MNEK Released A New MV For Song About Bisexual Men On The Down Low

MNEK’s got a new music video out and it’s all about being bisexual and on the DL.

Earlier this year, British singer-songwriter MNEK, real name Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike, released an album titled Language. One of the songs on that album was an R&B track titled “Girlfriend.”

Lyrics to the song go as follows:

“If your girlfriend knew
‘Bout me and you
‘Bout what we do (what we do)
Tell me what would she do?
Yeah if you told the truth
And said the word
Someone like her
Just isn’t right for youI’m a little secret nobody’s supposed to know
You want to keep this on the hush, keep this on the low
I’m the reason she’s wondering why you’re never home
Why you’re never home (never, never)But imagine if she knew you were -ing me
And acting irresponsibly
While she’s home learning recipes
You’ve been in my bed constantly
Neither you or your story’s straight
It’s such a shame
For a second put yourself in my place”

Now, a new music video for the song has been released. The video explores the song’s concept even further.

Star songwriter MNEK, who has penned the lyrics for several artists such as Beyonce, Madonna, Little Minx, Bastille, and more, is revving into his own singing career now. The artist shares that he wants to create music that represents his life and the lives of people like him.

"I don't think there's been many chances for people to see a black, gay, pop experience and that's what I want to have with my shows moving forward."

But MNEK isn’t looking to just represent with his music. He’s also trying to be honest about his life outside of music too. For instance, he shared screenshots last year of a hateful troll who tried to play him on a dating app.

With several LGBTQ singers taking the stage of late like Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko, we’re excited to see MNEK show his special flair of self and representation.

Almost Hookup Shaded MNEK On Twitter And The Singer Responded

British pop singer and songwriter MNEK got dissed by a potential hookup on Twitter and then blasted him on social media.

A couple of days ago, MNEK took to his Instagram account, in which he has over 85,000 followers, and posted a screenshot of a tweet about him. The tweet said, “A famous singer wants to hook up with me but isn’t cute. Do I do it just to say I did?”

MNEK responded to the tweet with the words, “take ten guesses who the lucky famous singer was????”

MNEK later posted a second picture in which he explained his perspective on the situation.

“you could argue that I should be more careful with who i hook up with because i’m somewhat of a public figure.” [sic]

He then added, “but as a single young man, I gotta get my fix somehow. Can’t fuck in fear lol pls.” [sic]

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Unfortunately, MNEK chose not to blur out the face and username of the man who first burned him. As such, his fans swarmed the account and the man has since changed his Twitter handle.

In addition, the man has tweeted that he is a “good person” who “sometimes does stupid stuff.” He has also asked MNEK’s fans to “Please take your hate elsewhere.”

Successful Songwriter MNEK Just Dropped His Debut Solo Album

British artist MNEK is walking into the spotlight.

After almost a decade of working behind-the-scenes in the music industry, MNEK is releasing his first solo album and trying to make music for himself and people like him.

If you don’t know MNEK, you probably still know some of his work. After starting in the music industry when he was 14, MNEK spent almost ten years writing songs for famous artists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Diplo, Bastille, and BTS.

On that later note, MNEK talked about his experience of working with the internationally celebrated K-Pop boy band.

“I actually worked on that the same day I worked on ‘Phone’ on my album,” MNEK told Billboard about his working with the group to create '낙원' -- which means "Paradise" on the boy band’s new album Love Yourself: Tear. “All of a sudden we heard a Korean version of it and were like ‘Whoa, this is a completely different song,' which was really the first time that had happened for me. That whole group is super talented and really nice and I really didn’t realize how big they were -- [their fan base] is massive.”

But now, MNEK’s debut album Language has dropped and he’s ready to step out from behind the curtain. After doing so, MNEK sat down with Billboard to talk about his career so far, where he’s hoping it will go, creating a full album, and making music videos.

“It’s been a process. It’s a current process that I’m figuring it out, with all this really. The conversation that I had with my label was also just that I want the chance to figure it out. I wanted the chance to make a body of work and come with the creative and all the visuals that I wanted and really give a full idea of what I was putting out there. From a personal point of view it was also about figuring out what that process was and what greater good my music could do besides being on stage and singing. I’m glad that I was at least able to touch on a few things on the album that I hope really resonate with people.”

When asked what perspectives and topics he was trying to put into his music, MNEK said it was two things.

“Well, I really wanted to touch on love from a male perspective. I wanted to touch on how it can be extremely complicated and at the same time it can be great. I also wanted to touch on self-confidence. ‘Correct’ is a song and an exercise for me where I’ve been able to reclaim who I am and the good that I’ve done when in real life sometimes I struggle with that. I struggle with owning what I’ve been able to achieve at a young age. So “Correct” is to lift people and make them feel comfortable with themselves so they can feel like the boss bitch that I’m trying to be on the song. I want to tell my stories with this album, but I want people to feel a part of it as well. I don’t want it to be self-indulgent.”

With LGBTQ talents becoming big names in the industry lately such as Troye Sivan, Hayley Kiyoko, and Janelle Monae, MNEK spoke on what it means to be among them.

MNEK also spoke on how tough it is to live in the space of being a black singer and a queer singer.

“There’s just a long way to go. I’m definitely a testament of it. I don’t want to blame anything on racism or homophobia, but there’s a lot of segregation that what I do comes with. I’m not necessarily wholly welcomed by the UK black community, industry-wise, because the root of that has a lot of homophobia in it. From the gay side of things, I’m a minority within that — [different than] my white counterparts — which is fine. This is all about me defining my own success and measuring however I’m doing by what I’m doing. So like, for what i’m doing, this is great.”

