Independent Recording Artist T'Quan Sings About Love

Independent recording artist T'Quan has released his new single Tightrope, a ballad and lovesong for all ages about loving, losing and seeking to love again.

Listen here



The return of the artist comes after a several year-long journey where T'Quan worked on reinvention and focusing energy on creating a new sound that played to the ears of those "learning to navigate the ups and downs of love" according to a press release.

T'Quan states:

For me, 2017 has been all about discovery and seizing opportunities. I’m independently produced and I’m in the studio constantly. I’m making the music I believe everyone can relate to, specifically my fans who want to see an LGBTQ person of color reflected in songs and stories.

T'Quan has also documented his journey through social media, where he has shared his musical mini stories and his presence as an up and coming queer artist.



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Official video for Tightrope is expected to be released next month and T'Quan's full EP will be out this fall.

For more on T’Quan's musical journey, visit / Instagram & Twitter - @tquanlive

To purchase or listen to Tightrope, please visit the following links:

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Superfruit Debuts New Song 'Worth It (Perfect)'

In case you've been looking for the perfect summer anthem--here it is! Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, better known as the popular music duo Superfruit, debuted a their new song and video Worth It (Perfect) today just in time for your pool parties, barbecues, beach days, or cruising with your shades on.

Worth It (Perfect) is part of Superfruit’s new album Future Friends: Part One available now and Part Two which will be out on iTunes and other major online stores on September 15th.

The video, which features Kaycee Rice and Sage Rosen, is a non-stop dance routine that defies gender roles as Rice (dressed in a tuxedo) and Rosen (sporting a flowy pink dress) use Superfruit’s song to portray effortless choreography that debunks stereotypes and the expected. An artistic expression in support of transgender youth.

Here's the video--I dare you to not bob your head up and down:

Grassi and Hoying are also members of the Grammy-award winning a capella Pentatonix that has changed the music game with their unique sound.

Thanks for the beats, boys! Now to get that choreography down to practice in front of the mirror.




Beyoncé Posts First Picture of Twins Sir And Rumi

If you scared, call that reverend--because Beyoncé just unloaded the first image of her new twins, Sir and Rumi and the world is SHOOK! Sir, in reference to a knight in shining armor, and Rumi, a 13th century poet who taught others to release their “imprisoned spirit” by dancing--two names that fit perfectly with the royal family of the recording world.

Posing in what I definitely think is her freakum dress and a blue veil, the Queen B is looking sweet and angelic with her newborns the whole beyhive has been dying to see. A picture that echoes a similar maternity photo from months ago.


Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

2.4m Likes, 121k Comments - Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Instagram: "Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. "


Bey has a knack for pulling out special surprises to snatch the limelight and keep people on their toes. Can she do no wrong?

Well--earlier this year she DID cancel her headlining performances at Coachella, sending thousands of cries of disappointment up to the heavens. But that's only because she had these two bundles of joy ready to pop out of her! We forgive you, Bey! See you in 2018!

Welcome to social media world, Sir and Rumi! You have some big Blue shoes to fill.

Shines So Bright

It’s been two years since Bright Light Bright Light, also known as Rod Thomas, released his debut album Make Me Believe In Hope. In that time, the Welshman has moved to Brooklyn, recorded an album with pop collective Slow Knights (headed by Scissor Sisters’ Del Marquis), developed an indie following across the States and become friends with a certain pop music legend. We caught up with Rod in the weeks prior to the release of his sophomore album, Life Is Easy, and caught up on music, moving and Mr. Elton John.

You moved to New York after you finished your first album. Did your life there affect this new record?  
The point of moving was so that it did affect it. I wanted new surroundings and stimulus to provoke new ideas and points of view, and I really found that in New York… I met a great circle of musicians who I exchange with—we sing for each other, write with each other.

You’ve been bouncing between solo records and recording with [Instinct fave] Slow Knights. That group is amazing!  Is there another record happening?
Being part of a New York artist community really changed my life. For the first time ever as a musician I felt part of something, which I never found before. It’s a really uplifting and heartwarming thing to find. I love the fluidity of working in varying forms, numbers, guises … Yes there’s more coming from Slow Knights, we’ve been working on the second album. It’s definitely more like being in a party than when I do the solo shows, and for Slow Knights I’m not at the lead, so it’s a very new experience for me. I’ve co-written and produced Bridget Barkan (from Slow Knights) new single, which is out July 22. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met—a real star and one of the most wonderful people.

What can we expect from Life Is Easy? We've heard some ballads from it, but there are actually some great summer bangers like “Good Luck.”
It’s an album full of hope and warmer tones. Even on the “bangers” I think the sounds are warmer, like on “I Believe.” The album shares a little about the people I met, the people I lost, finding a home thousands of miles across water and falling in love with making music again. But it’s about real things—people I love, my family and my new family.

