Love, Simon's Sean O'Donnell Gives A Below The Belt Surprise. Happy Friday.

Am I the only gay that has not seen Love, Simon?  And if so, why haven't y'all told me about this hottie of a man, Sean O’Donnell?  The 22 year old New Yorker has a new follower on his Instagram @theseanodonnell .  I'll share some of my favorites from his account below.  I am sure he'll not notice my following him since he has over a million followers on the Insta.

Is he on our team?  Apparently not, but he did do this quick video back in December 2016 with 

Jordan Doww called  Hitting On A Straight Guy | It's Sketchy Ep. 1

Our friends over at Cocktailsandcocktalk.com let us know that there's more to see of Sean than what's on his Instagram account.  The gossip and lifestyle blog should be a butcher shop with the amount of meat they sling all over the place ... and that's a compliment.  Head over to their site to click on the NSFW link to O'Donnell's special delivery.  Happy Friday to all of us. 


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MTV Movie Awards: Nick Robinson and Keiynan Lonsdale Win "Best Kiss"

It looks like the MTV Movie Awards loved the romantic coming-out/coming-of-age film Love, Simon as much as we did.

At last night’s awards, the film’s two lead actors, Nick Robinson and Keiynan Lonsdale, took home the trophy for “Best Kiss” for their yes-yes-yes lip-lock at the end of the movie.

Here’s the award-winning smooch:



Robinson wasn’t available for the ceremony as he's shooting a new project, but Lonsdale (who came out as bisexual last year) took the stage to accept the award saying:

“I just want to say to every kid — if you can live your dreams and wear dresses; you can live your dreams and kiss the one that you love no matter what gender they are. You can live your dreams and you can believe in magic, you can live your dreams, and you can be yourself.”


Backstage, Lonsdale was asked if he was thinking about winning an award for the kiss during the shooting of the film. “We both were equally scared going into the project thinking ‘Are we going to get this right,?’ cause it means a lot to people,” said the handsome 26 year-old from Australia.


This is the second year in a row the MTV Movie Awards have honored a same-sex kiss with last year’s nod going to the Oscar winning Moonlight's beachside kiss between actors Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome.

Boy Culture points out the long history of same-sex kissed in the category with same-sex wins by Cruel Intentions in 2000, American Pie 2 in 2002, Starsky & Hutch in 2004, Brokeback Mountain in 2006, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in 2007, and Moonlight in 2017.

Love, Simon was the first mainstream film featuring a gay lead character to be backed by a major studio. Released in March, the film was met with strong reviews and box office. To date, the film has grossed almost $60 million on a budget of $17 million.

India's Censorship Organization Banned The Gay Film "Love, Simon"

Indian movie goers are upset after the country “indefinitely” delayed the release of gay film Love, Simon.

While most of the world has already seen Love, Simon and is awaiting the DVD release of the film, Indian LGBTQ people and movie goers were excited to see the film at the start of this month.

Unfortunately, that never came to fruition as the Central Board of Film Certification (or the CBFC) banned the film because of its gay content.

This announcement incited an online outcry for the unbanning of the film. The hashtags #ReleaseLoveSimoninIndia and #LoveSimon quickly took over India’s twitter feed.

As GayStarnews reports, some people have created online petitions to stop the ban.

One such petition found on Change.org states:

“India has lacked a mainstream powerful representation of its LGBT+ citizens for a long time. Although not Bollywood, this film could… also educate parents about what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual etc.”

“This film could have a tremendous impact on the country’s perception of what it means to be a part of the LGBT+ community.”

“This movie can be a medium to create awareness and can be a progressive step in eliminating the stigma that surrounds the LGBT+ community.”

Not only is gay content not allowed in films shown in India, but gay sex is illegal in the country as well. In India, gay sex is criminalized under Section 377 of the Penal Code. The section states that sexual acts “against the order of nature” is prohibited.

That said, India’s Supreme Court is set to possibly change this section and legalize gay sex in an upcoming court case in July. We’ll see which way they decide to rule on.

Colton Haynes Hits on Nick Robinson in 'Love, Simon'

Love, Simon, which stars Nick Robinson as a teenager who is desperately trying to keep his sexuality hidden from everyone around him, became one of the most talked about films of 2018. 

The movie, which is up for Best Kiss (between Nick and Keiynan Lonsdale) at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, has a deleted scene in it that adds more to the story of Nick's character Simon Spier.

E! News exclusively revealed the deleted scene, that finds Arrow actor Colton Haynes hitting on Simon while he and his straight friend Nick Eisner (played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) go to their first gay bar. This is after Simon is recently outed in the film. 

Oddly enough, its a space that has Nick feels more comfortable in than Simon, which makes sense given the theme of this film was about the latter doing whatever it took for people to not find out he was gay. 