“I’m touching people, helping people, and I’m making music I love. I like to think a lot of other black queer artists feel that way too. It has to start with that -- everything else is so variable and out of our hands and we don’t really have that much control over it. I can only hope that enough people listen to what I do and that enough people fuck with it.”

If you’re excited to check out MNEK’s new album Language, you can start listening now as it’s already out. In addition, you can read more of MNEK’s talk with Billboard by clicking the link here.

h/t: Billboard

Singer/Songwriter MNEK Is Getting Ready To Show The World What A Black Gay Pop Singer Can Do

Singer/Songwriter MNEK is promising us the “black, gay, pop experience,” in the best way that he can deliver it.

MNEK is starting to make a name for himself with mainstream audiences, but what many don’t realize is that he’s been in the music industry for nearly a decade.

Since he was 14, MNEK, real name Uzoechi Emenike, has been creating music for other people. He’s written and produced songs for musicians like Beyonce, Bastille, Madonna, Little Mix, Christina Aguilera, Diplo, Dua Lipa, BTS, and more.

But now, he feel’s its time to finally make music for himself.

"I'm so proud of it, it's been such a long time coming," he told Newsbeat during the Parklife festival in Manchester.

"I've made enough money from other people's records so I have to want to do this," he explains.

"It would be great if it did well but I don't have to put out records of my own."


thank u @parklife_festival : @lucyfosterphoto

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MNEK says he wants to not only present himself to the world, but also give us a different kind of pop star.

"I don't think there's been many chances for people to see a black, gay, pop experience and that's what I want to have with my shows moving forward."

That said, it won’t be easy for MNEK. He’s got to put a lot of work into growing his name and image, but he’s willing to take the time to do it.

"I want more people to know who I am and I want to have the chance to tease my music a bit more."

"All of it takes some time unless you're like Rihanna where you just plonk it on streaming services."

MNEK’s album will be out sometime later this year.

In the meantime, check out the lyric video for his latest single “Colour.”

Watch The Colorful Lyric Video To MNEK's Latest Single, "Colour"

MNEK is back again with another song and it’s a great way to start off Pride Month.

British singer MNEK is mostly known for his behind the scenes work. The songwriter has worked with many musicians such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Bastille, Dua Lipa, Diplo, Clean Bandit, Little Mix, and more. On top of that, he’s recently worked with Kpop group BTS for their latest album Love Yourself: Tear.

But, 23-year-old MNEK has also been working towards being more known for his own music and we’re happy to hear it.

MNEK’s latest single, Colour, is just out and he’s even uploaded a lyric video to go with it.

The song, which features singer and actor Hailee Steinfeld, is an upbeat pop song that celebrates diversity and vibrancy of life. You can’t tell us this song isn’t perfect for Pride Season. To convince you, we’ve included some lyrics and the lyric video down below.

Before you came into my life
Everything was black and white
Now all I see is color
Like a rainbow in the sky

So tell me your love will never fade
That I won’t see no clouds of grey
Cause I don’t want another
You bring color to my life, baby

MNEK’s LP Tongue drops later this year.

Korean Boy Band BTS Just Collaborated With Openly Gay Artist MNEK

While we’re still holding out hope on that collaboration project between Korean boy band BTS and singer Troye Sivan, we’re happy to find out that the group has already worked with another gay singer.

BTS’s latest album Love Yourself: Tear is out and many were delightfully surprised to find out that a song from their album was created with the help of singer/songwriter MNEK.

Though, if you’re a fan or at least aware of MNEK’s work, you wouldn’t be totally surprised. Before he went off to make music for himself, MNEK had written songs for famous singers like Madonna and Beyoncé.

It was music producer lophiile that confirmed the collaboration on Twitter. In his tweet, lophiile said, “Me & the homie MNEK did a tune for BTS.”

MNEK then shared his thoughts on the collaboration on Twitter by saying, “The BTS fans [nicknamed ARMYs] have been so fucking nice! Thank yooooou. Look fwd to you all hearing the song we wrote.”

While Kpop has steadily become a sensation online in the past few decades, it was boy band BTS that first broke into the American music industry. Last year, the band was invited to several awards shows and concerts such as the New Years Eve event in New York City.

Now, their latest album has already reached number one on the US music charts.

If you want to list to the song titled “Paradise” or “낙원,” you can do so down below.

MNEK Gloriously Shut Down A Homophobic Troll With An Instagram Post

MNEK has triumphantly smacked down a homophobic troll who left hate and intolerance in the comment section of one of his videos.

MNEK released the music video for his song “Tongue” earlier this month. In the video (found below), MNEK celebrates finding new love and lust with a man at a dinner party.

Of course, one person not only disagreed with the message of the video, but had to share his hateful words in the comments section on Youtube.

The anonymous troll’s comments went:

“Call me old fashioned but this is so so wrong. Look in this guy’s eyes. You can clearly see a demon is in control of this guy and is doing this gay thing so it can poison young minds,” he said. “I’ve just seen this video on MTV Hits where near enough everyone of all ages views it and this gay stuff has all become so normal. The end of times is near. Pray for forgiveness.”

But, MNEK wasn’t letting this person have his day. Instead, he posted a response on Instagram that was beautifully put.

Among many things, MNEK wrote:

“OBVIOUSLY, throughout what I’m doing, there will be people who don’t like it, don’t get it, or are just straight up uncomfortable with how gay it is. I’ve been working in this industry for a long time and have earned the right to now perform in a way that exhibits the true me.”

He added:

 “If videos like mine can help a young kid come to terms with their truth, I’m doing more good in the world than a keyboard warrior – soooooo If you’re a homophobe and want to spray hate on comments etc etc. you should know that my moodboard rn is BLACK FAGGOT POP SUPERSTAR ???????? so it’s about to get eeeeeven gayer – whether ya like it or NAHHTTT. get with the program or get out!”