Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte Speaks Publicly About Closeted Catholic Clergy

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte continues to shock the entire country—and the world—with his ‘interesting’ way of looking at things. According to Daily Mail, Duterte who has previously spoken out toward support of same-sex marriage, made public comments today about the Catholic clergy and homosexuality.

Duterte, a practicing Catholic, gave a speech at a groundbreaking ceremony near Manila where he claimed:

Only I can say bishops are sons of b*****s, damn you. That is true. Most of them are gay. They should come out in the open, cancel celibacy and allow them to have boyfriends.

Duterte has also been open about sharing he was abused by a priest as a child and feels Catholic priests are ‘useless fools’ and should be ‘killed’ according to Daily Mail.

These bishops that you guys have, kill them. They are useless fools. All they do is criticize.

This is believed to be his response to the Catholic church’s opposition to the country’s on-going war on drugs. His stance on the Catholic Church seems to be one of the platforms of his presidency since coming into office in 2016. The war on drugs has left thousands dead in the country and the church has been very vocal against extrajudicial killings.

Duterte is known for his discriminatory comments and previously has made embarrassing statements about prisoners who he felt were "beyond reform" because their time in prison had resulted in them turning gay.

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Watch The TNT Boys Take The Trophy With Their Stunning Rendition Of "Bang Bang"

Well, they’ve done it again.

Earlier this year, three boys from the Philippines became viral sensations after they did a rendition of Beyonce’s “Listen” on the tv competition “Little Big Shots.” And now, these boys, under the group name TNT Boys, have not only gone viral again, but they’ve also won a competition.

According to Rappler, the TNT Boys, which include members Mackie Empuerto, Kiefer Sanchez, and Francis Concepcion, recently performed the song “Bang Bang” while in drag for the finale of the “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” show.

The boys dressed up and imitated musicians Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj to perfection.

Not only did their performance wow the audience, byt they received a 100% score from the panel of judges and the public vote.

Thanks to that, our boys ended up winning the entire competition! According to Sunstar, they received a special gadget showcase, a trophy and medal, a house, and 1 million Pisos (approximately 18,752 US dollars).

Congratulations boys! If you want to see the winning performance, you can check it out below!

h/t: Rappler, Sunstar

Manila, Philippines Celebrates Pride As Courts Discuss Marriage Equality and 61% of Pinoy Say NO!


It is estimated that about 7 thousand people attended Manila's annual Pride March today, Saturday, June 30th, as the country's top court deliberated a case seeking to legalize same sex marriage in this predominantly Catholic nation.

The Philippine Supreme Court began oral arguments on June 19 regarding a case filed by a self-declared gay rights lawyer seeking to strike down Family Code provisions that prohibit LGBT couples from getting legally married.

President Rodrigo Duterte's spokesperson said the public was not yet ready for LGBT unions. The government's lawyer has also urged the court to disregard the petition because it failed to go through the lower courts first.

A poll conducted in March reported that six in 10 Filipinos opposed same-sex marriage.

LGBT rights groups said homosexual couples should have the same rights to marriage and its economic benefits as other Filipinos, while some lobby for the institution of same sex civil unions as a compromise.





Safe Space

The event is organized every June to provide a “safe space” for LGBT members to “call for their rights,” Nicky Castillo, overall co-coordinator of Metro Manila Pride, told ABS-CBN News.

“This is the one time in the whole of 12 months that suddenly they are listening to us,” Castillo said.

This year’s Pride March, coming days after the Supreme Court concluded its oral arguments on same-sex marriage, is “a call for the realization, promotion and fulfilment of our human rights,” she added

Castillo said they have been pushing to legalize same-sex unions “not for the “cakes and parties” but to be recognized as their partner’s legal spouse and immediate family.  abs-cbn.com


Same-sex marriage in the Philippines

Hours before the Pride March began, the Social Weather Stations released a survey that showed about 61 percent of Filipinos said they disagree with the proposed law that would permit same-sex marriages in the country.

The SWS study showed that about 44 percent of the total 1,200 surveyed nationwide said they “strongly disagree” with the proposed law while 17 percent said they “somewhat disagree” with it.  The SWS survey ran from from March 23 to 27, 2018.

The SWS noted that most of those who opposed belong to Christian denominations, followed by members of the Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of the surveyed respondents said they agree with the proposal to have  a same-sex marriage law in the country.

The survey also revealed that about 16 percent of the respondents said they are still undecided on their support to the  proposed law.

The SWS study was conducted using a face-to-face interview with  1,200 respondents.

However, the polling body did not specifically identify if the respondents were members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

The Supreme Court has yet to set a date for deciding on a petition to revise a Family Code provision that limits marriage between a man and a woman.



h/t: newsinfo.inquirer.net

video: euronews.com

Singing Group Miss Tres Drops "Sex Bomb" On Britain's Got Talent

Philippines’ singing group Miss Tres (Mariko Ledesma, Mavy Cleofas, and Crissy Marie Rendon) recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the judges with their take on Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb.”

"We would like to be like Destiny's Child or Spice Girls," said the group.

Not only did the girls deliver “sparkle” and “girl power,” the performance offered a bomb of sorts as well. It wasn’t until they began to sing that it was revealed they were transgender.

The group impressed Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges.

"Were you hiding a little secret from us at the beginning?" Simon Cowell coyly inquired.

Amanda Holden added: “Your voices were fantastic, you look amazing, you’re just so hot! It’s unfair!”

In the end, the trio got four “Yes” votes from the judges which means Miss Tres will advance to the semi-finals of the reality competition.

The group has previously performed on Philippines Got Talent in 2013 and Asia’s Got Talent in 2015.

Back then they were a quartet, but sadly one of the group’s members, Mia Narciso (also known as Romeo) died of lung cancer, at 40, in September 2016.

Speaking to The Sun, the group shared, “To be honest, we did BGT not because of exposure, but to continue giving entertainment and to inspire most especially our LGBT community and above all to continue the legacy we started with our beloved brother Mia Narciso."

At the end of the competition one act comes out on top winning a £250,000 cash prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Performance.

For those in the UK, Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday evenings on ITV.

Watch Miss Tres in action below.



We're Setting Our Calendars To See The Filipino Panagbenga Festival Boys

We know where we want to go next year.

We have to be honest and share that we’re a little late to the party in terms of this year’s festival, but we’re happy to share with you the existence of this cultural event (and put it in our calendars for next year).

Every year, the Philippines celebrates the Panagbenga Festival.

The Panagbenga Festival (or the Flower Festival) is a month-long event that happens every February. The festival celebrates the coming of spring and is a tribute to the many flowers found in the city of Baguio. The festival is also partly a celebration of the city’s survival after the 1990 Luzon earthquake.

Besides the event giving the younger generation a link to their cultural history, it also acts as a great boost to the city (and the country’s) economy. And there’s a great reason why.

During the event, there are several performances, such as dancers in revealing outfits, that are inspired by cultural history and the many flowers the event celebrates.

Many of the male dancers are interestingly dressed for the event. They dress up in traditional/ceremonial Cordillera outfits. (And if you’re wondering. No, they are not wearing underwear underneath. Though, there is a special compartment to secure their private bits).

So, if you’re thinking of traveling somewhere next February, consider visiting the Philippines and seeing this inspiring cultural event (and its hot ceremonial dancers).