Nick notices that a guy might be checking him out... the guy in question being Colton's character Kevin (a college co-ed), who eventually approaches him and asks him to dance. To see what happens next, click here.




Netflix Drops 1st Trailer For New Teen Gay Comedy "Alex Strangelove"

Just as we come off our Love, Simon high, Netflix steps up to the plate with their own take on questioning high schoolers.

In the new coming-of-age film Alex Strangelove, produced by Ben Stiller, we meet way-cute, wide-eyed high school senior "Alex Truelove" (played by Daniel Downey) who seems to have it all.

Life seems pretty sweet for young Alex until his girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein of Beach Rats) begins to pressure him about that major teen milestone - losing his virginity. Suddenly, Alex isn’t so sure about which team he plays for.

Adding to the confusion is "Elliott," a gay teen (played by out actor Antonio Marziale) who clearly sparks an interest in Alex.

Here’s the official synopsis:

High school senior Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) has it all – the grades, the girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and the motley crew of hilarious friends. Everything is smooth sailing until Alex shares that he’s decided to part ways with his virginity – and meets Elliott (Antonio Marziale), a sweet and confident gay boy who isn’t shy about his instant crush on Alex…who may or may not feel the same. Rocketed into a endearing and amusing journey of sexual and self-exploration, Alex ultimately learns that like so much of growing up, love can be confusing. And that’s okay.

Director Craig Johnson (The Skeleton Twins) recently told Entertainment Weekly that he's thrilled the film landed at Netflix, "because you can be a closeted kid in rural Wyoming and access it, where you might not have gone to it were it playing in the theater."

The film feels very much in the same vein as recent hit Love, Simon, and we couldn't be happier. More gay rom-coms!

Alex Strangelove premieres on Netflix June 8. Watch the trailer below.



Jim Parsons: Bring On The 'Gay Rom-Coms'

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons sat down with Stephen Colbert of The Late Show to chat on his starring role in the Broadway revival of the groundbreaking play, The Boys in the Band.

After being asked whether the play needs to be updated for an audience today, Parsons pointed to the recent coming-out movie, Love, Simon, as proof that we need all kinds of LGBTQ representation in entertainment today.

“I read a couple of articles that were essentially saying – I loved it, by the way - but there were a couple articles that were like, ‘that’s too late.’ That we were beyond this now, the kind of tale of coming out that this was. And I thought, ‘Maybe if you’re a 30-something writer living in New York or LA it may be like ‘I don’t need to see this’, obviously. But, I don’t know, I think there are people in many other places that, yes you do still need to see it.”

Parsons also called out the silly idea it’s now “too late” for a gay rom-com:

“Never mind the fact they’re saying ‘a gay rom-com - it’s too late.’ Tell that to When Harry Met Sally, you know, which was brilliant, but I’m saying, ‘How many straight rom-coms do we need? When is it too late for them?’ You know, here’s nothing wrong with them. They’re fine. They are lovely. And I love When Harry Met Sally, I don’t know. Let me get sick of too many gay rom-coms thank you very much. Bring it on. We’ll see.”

Watch the exchange below.



Twitter Went Crazy After Kpop Boyband BTS Shared Love For "Love, Simon" & Troye Sivan

A Kpop star shared his love of a song from Love, Simon and the internet was better for it.

Korean boyband BTS (or Bangtan Boys) had a fantastic 2017. The group gained international success and performed on American talk shows, awards ceremonies like the American Music Awards, and even the “New Year’s Rocking Eve 2018” program. All of that hype and excitement earned the group the title of the most tweeted celebrity in 2017, and it looks like that title is holding strong.

BTS’s leader and main rapper RM (born Kim Namjoon) tweeted out a song recommendation on Monday (April 15).

RM shared a screenshot of Troye Sivan’s “Strawberries and Cigarettes” from the soundtrack to Love, Simon. While RM’s“It’s great” caption was simple and short, his fans soon swarmed the tweet with joy and excitement.

As GayStarNews reports, the tweet has earned a large response. At the time of this article’s posting, the tweet has about 493,000 likes, 181.9 thousand retweets, and 211,000 comments.

On top of that, a collaboration between BTS and Troye Sivan might be one step closer to happening.

BTS has already collaborated with Desiigner, Steve Aoki, and Fall Out Boy, so why not Sivan? Plus, Sivan has already expressed interest in creating a song with the boyband. Earlier this year, he said, “That would be so fun.”

“I fell way down watching all their music videos,’ he said. ‘They’ve been so nice to me since day one, so I just want to meet them and say thank you. It’s a world I’ve yet to fully delve into and understand, so I’m just completely curious about the whole thing.”

With Sivan showing interest in a collaboration and now RM showing interest in Sivan’s music, we just need their record companies to connect the dots. Our fingers are crossed.

h/t: GayStarNews

Let's Talk About "Love, Simon's " Cultural Influence

We are entering the fourth weekend since the release of Love, Simon, and it’s a good time to look at how the film has performed both financially and socially.

