world. Our brothers and sisters in Russia need us NOW!”


U.K.: House Of Lords Passes Marriage Equality!

Marriage equality legislation is thisclose to reality in the United Kingdom where it has just passed a third reading from the House of Lords. 

Legislation now heads back to the House of Commons for approval of the changes made by the Lords before being finalized by a signature from Queen Elizabeth II. 

PinkNews has more:

The amendments added to the bill will be introduced by Culture Secretary Maria Miller in the House of Commons at 7pm tomorrow, and if accepted the bill will go on to receive Royal Assent, when the Queen is available to sign it. The amendments include a provisions to hold reviews of equal pension survivor rights, humanist weddings and civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples. At Report Stage in the Lords, the bill was subject to scrutiny, and many government amendments were added, in order to tidy it up.

Stay tuned to for further developments on marriage equality in the U.K.!