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James Charles' Father Can't Hold Back Tears While Talking About His Gay Son


James Charles is the openly gay nineteen-year-old makeup artist YouTuber that the world didn't know it needed. But need, we did. He made a big splash in 2016 when Cover Girl introduced him as their first ever Cover Boy, and he even nabbed a sit down with Ellen that November. Charles stands apart from other gay beauty bloggers for his ability to be a tad salacious yet altogether remarkably wholesome and positive, and I personally have been following his makeup journey for well over a year.

Charles has graduated from getting hundreds of thousands of views on his YouTube tutorials to racking up millions of eyeballs a video - providing him a deceptively pivotal platform for reaching LGBTQ youth that he commands remarkably well considering that, yeah, he's freaking nineteen. 



The New York-native's ability to be unabashedly himself is part of what has helped him amass millions of followers across all his social platforms, and thanks to a new sit down with his parents, we have more insight as to how our sister came to be! Papa, mama, and brother Charles recently flew out to L.A. to visit James, and his parents - following in his brother's footsteps - even sat down to film a makeup challenge.

Seeing his dad fully embrace James' passion for something as traditionally "girly" as makeup is enough to make you shed a tear, but it's really his dad's on-screen breakdown that will have your MANscara running. While the parents compete to see who can make up one half of James' face better, he reads this question tweeted by one of his fans:

How do you feel about the hate James gets for anything? As a fan it always makes me so mad. But I'd like to know how you feel.

Dear Father Charles can't hold back the tears while answering in the most eloquent way possible:

As a father, you only have a couple of responsibilities in your life. One main one is to make sure that [your child] is safe. [James'] safety has always been a priority to me. That's what scares the hell out of me... I'm grateful for all his fans that follow and protect him and support him, because it gives me strength to know that there's plenty of people out there that don't feel the way those selective few do. 

One scroll through any celebrity's social media comments will tell you that they are prime targets for cyberbullying, and as a father to one of these celebs - especially one with threats and homophobic remarks consistently thrown his way - reading the hate must truly be scary. In conclusion sisters, let's raise a pinkety drinkety to Father Charles!