First, we have to look at the film’s Box Office records. As stated in an earlier article, the film opened with a so-so box office of about $11.5 million. This is neither a major success nor a major failure. In fact, its just as middling as the angle in which the film was promoted.

What I mean by that, is that director Greg Berlanti hoped that the film would subtlety open the door for more gay representation and inclusion in Hollywood films. As he told IndieWire, he once had to fight for a gay kiss on popular teen drama Dawson’s Creek, which then helped open the door for gay characters and stories in American television.

“I went from executives telling me, ‘You’re not allowed to have a gay kiss. If you’re gonna have a gay kiss, you have to shoot it from across the street.’ To within five years—’Wait a minute, why would you cut away here? Wouldn’t the characters kiss?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, sure. I’ll go back and put a gay kiss in the scene.'”

 “In TV, when we were trying to do certain kinds of LGBT representation over the last 15 years, walls started to fall, then they fell really fast. And we were able to get more and more specific with the storytelling. Cinema has always been at the forefront of that stuff. But I don’t think that mainstream studios have been.”

His hope was that by presenting Love, Simon as a typical teen rom-com, it could discreetly present a precedent for future films with gay characters to come.

Though, perhaps Love, Simon failed Greg Berlanti’s plan in the most pleasant way. You see, the film has been holding incredibly strong in the following two weeks after its initial release. The film held an impressive 34% hold in its second week and a respectable 37% hold in its third week of release.

In addition, the film has already made a profit. With a production budget of $17 million, the film had a relatively low number to overturn. Then, with a $33 million domestic box office record and a $1.6 million international box office, the film has made about $35 million worldwide.

On top of keeping a steady hold while in movie theaters, Love, Simon still has the potential to do well in the ancillary market.

Once the film leaves movie theaters, it’ll go over to Video-On-Demand and streaming platforms, DVD racks, airline galleries, and more.

\Let’s be honest, can you imagine yourself picking Love, Simon over another film while flying across the skies? I can, and hopefully many others will. This only means more money is on the horizon for the film.

But now, lets shift gears and look at Love, Simon’s cultural and social impact. As stated earlier, Greg Berlanti hoped for an eventual effect where future films will look at Love, Simon as an example. While that could still hold true, the film has also had some instant influence.

First, Love, Simon has inspired many celebrities to buy out theaters in order to help make the film accessible to others.

Not only did Greg Berlanti and his former soccer playing husband Robbie Rogers buy out theaters in Mississippi and Kentucky, but many other celebrities have done similar acts.

Kristen Bell, Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matt Bomer, Jennifer Garner, Daniel Preda and more have all bought out theaters in their hometowns to help people see the film.

Part of the reason for this massive support by celebrities is the fact that the film stands for something bigger. Not only is the a film centering on a gay character, but it’s a solid film that isn’t being promoted as a movie just for gay people.

Love, Simon’s strength is in its relatability to all people who’ve had a crush or felt the pressure to present themselves differently in order to fit society’s standards. At the same time, the film’s message is that everyone ironically loves it went people are authentic and real.

In addition, the film’s focus on coming out is both familiar and refreshingly new. As many article writers have written before me, this a film that all youth should see (gay or otherwise).


This return to the classic “feel good movie” has also already helped others to come out and celebrate being LGBTQ. For instance, Love, Simon star Nick Robinson shared that a close family members of his came out thanks to the film.

In addition, the film has introduced us to gay actor Clark Moore who played openly gay character Ethan in the film. After the movie's release, Moore shared that he was honored to act as the type of gay teen he wishes he was back in High School.

Also, fellow star Keiynan Lonsdale came out as bisexual to the cast and crew Love, Simon during the final day of production and is now making music about LGBTQ love.

Ultimately, Love, Simon started out as a film hoping to open doors through being relatively average in both box office numbers and presentation. Despite that, what we really got was a fantastic film with an A+ cinema score and a successful hold in movie theaters. On top of that, celebrities and movie-goers are praising the film with their wallets and their computer keyboards.

Love, Simon has done some great things, and we’re all thankful for it.

'Love, Simon' Delivers on its Message and Then Some

It's pretty incredible that after so many years of LGBT visibility in the media that we finally have a mainstream movie where the lead identifies as gay.  Even better, it's not a film marketed towards mature adults (Brokeback Mountain, for instance), but works for several different audiences in the process.

This film, of course, is Love, Simon, which I finally saw last night after grabbing a bite to eat with my friend in New York City.  I have been wanting to see the movie for months now, ever since I started hearing buzz about it a while ago and I have to say that I was truly impressed by what director Greg Berlanti was able to accomplish throughout it.  There was one glaring problem I saw with it, but I'll get to that later.