Your last single is a duet with this unknown artist named…Elton John. Did you take a deep breath and say "Reginald, will you sing on my album?"
We’ve been friends for many years now after I joined the management company he owns, Rocket, back in 2007. He called after he heard my debut album, and we became good friends after realizing we had a lot in common—music we loved, sense of humor, outlook on certain things—and we talked about doing something together, so I played him “I Wish We Were Leaving” and he really liked it, so I asked him to sing on it and he said yes! I don’t think I’ll ever get over that fact.

Aside from your own tunes, what are two great songs for the summer of 2014?
“You Don’t Know What To Do” by Mariah Carey is MY SONG OF THE SUMMER. I’m completely obsessed with it and I’m very, very happy to hear her so full of energy. The album is, I think, my favorite of hers, and this song is just fantastic. Also, “Cobbler” by Kelis, partly because of the line I love: “You’ve got this feeling like a holiday,” but partly because it’s party-esque, laid-back vibe really makes me feel like I’m around a barbeque with lots of friends enjoying long summer nights. I love the Food record and go running to it all the time, and this song makes me smile every time.

Last year, you appeared in a book called 100 Beards 100 Days, so it’s no secret you’re a lover of bearded men. But really sir, are you prepared for the inevitable cultural shift to a smooth face?
No. I don’t think it suits me!

Life Is Easy is released on July 8. Check for tour updates.  

(Photos by Alex Petch)


Heart It or Hate It: Kylie Minogue's "Into The Blue"

Gays across social media lost their minds today as news circulated that Kylie Minogue's highly anticipated new single, "Into The Blue," had leaked. And we found it!

The track marks Minogue's first single as a Roc Nation artist, and is a marked difference from last year's teaser track, the amped-up "Skirt." But don't take our word for it—what do you think of "Into The Blue"?! Pop perfection or pretty plain?

Click here and check out the track!

Heart It or Hate It: "Resurrection" by Stella Parton

Stella Parton, singer/songwriter and younger sister of country music superstar Dolly Parton, has released a new album of dance remixes to some of her past hits from the 60s and 70s as well as a few new tracks.

Parton says about the album:

"The concept for this CD came from a suggestion to remix some of my previous songs into dance mixes. I thought that would be fun and after listening to the first remix, I said it is like we are resurrecting my songs. That is where the name "Resurrection" came from and I am proud to have written eight of the ten songs. I threw in three new songs that have never been recorded and I hope you like them."

Preview Parton's new album "Resurrection" here, listen to her current single 'Trouble on the Line' below and tell us, heart it or hate it?



Images couresty of Stella Parton and



Will you buy Stella Parton's new album, Instincters?

Heart It or Hate It: Stream Celine Dion's Entire New Album "Loved Me Back To Life" (Audio)

We're just two days away from the release of the new album, Loved Me Back To Life, from multi-platinum-selling and five-time Grammy Award-winning musical maven, Celine Dion — and guess what Instincters? We've got it for you here first! 

You can pre-order the album (track list below) through CelineDion.comiTunes, and Amazon, but before you do that, stream it below and tell us, heart it or hate it?



Loved Me Back To Life track list:
1. Loved Me Back To Life
2. Somebody Loves Somebody
3. Incredible (duet with Ne-Yo)
4. Water And A Flame
5. Breakaway
6. Save Your Soul
7. Didn’t Know Love
8. Thank You
9. Overjoyed (duet with Stevie Wonder)
10. Thankful
11. At Seventeen
12. Always Be Your Girl
13. Unfinished Songs


October Audio Reviews: Diane Birch — In, Katy Perry —Out

By Robbie Daw & Stephen Sears

October Audio is here, Instincters, and more interactive than ever! Stream music, watch videos, plus get the ever-excellent expert opinions from our musical mavens on the newest releases. What’s spinning right now? We've got reviews on the new releases from Diane Birch, Katy Perry, Donna Summer, St. Lucia and Cass McCombs.



Speak A Little Louder (S-Curve)

5 stars

Forget Katy, Gaga, Britney, Miley and all the other pop dames out there chucking out standard pop-porn fare; Diane Birch has the truly amazing album of Fall 2013 that you need to be tuning in to. It’s been over four years since the singer-songwriter’s debut Bible Belt first gained her a moderate amount of attention, but this follow-up, written during much emotional heartache (the songstress went through a breakup and dealt with the passing of her father) signifies that it was worth the wait. The title track starts things off on a hauntingly melodic, mid-tempo note before “Lighthouse” kicks things up a notch with galloping drums and a soaring chorus. Keep an ear out for the outstanding “Pretty In Pain,” a funky toe-tapper Birch wrote with disco legend Betty Wright. It’s followed by killer cuts like the handclap-filled, Stevie Nicks-esque “Love And War,” the new wave throwback “Frozen Over” and the heartbreaking tribute to the singer’s father, “It Plays On.” Buy this album, please. — RD





Prism (Capitol)

