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Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Lip Sync For Their Lives in Super Bowl Commercial

Depending on who’s playing and how the game is going, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes the commercials are more exciting than the Super Bowl. Super Bowl LII, was definitely a great game. It was full of some great moves and ultimately the Philadelphia Eagles took home the win in a very close game against the New England Patriots. Still, there are some commercials that definitely stood out. While we saw some great commercials with emotional message such as the Special Olympics or Coca-Cola, there were others that left us laughing as we popped open another beer—or made a martini depending on what kind of Super Bowl party you attended.

One of my favorite ads came from Doritos, who is notorious for hilarious commercials during the Super Bowl. Doritos teamed up with Mountain Dew to bring you a Lip Sync For Your Life moment between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman.

The commercials shows Peter Dinklage taking a bite out of a new Doritos Blaze and the room bursting into flame as he manifests into rapping Look At Me Now a la Busta Rhymes. As he lip syncs, Dinklage stares down the camera with his Tyron eyes and the room is engulfed in fire and a framed photo of Busta is feeling the heat.

The second part of the commercial includes Morgan Freeman who pops the cap on a new Mountain Dew Ice and takes a sip—only to freeze everything over to the tune of Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On. And Missy looks onto Freeman regally as she chimes into the beat.

At the end, Dinklage and Freeman stare each other down as Fire and Ice and we have been served a lip sync battle worthy of Mama Ru. It’s not Tatianna versus Alyssa Edwards, but it will get you moving!

Here’s the commercial that pleased millions on Super Bowl Sunday:



Who do you think slayed it better?


Morgan Freeman Had "So Much Fun" At An Australian Gay Bar

Freeman is currently doing some publicity for an upcoming project of his and went through an interview to talk about the project and the process of making it.

Specifically, the project is a six part documentary called The Story Of Us. The story follows different aspects of humanity and community.

The series is also a sequel to the Emmy-nominated The Story of God, which Freeman also worked on.

As part of the process, Morgan Freeman was filming in Australia and in his interview he shared that he stopped by a gay bar during the trip.

“It was so much fun and I thought there was this feeling of freedom. I am surprised Australia doesn’t have marriage equality.”

He later added that he danced to Sister Sledge’s "We Are Family" while in the bar.

Morgan Freeman then went further to say that the key to marriage equality is representation and that it’s bringing a change in the way we think.

“I think one of the catalysts people have experienced here in America is the realization that some of their relatives are gay,

“What are you going to say if your 14 or 15-year-old son comes and says, ‘Dad, I’m gay.”

“Some are excommunicated immediately but most aren’t. There is a new mindset and an understanding that it isn’t some choice you are making.”

The Story Of Us is will come out on 11 October on National Geographic.