Straight from the jump, we find out that our leading male Simon (played wonderfully by Nick Robinson) is gay.  The opening scene of the movie showcases his sexuality in a funny way, where he finds himself gawking at a beefy construction worker outside before his father Jack (Josh Duhamel) bursts into his room and assumes he's looking at pictures of Gigi Hadid.  He's clearly wrong.

The movie is set in suburban "anytown", USA, which works for a lot of teen dramadies like this one.  Jennifer Garner plays his mother Emily, which makes me feel like I'm getting super old as I feel like I just saw her in 13 Going on 30 yesterday.  He also has a younger sister named Nora (Talitha Eliana Bateman), both fo which play a crucial role in his coming out later on in the film.

The rest of the characters that are important to the overall execution of Love, Simon are his three best friends.  I am so ecstatic that Greg did not make Simon a football jock or the popular kid, as the tone of the overall film would've been completely different.  Simon seems to be a bit of that everyday Doug Funny/Charlie Brown type of guy, and hangs with his own versions of Patty Mayonnaise and Peppermint Patty, if you get my gist.

Leah, Abby and Nick (Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp and Jorge Lendeborg Jr, respectively) play his best friends, with Leah being somewhat of a lifelong buddy whereas Abby moved to his school her senior year.  Their school evidently has its own gossip site, where Leah tells Simon that there is a story on there regarding a closeted kid from their high school.  Desperate to find someone to talk to, he finds this person's email address, creates his own, and starts having a conversation with them using his code name of Jacques.  The other person's name is Blue.

Throughout the movie, their conversations intensifies in terms of coming to terms with their sexualities individually, with Blue coming out to his father in one of the emails but we never truly know who he actually is.  There are a couple of guys who come into question as to whether or not they are Blue, as Simon is aware that they go to the same high school with one another, however he isn't ready to come out to him just yet, or even at all.

The driving force for Simon to come out in this film resides on a frenemy of sorts named Martin, who is expertly played by Logan Miller.  Martin is essentially a harmless theater geek, who is annoying like a gnat around your face but has good intentions in the beginning of the movie.  When Simon checks the school's computer for an email from Blue, he accidentally forgets to log off and Martin winds up checking what he wrote and decides to blackmail him because of this.

The deal is if Simon can hook him up with Abby, then he won't expose his emails.  Simon then goes on a complete tailspin to get Abby to like Martin, which seems to work during a scene at a local Waffle House, keep Nick away from Abby (who has a major crush on her) by convincing him that Leah is in love with him.  Essentially, Simon is screwing over his three best friends to keep his sexuality a secret, which is understandable given the circumstances.

He then deals with the consequences of his decisions, and is forced to face his sexuality head on with everyone around him as the movie progresses.  Abby and his sister play a crucial role in his coming out process, as the former is the first person he tells his secret whereas his sister's emotional breakdown after finding out he's gay is truly incredible and reinforces the love that family has for you if you allow it to happen.

I won't give too much else away, because this film really does an incredible job with how Simon comes out, but my only issue happens to be that his outing was a tad easy for him.  Many kids, even in today's world, have an extremely hard time with coming out as they are beaten up, bullied and even worse... commit suicide.  Simon's experience pales in comparison, as there are two guys who play the bully-type in the film, but nothing ever really comes of it as one particular teacher shuts down their homophobia in one scene and then that's it.  That sort of thing doesn't really happen in real life, and I wished they would've made his story a little bit more intense as opposed to giving it a Hollywood-type kick.

What did you think of Love, Simon, did you think they were able to get their point across?  Let us know your thoughts.

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject. 

Matt Bomer Bought An Entire AMC Theater So His Hometown Could See "Love, Simon"

Magic Mike and American Horror Story star Matt Bomer did something wonderful for the people of his hometown.

Bomer is from the town of Spring, Texas and he decide to buy an entire movie theater so that the people in the town (and anyone willing to travel to it) can see Love, Simon.

Together with his husband Simon Hall, Bomer bought out the AMC theater in Spring, Texas. They did this so that the townspeople can go to the theater and watch Love, Simon for free during the entire day of March 25.

Bomer shared this news through an Instagram post with the caption:

“Please come see @lovesimonmovie in my hometown of Spring, TX for free! @halls.simon and I bought out the whole screening for you. This is an important movie, and a really good one. I know you’ll love it so come watch for free this Sunday! #loveislove #hometown #springtx#lovesimon



A post shared by Matt Bomer (@mattbomer) on


In the past, Bomer has talked to news sources like People Magazine about growing up in the closet with a very religious family.

He also shared before on Instagram his love of the movie and how he wanted as many people as possible to see the film. In that post he said, “I’m so happy that a generation of young people will have this to watch and realize that #loveisloveisloveislove.”

Other stars as well bought out theaters so people could see the movie for free.

h/t: Vulture