2.5 stars

Here’s the thing about Katy Perry’s third album Prism: she worked with several Swedes on the album, including Bloodshy and Klas Åhlund, and those are really the standout tracks here. (Some may dig the ballad "Double Rainbow," if that’s your thing.) One of the big songs that’ll get a lot of gays clutching their candy is "Walking On Air," which Perry did with Klas and sounds like an early-'90s house throwback. At a recent album listening session in New York, Katy said she wanted something that sounded like an old CeCe Peniston jam with this track — and it’s pretty marvelous. But overall, you get the sense that the choruses on Prism just don’t go anywhere like you really want them to. The song "This Is How We Do" was recorded in Stockholm with Bloodshy, and I kept hoping the chorus would just blow up. Mind you, it was a decent track, but by album number three, Katy should be knocking catchy vocal arrangements out of the park, and it just doesn’t seem to be happening this time around. Sorry, KatyCats. — RD





Love To Love You Donna (Verve)

3 stars

The thought behind this posthumous remix collection of the famed disco diva’s hits is to honor her biggest chart successes like “Love To Love You Baby,” “Hot Stuff” and “MacArthur Park,” while also introducing her tracks to the younger, more EDM-loving generation. The reinterpretations themselves are hit or miss for the most part. Duke Dumont’s take on “Dim All The Lights” incorporates little of Summer herself, while the Holy Ghost! Mix of “Working The Midnight Shift” takes a backing vocal track rather than the lead melody fans will recognize. Elsewhere, Afrojack offers up an adrenalized take on “I Feel Love” and Frankie Knuckles pairs with Eric Kupper for a retro-sounding house work-over of “Hot Stuff.” Curiosity seekers will no doubt be thrilled with the addition of “La Dolce Vita,” an unreleased track Summer recorded with longtime producer Giorio Moroder. If only there had been other such lost gems to populate this otherwise so-so compilation. — RD





When The Night (Columbia)

4 stars

St. Lucia’s long awaited debut album thunders across the dance floor. Lush single “Elevate” is held aloft by monolithic synths, while “The Way You Remember Me” recalls a lost John Hughes soundtrack. Band leader Jean-Philip Grobler’s voice is right up front in that track’s polished mix of big drums, synths and — sigh — a sax solo. Early single “September” is a leaner disco machine with swoops of falsetto vocals and a sense of elegant urgency. Former choirboy Grobler delivers a collection of songs that mainline pure euphoria; this is music equally compelling beneath strobe lights or sunshine. — SS





Big Wheel And Others (Domino)

4 stars

Cass McCombs records always sound best in the fall, and so here we are with the mid-October release of the California alt-rock poet’s seventh LP. With a run-time of nearly an hour-and-a-half, there are 19 (!) tracks to be found, three of which are snippets of dialog from ‘70s documentary Sean. It would be altogether bizarre stuff if McCombs wasn’t so deft at turning out completely amazing, off-the-wall rockers like “Big Wheel” and “There Can Only Be One,” or the somber, timeless sounding “Brighter!”, a collaboration with recently-deceased actress Karen Black, of all people. Cass has always proven himself to be a musical oddity you shouldn’t miss out on. Here’s another chance — a pretty great one, at that — for your introduction to his world. — RD


Heart It or Hate It: "Red Flag" By XELLE

The gals of XELLE (pronounced ex·elle) are on a mission! Their newest release “Red Flag” is a call-to-action, meant to inspire fans to stand up to people like Russian President Vladimir Putin (who this week, signed a new law placing restrictions on the discussion of homosexuality) and New Jersey governor Chris Christie (who is petitioning his state’s court to repeal their recent ruling allowing gay marriage).

“We want ‘Red Flag’ to be the theme song for a movement that helps change the world for the better,” say JC Cassis and Rony G, the dance floor divas who front XELLE.  

The ladies hope to start a movement encouraging everyone who believes in human rights to speak out about their support for LGBT equality in Russia and around the world by posting videos, pictures and social media updates with the hashtag #IRaiseARedFlag in order to show the global community that anti-LGBT sentiment, behavior and legislation will not be tolerated.

Will you join in the fight, Instincters?

Check out the video for "Red Flag" below and tell us — heart it or hate it?



Dance Diva Debby Holiday 'Dives' In Deep With Kickstarter Campaign

LGBT ally Debby Holiday ain't one of those sistah's who's afraid to get her hair wet, ladies and gentleladiesmen! Blood, sweat and tears, Mz. Holiday is pouring it all into raising the funds for her latest project titled Free2B — a double album of both rock and dance music — with a fresh new kickstarter campaign

Here's what Debby had to say about Free2B:

​If you know my music at all — there is often a common thread. Believe ... In ... You! Cuz baby, you are amazing just as you mutha-snuckin are! In your life, You should be Free To Be ... the beautiful, amazing, delicious, uniquely gifted YOU - you were born to be! Oh, yes - I will preach on it!

The best part? For those who contribute just five bucks, you get the full two albums. If you have a little more green to offer up, you can then spend the day with Debby and be her special guest in the studio!

Sign. Us. Up.

You can hear Debby talk about her campaign and watch some kick-ass snippets of her performing all over the gay U-S-of-A in the video below.  




Not that there's not enough love to go around, but ever since her Billboard hits 'Dive' and 'Joyful Sound,' it's been like 'Debbie Gibson who?' We're totally #teamholiday 

Donate TODAY, new album in February 2014!