Gus Kenworthy Bows Out of the 2018 Winter Olympics with Grace & Dignity

Gus Kenworthy has been one of the most talked about athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics games, as the 26-year-old has made a variety of headlines since the events started almost two weeks ago.

Unbeknownst to him, he shared a major (and adorable) kiss with his boyfriend on national television, and even got a funny dig on Vice President Mike Pence after he broke his thumb late last week. 

He unfortunately, however, did not get a medal this time around for freestyle skiing (he won the silver medal at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi), but shared a very poignant message about his time in Pyeongchang on Twitter Sunday. 

Regardless, the gay community is very proud of the efforts that Gus and Adam Rippon have put forward in the 2018 Winter Olympics for our visibility and standing up for what we believe in, and there isn't a big enough medal to give either of them for that.

Great job Gus! 

Gus Kenworthy Shares Historic Kiss with Boyfriend on live TV

Be still our beating hearts! Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy made history after he planted a kiss on his boyfriends lips, live on NBC primetime television!

A huge moment for the LGBTQ community, this is Gus' first Olympics event as an out gay man. Speaking afterwards, Kenworthy stated "That's something that I wanted at the last Olympics was to share a kiss with my boyfriend at the bottom and it was something I was too scared to do for myself, and so to be able to do that, to give him a kiss, to have that affection broadcasted for the world is incredible"

He went on to explain "I didn't even know that that was a televised moment at all, but I think thats amazing."

We are ecstatic with this PDA, and we wish for nothing but good times for the happy couple!

Britney Can't Get Enough of These Olympic Athletes!

Britney Spears; pop icon, Goddess, sports fan?

Yes, the star has been sending well wishes to our favorite gay Winter Olympians via the medium of Twitter. BritBrit tweeted in support of Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon, who have been killing it at this years event.

Truly a Queen. Britney was recently announced to be the next star to be honored at the GLAAD awards this year in Los Angeles. Spreading positivity, one tweet at a time!


Gus Kenworthy Breaks His Thumb. So Why's He So Happy?

Olympic skier and hottie Gus Kenworthy posted today that he broke his thumb during competition. While the injury is painful, it won’t stop the cutie from competing. Gus is looking on the bright side and is glad that he will now have a more formal excuse not to shake Mike Pence’s hand as he leads the Olympic delegation.

Out Olympians Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy have been very vocal in opposition about Pence in this role since his policies do not align with, and even ostracize the LGBTQ+ community. Kenworthy and Rippon have teamed up numerous times throughout the games to let Pence know that they are watching.

A big ‘THUMBS UP’ to the scruffy athlete of our dreams on another jab at Pence.

Adam Rippon Scores Bronze Medal in Figure Skating after Breathtaking Performance!

Figure skater Adam Rippon has pretty much been giving us life both before and during the 2018 Winter Olympics, but last night really brought us the cherry on top of the already fabulous cake.

Rippon scored his first ever medal, a bronze, after his flawless performance in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  The song in which he performed to was Coldplay's "O" off of their 2014 album Ghost Stories.

As thrilling as this is for him, there has been widespread frustration at how the judges scored him at a lower level than the two who received Gold and Silver medals that evening: Patrick Chan of Canada and Mikhail Kolyada for Olympic Athletes of Russia.

Both Kolyada and Chan fell during their performances, something Rippon didn't do, but the judges felt that their routines had a higher level of difficulty than Rippon's which led to the higher scores (even with their missteps).  This led to several Twitter users, including Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones, to voice their frustrations online regarding the outcome.

Regardless, Rippon has clearly become the star of the 2018 Winter Olympics, as his outspokenness regarding his feelings towards homophobic Vice President Mike Pence and his incredible performance last night proves what a force he has become in the LGBTQ community.  Congrats Adam on a job well done!  



Gymnast Nile Wilson Shows How He Gets Dressed in Viral Video

In case you missed it, Olympic Bronze medalist, gymnast Nile Wilson posted a video on Instagram showing off his skills in putting his pants on in the only way a gymnast knows how.

With the assistance of buddies Ashley Watson and Luke Stoney, Nile leaps and flips various times into a pair of shorts—if only it were the other way around and he were jumping OUT of them.

The 22-year-old Brit is known for posting cute and funny videos and pics to keep his fans coming back for more. Wilson took home the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Take a look at how Nile Wilson makes getting dressed so fun. And definitely don’t try this at home—unless, well—you have a pair of hot assistants like he does: